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Why There Isn’t A Preppy Princess Post Today, Version 2

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday to all, and thank you for stopping by the humble Prepatorium.

We were planning a post with oodles of pictures from yesterday’s Burberry show at London Fashion Week, along with other drivel tidbits, but there is a bit of a hitch in the get-along. What normally looks like this…

Looked this way early this morning.

Courtesy The Consort

We hope it isn’t determined to be this.

And while not quite at this stage…

We need to hear from this guy before we can do anything else.

A certain housemate here at the Palace swears she didn’t do it, but that was before the surveillance images were discovered.

Official Prepatariat Security Camera Footage

As feared, when she was approached by the authorities for questioning, look what happened.

Courtesy Tilly T. Bulldog

She is currently being detained; while the investigation is ongoing, all we can say is that she tried to put the blame here.

We’re not buying it.

Hopefully The Consort’s computer will return back soon and we’ll be back to blogging. Until then, g’bye.

(For those curious about “Why There is No Preppy Princess Post Today” version 1, click here.)


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