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“NYC Prep”Update, ‘Paris Preppy Style’ & APC Madras Collection

Hello and welcome to a completely inane and fragmented post!

We start with updated information on the much-discussed BravoTV series, NYC Prep, slated to start in June.

NYC Prep Courtesy BravoTV.com

NYC Prep Courtesy BravoTV.com

The docu-series “…follows the lives of six affluent teenagers firmly entrenched in Manhattan’s social circle….” Characters include Sebastian (lower left), and Taylor.


The show premieres Tuesday, June 16 at 11 pm; it then moves to its regular timeslot the following Tuesdays at 10 pm. It will be fascinating to see how Bravo’s show fares compared to Gossip Girl, the original inspiration for NYC Prep.


We now head to an international locale for a different take on preppy.

Courtesy Black Rainbow

Courtesy Black Rainbow

Streetwear site Black Rainbow is a little radical for TP (a little?!), but we were directed there to look at their version of prep style on Parisian streets.

Courtesy Black Rainbow

Courtesy Black Rainbow

For more of the looks, just click here.


It has been too long since we featured nautical goodies, and when seeing these we knew we simply had to share them.  The Nautical Hearts Socks at Loungefly are too fun!



And we thought the Nautical Hair Clips were also cute!




Yours truly is simply frenzied today, so we bid adieu to you!


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When Madras is OK…and When It’s Not

It appears the Los Angeles Times has discovered madras. At the very least they have determined “Classic Madras Plaid Returns,” according to an interesting story in Sunday’s (May 4th) paper from Staff Writer Melissa Magsaysa.

MADRAS PLAID, the preppy staple, will always conjure images of clambakes on the Cape and touch football on Martha’s Vineyard. But this spring, the breezy fabric is having a fashion moment, turning up on everything from retro nerd, short sleeve men’s shirts to string bikinis.

Aside from referring to the fabric as a ‘staple’ (conjuring up all manner of dreadful images), the story does point out the number of “hip designers” using madras this spring, including Vivienne Westwood, and uber-chic French atelier APC, with founder Jean Touitou joined by designer Jessica Ogden for the Madras line.

However, as any to-the-manor-born Prep is aware, all madras is not created equal. Translated: just because it’s madras doesn’t mean it’s invited to the party. Take for example both the Kohl’s Periscope pastel madras shorts on the left and the Victoria’s Secret pair on the right. Both are wonderful for an infinite number of things, but neither are acceptable for Wednesday’s golf game at the Club. Not even close to scraping by for drinks at the 19th Hole in the Clubhouse afterwards.

Kohl\'s Periscope Girls Madras shorts

Victoria\'s Secret Green Madras shorts

It has nothing to do with the store of origin; these darling flip-flops, also from that wicked Victoria’s Secret, are absolutely ideal for making your way between the Ladies’ Locker Room and the pool at that same Country Club. And the bikini from French firm A.P.C., will look outstanding soaking up the sun at the pool at that same Club.

APC Madras Batching suit

Victroia\'s Secret Madras Flip Flops

Of course, you can’t go wrong with these darling madras shorts from Best & Co., available in Boys sizes, or J. Crew’s outstanding Weekender Bag.

Best & Co Boys Madras ShortsJ Crew preppy Madras Duffel Bag

But then again, the Cape Madras Mini-Mini Skirt at 12″ in length, won’t work for some of your more ‘serious’ social occasions. (Don’t even think about it for a League meeting.) In fact, it does remind The Princess of those long-ago mini-skirt debates. You know, the “No daughter of mine is leaving this house in a skirt that length!” conversations. The more conservative Chadwick’s Skirt will pass muster at most establishments, raising nary the disapproving eyebrow.

Cape Madras Mini Mini Skirt Chadwick\'s Madras Skirt

When all is said and done, decisions about where to wear the snazzy plaid comes down to one word: location, location, location.


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