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Hollywood Hits Princeton, ‘Preppy vs. Sporty’ & Royalty at Wimbledon

Hello-Hello, and a happy Monday.

We have an interesting mix of tidbits today, beginning with news that about the book “Admission“.


It turns out a film is being made from the bestselling novel (it’s entirely possible, if not likely, yours truly is the last person on the planet to know this), the book was published in 2009.  Tina Fey stars as a Princeton University admissions officer. For those unfamiliar with the book, here is a snippet from author Jean Hanff Korelitz’s website:

Portia Nathan is a thirty-eight-year-old admissions officer at Princeton University, a place so discriminating that it can afford to turn down applicants who are “excellent in all of the ordinary ways” in favor of the utterly extraordinary—“Olympic athletes, authors of legitimately published books, Siemens prize winners, working film or Broadway actors, International Tchaikovsky Competition violinists.”

The film is actually being shot on campus, the Daily Princetonian has a great slide show on the topic with photos by Meredith Wright, below we see Tina Fey.

Meredith Wright/Daily Princetonian

Below, extras rehearsing.

Meredith Wright/Daily Princetonian

Another perspective on the book from the LA Times:

Parents of students aspiring to elite universities may want to wait to read Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel “Admission,” about a Princeton admissions officer in crisis. Korelitz’s depiction will reinforce their fear that getting into an Ivy League school takes far more than being an excellent student — curing cancer might do it, so long as some other 17-year-old doesn’t do it first.

Paul Rudd also stars in the upcoming film, below we see him on set.

Meredith Wright/Daily Princetonian

And here we see Blair Arch.

Christina Keddie ’03 via Princeton Alumni Weekly

One of the more interesting on-campus encounters had to be that of Tina Fey and Princeton alum John Nash, his life was immortalized by Russell Crowe in another Hollywood film, A Beautiful Mind.

Princeton University Facebook

Mr. Nash is now a senior research mathematician at the University. The school’s Whig Hall was actually used to portray a church.

Meredith Wright/Daily Princetonian

This one should be fun to see when it is released, it is due out next year. To see the entire Daily Princetonian slide show, click here.


Also today, a look at ‘Preppy vs. Sporty‘ style from the good folks over at Fashionising.

Ralph Lauren Rugby image via Fashionising.com

The site has been doing an outstanding series of pieces on  the “Rise and Fall of Fashion at Universities,” this is the topic of the fifth and final post.

“…in order to finish with a bang, I organised a small face-off between two major current trends in UK Universities at the moment: Preppy and Sporty.”

The story was written by Adrien Book, a student at the University of Exeter in the UK:

… the preppy style is inspired by Ivy League students’ way of dressing and is supposed to give a look of both financial and educational elitism…. A common mistake is to think that Hollister and Abercrombie are “preppy” brands, as they are more “casual”, with a few minor touches inspired from the “original preppy”. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, on the other hand, aim to keep the original meaning alive when creating their lines.

While I don’t agree what we wear is intended to give any kind of “a look,” or that Abercrombie belongs anywhere other than out of business, it is intriguing to read varying takes on prep style. Perhaps the reality is something lost in translation across the Atlantic.  At any rate, Mr. Book’s articles are well done, click here to read the Preppy vs. Sporty piece in its entirety.


Finally today, I imagine a number of friends did what we did this weekend: watched tennis.  Below, Andy Murray and Roger Federer yesterday before the start of their match.

Wimbledon Facebook

Here is the official Wimbledon photo of the two Single’s Champions, Mr. Federer and Serena Williams.

Wimbledon Facebook

There was quite a crowd of celebrities on hand for the Men’s Final, including Victoria and David Beckham, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, actor Jude Law and many others. We have had a number of searches looking for information two notable names in particular.

Steve Wake/AELTC via Wimbledon Facebook

Above you see Pippa Middleton and Kate (now officially the Duchess of Cambridge) applauding after Mr. Federer’s victory. Kate wore a dress by the UK’s Joseph label, Pippa was in a silk frock by Project D.

Steve Wake/AELTC via Wimbledon Facebook

The sisters seemed to enjoy themselves. (If looking for more info on what Kate wore, visit our sister blog here.) The perfect Wimbledon coda comes via our friend Miss A. of Coterie Books.

With that we say goodbye until next time!

G’bye until next time!


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Cartier does MySpace, Preppy at Milan Fashion Week?!

Cartier Love Ad

The Princess can’t quite figure out if Grandmother is approaching this particular holiday doing the proverbial ‘rolling over in her…,’ or privately winking at me as I tell Mommy about the newest member who is posting on the MySpace website: Cartier. The jewelers on Fifth Avenue. Exactly.

Janet Jackson Love Bracelet by Cartier

We shouldn’t be surprised; Neiman‘s did something very similar with YouTube last year as part of their 100th Anniversary celebration. (Yes, we said YouTube.) And anyone thinking TP is revving up for a rant (how very unPrincess-like, we would never do that!) is mistaken; we shan’t be making any snarky comments about Cartier’s marketing efforts. The firm has donated more than $2,000,000 to sixteen different charities through sales of bracelets like the one above. The bracelets sell for $975 with $200 of each sale going to one of the charities, covering a broad spectrum from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

And since we were chatting up MySpace, we thought we would share this short item from the Men’s Style page in their News site entitled “Milan Fashion Week Menswear Trends: Preppy

The looks above include eye-catching pants on the left from Dolce & Gabbana, the aqua shirt and khaki slacks are by Versace, and Enrico Coveri did the pieces on the right. A reminder these are from the shows presenting looks for the Spring/Summer 2009 season, so they are not available now. For those not familiar with Coveri, he has been on the scene longer than even The Princess suspected, and we show a few of his designs below, all of which we find quite attractive.

Across the pond they are still playing a bit of tennis, and this evening I am reminded that in tennis as in many other sports, good sportsmanship is defined by one’s conduct both on and off the court. We leave you with Rafa Nadal’s blog post on his win over England’s Andy Murray at Wimbledon, securing his place in the Finals. Here is his post as it runs on the Times of London’s site, “The Crowd Were Fantastic – And I played Not Bad Too“. 

Rafa Nadal & Andy Murray

Rafa Nadal & Andy Murray


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