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Tennis Fashions, Serious Sales of a Prepalicious Sort

Hello everyone, it is another delightful summer day here at the Prepatorium, we hope it is the same wherever you may be today!

We begin with the tennis fashions debuting across the pond at Wimbledon. (WARNING: Readers may want to be sure small children are safely away with Nanny in case the following photo is so shocking it provokes an unwitting shriek or scream to escape one’s mouth.)

TP begs your forgiveness for distributing such wretched images, but we are sworn to report on such things, despite the trauma inflicted on our psyche.

PHOTO: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

PHOTO: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

For openers: Roger Federer, gold lame and Nike are five words that ought never be used together at the same time. It’s just plain wrong. Gold lame?  This is a substance best kept far away from the sporting world, with the possible exceptions of figure skating and gymnastics.

This story from the Times of London does a stellar job describing the look, invoking an Anti-Prep in the process:

“Even if the all-white uniform evaded the attention of any Taleban snipers, their gaze would surely be caught by the sun glinting off the gold ends of Federer’s luggage. That bag looked like something Paris Hilton would take to a spa. Perhaps there was a chihuahua inside.”

The jacket brought flashbacks of the Nehru collar favored in the 60’s, while the body had a distinctly military look. It gets worse, as underneath the jacket was a vest that almost looked like it belonged under a dinner jacket.

PHOTO: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

PHOTO: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Fortunately the fashion disaster was quickly forgotten as play got underway and Mr. Federer readily dispensed with his first opponent.  How do we all feel about the return of last year’s Tennis Cardigan? A good alternative to this week’s look?

PHOTO: K Lamarque/Reuters

PHOTO: K Lamarque/Reuters

Also sporting an interesting jacket over their working clothes, Maria Sharapova.

PHOTO: Toby Melville/Reuters

PHOTO: Toby Melville/Reuters

Nike is also the company behind Ms. Sharapova’s dress, likened to a majorette’s costume by some. We find it more-than-attractive, especially on someone as lovely as she.  Everyone remembers 2008’s Tuxedo Dress to-do, yes? Come now, one can’t have forgotten last year’s Wimbledon Fashion Fracas already! (If visiting the link, do scroll down for the story.)

And wrapping up our Nike-clad trio of players today, Serena Williams was in a jacket reminiscent of a classic British macintosh.

PHOTO: Clive Brunskill/Getty

PHOTO: Clive Brunskill/Getty

We think she looks smashing.

As always with this topic, we suggest readers pop over for a visit with Rich at Down the Line Tennis for the inside story.


A quick follow-up to yesterday’s post on the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece expansion.

PHOTO: Courtesy Brooks Brothers

PHOTO: Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Above, styles by Thom Browne, the Black Fleece designer. Not only is Brooks adding two standalone Black Fleece stores, they intend to add 40 stores in Mexico.  Today’s WWD story on the expansion provides more insight on both developments.

When speaking specifically about the Black Fleece customer, Brooks CEO Claudio Del Vecchio has an interesting perspective:

“…Black Fleece customers have responded to having their own separate location, noting, “I’m not sure those customers are comfortable coming to Madison Avenue.”

We can’t imagine why. The company is also planning its first Country Club store that isn’t located at a resort; this new emporium will be in Seattle.

Oddly, the following photos are just into the Prepatorium, a look from today’s Moncler Gamme Bleu Men’s Spring 2010 Collection.

PHOTO: Davide Maestri/WWD

PHOTO: Davide Maestri/WWD

Guess the designer. Not sure?

PHOTO: Davide Maestri/WWD

PHOTO: Davide Maestri/WWD

Check the length of the pants.  Yes, indeed, it is Mr. Browne showing this collection at Milan Fashion Week, currently underway in Italy.


We move now to some fabulous Sales & Savings opportunities, beginning with the retailer mentioned above, Brooks Brothers, offering 50% off in stores with deeper discounts available online.

Next, one of our favorites, Vineyard Vines.

The markdowns include the Anchor Turtle Bay Tee, now $24.99.

There is a significant amount of merchandise still available as of this writing.


J. Crew is also doing another of their Final Sale promotions.

J. Crew

J. Crew

Including the Boy’s Pacific Madras Blazer, originally $135, now $49.99.

We have just been advised of a late-breaking appointment, so we shall close with the Keep Company Homer shoe, in the Watermelon color combination.

May your afternoon be sunny and bright!


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Ralph Lauren Official Wimbledon Line Available, J Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Luggage Now Available

Remember these lovelies? Now you may purchase some versions to add to your walk-in wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Sketches

Of course we are talking about the official Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection, and it would seem there are two primary vendors, the designer’s own selected stores or website, and the venerable AELTC’s Centre Court shop at Wimbledon or their official online shopping page.

AELTC Polo Ralph Lauren Collection

And the collection is, as one would expect, very Polo-ish, and that is simply superb. We are very fond of many of the looks, particularly the Wimbledon Ball Girl Scooter (skirt) seen lower right.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cricket Sweater Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Ball Girl Scooter

Not to mention what we would consider, at least from all appearances, the major snuggle factor of the Wimbledon Fleece Track Jacket and matching pants in navy.

The Wimbledon Fleece Track Jacket polo Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Fleece Track Jacket

Of course there is a new Wimbledon polo shirt, in both white and navy cotton mesh, this one complete with the “Big Pony” logo and the Official Wimbledon patch or badge or seal….we’re not quite sure what to call this… but we do know it is located on the sleeve.

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Big Pony Polo

Polo Wimbledon Big Pony polo

One word of warning on the polo: in the pictures it almost appears to have a very wide banded bottom, as opposed to the standard bottom on polo shirts, so you may want to double-check this, lest you be disappointed. Mr. Lauren and the good folks at the All England Lawn and Tennis Club have not forgotten the men in our lives, and TP won’t either. To whit, the Wimbledon Cricket Cap in Newport Navy, also available in Women’s, and the Men’s Wimbledon Twill Short.

Polo Wimbledon Cricket Cap Wimbledon Twill Short

Back to the issue of why we mention two different primary vendors: because the Wimbledon site has a few things the Polo RL site does not. There is a snazzy tee shirt, a polo shirt with a chest stripe, a crested version of the polo shirt, a khaki version of the cap, and perhaps a few more items we missed.

wimbledon merch poloRalph Lauren Polo Shirt Mesh Fancy - French NavyRalph Lauren Wimbledon Crest Polo Shirt Solid Mesh - French Navy47051

Now if you are looking for one of those marvelous blazers worn by the ballboys and girls, you are out of luck. But you knew this, right?

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Blazer

If you didn’t know this and need to drown your sorrows in a caloric indulgence of catastrophic proportion that is somehow tennis related, we can help. Truly. (And you thought I made this stuff up.) The Princess suggests you have Cook purchase an extra pint or two of the “Official Limited Edition Haagen Dazs Raspberries & Meringue Ice Cream” (honestly), and when everyone is g-o-n-e for the night, indulge. And really, why bother with a bowl? It delays the delivery of the diabetic coma inducing material to the mouth and it is simply another dish ultimately requiring more energy in the dishwasher that ought not be wasted, don’t you think?

Wimbledon Logo with Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs Limited Edition Flavor

Should you still be feeling out of sorts and needing a bit more of an in-touch and in-person experience, we suggest you get yourself over to Saks (on 5th, in the city) this Saturday for their Breakfast At Wimbledon event. They will be more than happy to serve you champagne and strawberries while you browse their Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collections and they are even having a drawing for tickets to the US Open. So there.

Also now available: the oh-so-eagerly-anticipated J. Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Luggage Collection. (Or has this been available for much longer and yours truly is simply now aware of the fact?) Many may recognize the Globe-Trotter brand, especially if you’ve had traveling parents, grandparents, etc., spent much time in the UK (where the fab brand is made) or been a Conran’s shopper. Below we show the J. Crew complete set in its exclusive color combination, which we are reminded is a limited edition, along with the J. Crew 13″ vanity. Just beneath that is the Conran version of same.

J CREW Globe-trotter Luggage

J Crew Globetrotter Vanity Case

Conran Shops Globetrotter Vanity

And as we seem to be doing all things British this evening, let us close with something most uniquely British, Ascot. If you are attending this week and still uncertain on precisely what is and what is not acceptable, perhaps it’s best to spend a few minutes here brushing up on appropriate attire and accessories. Didn’t get the memo with your invitation? Try this page for a little guidance. (Are you sure you supposed to be there? Who did your hat?)

Ascot Day one 2008

Princess Eugenie, right with her sister Princess Beatrice



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