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An Anti-Prep’s Antics, Chanel Does It Again

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday!

We have a slew of bits and bytes combined with a heavy out-of-the-office schedule, so today shall be somewhat scattered and mercifully brief.

We begin with an update on a member of that oh-so-exclusive (but sadly growing) group known as the Anti-preps. We are referring to an individual sometimes called La Lohan; the celebrity is seen below just before today’s Chanel showing at Paris Fashion week.

Thibault Camus/AP Photo

The reason for mentioning Ms. Lohan today?  News she has filed a $100 million lawsuit over this television commercial.

Courtesy E-Trade via Page Six

For those unfamiliar with the E-Trade television campaign, the spots feature “voices” of babies who invest in the stock market. In this particular commercial the little tyke is apologizing for not calling his little female friend the previous night when she inquires in an accusatory fashion: “And that milk-a-holic Lindsey wasn’t over?” (As far as we know it could also be spelled Lindsey.)

Unless Ms. Lohan’s legal counsel has evidence the Grey creative team (E-Trade’s advertising agency) sat around discussing the benefits of aligning E-Trade with Ms. Lohan (an unlikely scenario) we fail to grasp the grounds for the litigation.  This story from Page Six explains that evidently Ms. Lohan believes she is on a level with entertainers recognized by a single name, like Oprah or Madonna.

Courtesy E-Trade via You Tube

Additionally Ms. Lohan’s counsel is requesting an injunction forcing the popular commercial off the air; more from the Post’s story with quotes from her attorney:

“”They used the name Lindsay,” Ovadia said. “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan?”

Precisely our question.

This takes us back to our television days, when a certain NFL Team Owner decided that his Football Team owned the color orange. (This is also in the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up category.) Seriously. No one but the Official Team Station was to use that color in conjunction with the team. At all. That particular legal action was short-lived and unsuccessful for the Team Owner.

One last quote from the story:

“This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Now we’re feeling like we’re not part of ‘everybody’.  Sigh.


As we mentioned the Chanel show at Fashion week, we want to share a few images. Below we see Alexa Chung and Caroline Seiber on their way into the event.

As always, there was incredible staging; in this case 25 tons of ice was brought in to create the desired backdrop.

Eric Ryan/Getty

It’s a tad difficult to look at fall/winter clothing when it is finally springlike outside.

We did like some styles.

Mr. Lagerfeld never fails to raise the bar, an amazing accomplishment considering his tenure at Chanel.


In our Sales & Savings category, J. Crew is doing an additional 30% off sale merchandise, use promo code EXTRA30 at checkout.  The promotion ends at midnight Friday, but we would not be surprised to see email on Friday announcing the discount has been extended through the weekend.

Speaking of J. Crew, the firm’s Bomber Jacket has been updated.

J. Crew via Luxist

This is the jacket done in collaboration with UK retailer Belstaff, the same one worn by Hilary Swank in Amelia.


For today’s Pretty in Pink we offer two items, the first is only available for a limited time at ‘by invitation’ sale site One King’s Lane.  Accessories from a line we love, Baekgaard, are on sale through the 12th.

Passion Fruit by Baekegaard

The group of four pieces seen above is now just $59.  If in need of an invitation to the site click here or email us at

Our piece of pink perfection is actually edible.  Meet the Candyglam ring.

If It's Hip It's Here

It definitely looks good enough to eat, and that’s the idea, these are made of hard candy. For more on the tasty jewelry visit If It’s Hip it’s Here.

On that yummy note we say goodbye until next time, may everyone enjoy the bright sun we are seeing here at the Prepatorium!

  • Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images
  • Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


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Sneak Peeks: Zac Posen & John-Paul Gaultier for Target, Longchamps Sale

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Thursday Friday!

Many thanks to all for their lovely comments  on yesterday’s post, we appreciate the support more than you may realize.

Back to today, there is lots and lots going on!  In an effort to jam it all most of it into this post, we’ll do some of the newsbytes headline-style

  • Our Twitter followers saw this yesterday, but for those who don’t Tweet, we were spreading the word that Longchamps is on sale at Magnums (the best online dealer for the brand IOHO, and more importantly, an authorized vendor), with discounts of up to 40% on some pieces.  (A bit of unsolicited advice: if interested, don’t dilly-dally here, go shop now, styles sell out quickly at these prices.)
  • The Longchamps site also has markdowns on some merchandise; if unable to find your heart’s desire at Magnums, it is worth a visit.
  • Also in Longchamps news, WWD reports today that model Kate Moss has done a line for the luxury label, scheduled to launch in stores February 11.  Ms. Moss has been the brand’s face for several years.
  • How could we not do this for today’s Pretty in Pink?
  • ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Other bullet points today:

    • Jimmy Choo is doing a line with Uggs.  No, we did not make this up.  (However, another individual here in the office did ask if this makes the new collection “Chuggs”.)
    • Word is that Bloomingdale’s is working on opening outlet stores to better compete with Neiman’s Last Call and Saks’ Off Fifth.  Lord & Taylor’s first outlet store opens in February.
    • Women’s Wear Daily also has a story about the future of Martin & Osa, the concept store American Eagle Outfitters debuted in 2006. The story quotes retail analyst Liz Smith:

    “The older customer AEO attempted to target with M+O proved hard to please and AEO has struggled with fit, design and building awareness for the new brand,”



    WWD also has the news about a new face at Polo Golf:

    Courtesy Photo via

    Webb Simpson has been signed by Polo Ralph Lauren as a brand ambassador.

    If interested in seeing precisely what looks Mr. Simpson is wearing, he is currently playing in the Sony Open in Honolulu. (Pssst, if in need of any polos from the Women’s Golf line, these are on sale!)

    Polo Golf

    That pictures looks like a pile of ice cream sherbet to us. Yumalicious.


    We have an early look at the Zac Posen for Target collection via Refinery 29 and Fashionista.

    The collection is slated to be in stores April 25.

    Fashionista has images of all the looks.


    But that is not the only designer line for Le Boutique Targét we have photos from – Refinery 29 snagged pictures from Jean-Paul Gaultier’s upcoming collection.

    This group launches March 7.

    From their story on the collection:

    “At times the looks can look sweet, ranging from prim floral A-line skirts to bustier tops with a chipper, sailor’s neckline. But other times the looks can be positively head-scratching.”

    And finally, Fashionista is reporting that Target’s next designer collaboration will be Tucker by Gaby Basora.  Below a few looks from that line:

    Photo via Blackburn & Sweetzer


    We leave you with two delicious looks, the first a different take on a classic.  Regular readers know are familiar with our completely irrational devotion fondness for Hello Kitty; below, the Hello Kitty LOVE Pendant in sterling with Pink and White sapphires/diamonds. It is available at some Zales stores.

    The second item is related to someone’s addiction to appreciation of a certain snack food:


    The Hershey’s Kiss Pendant in sterling is rather cute, perhaps a little something for a Valentine on your list.

    With that sweet thought we say g’bye for now, hoping everyone enjoys a simply splendid weekend.


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    Turquoise Talks, and Are Lands’ End & LL Bean Dowdy?

    Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Monday.

    We begin with a congratulatory note about our friend Erin from the Pink and Green Scene; Erin finds all manner of nifty treasures in our favorite color combination and shares them on her blog.

    The Butterfly Pillow post is here, and the Tote Bag post is here.

    Or the Salad Plate and the Door Plaque.

    Back to Erin; some readers may recall she has more than one colorful blog, actually writing blogs that showcase a panoply of colors.

    In fact, Erin’s House of Turquoise blog was featured last week in the Washington Post, yippee-skippee! That blog is like Erin’s online inspiration board, but doesn’t necessarily include lots of items available for purchase. So if desirous of hearing about things one can acquire from shops around the world, Erin’s Everything Turquoise is the place to be. The site showcases merchandise across a broad spectrum of categories, like the Via Spiga satchel, or an ever-so-fun Shower Curtain.

    Erin also has blogs featuring purple, chocolate & brown, and several more. Decor by Color is the perfect place for anyone interested in a spot of color on these gray and gloomy days.


    We have a sad SOTT (Sign Of The Times) to share today; news about the auction for Tavern on the Green’s contents;  it is this Wednesday.

    Luxist has a good story on the auction accompanied by photos of items for sale, like an iconic Doorman’s Coat.  There are three of these offered, the opening bid is $500.

    The Bar sign will be appealing for many.

    Guernsey’s is handling the sale, lots may be viewed online here.

    In all candor, we have only dined at the restaurant once, and yes, it was mediocre. But we have also enjoyed a liquid refreshment or two at the landmark spot, so while we aren’t crushed by its demise we are saddened by the idea of it no longer being there.  It is representative of an era, something one wants to be there, where it has always been.

    The restaurant is now representative of that place in the road where ‘always’ and ‘forever’ meet. And part company. Sigh.


    On an up note we are very excited to have been nominated for the Beutiful Blogger award! We send gracious thanks to the oh-so-nice GingerSnap for bestowing such an honor upon us! Here are the rules:

    1) Thank the person who nominated me for this award.

    2) Copy the award & place it on my blog.

    3) Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
    4) Tell us 7 interesting/random things about yourself.

    This is where it becomes a bit of a challenge, as we were taught it isn’t proper to spend much time chatting about oneself. (And there are few activities more tedious than hearing about TP, TC and life at the Palace, we are the world’s most boring couple.) However, because Miss GingerSnap has been so generous in sharing this, we shall make an effort to abide by the rules:

    1) TP was a regional Singer sewing champion back in the day.

    2) We hate the cold weather, and cannot. wait. for. spring.

    3) We swipe borrow The Consort’s library books on occasion.

    4) Our favorite part of Christmas is the baking of cookies for family and friends.

    5) We harbor secret hopes our intensive Scrabble training sessions (ahem) on the iPhone will help us beat a certain sibling at the next family tourney.


    6) We are secretly alarmed about our FF (Frump Factor) now that the Journal has called both Lands’ End and LL Bean dowdy. Dowdy. Here is the headline and subhead from the story.

    “Two Dowdy Clothing Brands Go for Vogue”

    “L.L. Bean and Lands’ End don’t exactly bring to mind the word “cool.”


    7) TP can recite the starting lineup of the 1967/1968 Detroit Tigers. By position.
    (And it isn’t long until pitchers and catchers report to training camp.)

    There are so, so many beautiful bloggers we enjoy each and every day, we could list everyone on our blog roll and then move on to another 100 or so that we haven’t managed to get listed on the roll yet! Yikes!

    1) Wendy Brandes

    2) The Couture Cookie

    3) Miss Privilege (aka Lisa)

    4) Alexander Grant

    5) Nautical by Nature

    6) Preppy Pink Crocodile

    7) Suburban Princess

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit today, we hope to see you back again tomorrow!


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    Too Many Celebrity Lines? And That Pesky Ralph Lauren Lawsuit

    Hello-Hello and greetings from the corner condo here at Princess InterGalactic HQ!

    We begin today with a question for our treasured readers: does a celebrity’s association with a brand impact your buying decisions for that brand?

    We ask because of the high volume of recent news regarding ‘stars’ doing clothing, accessory, and jewelry lines. Such involvement varies wildly, from work on design and creation of a line to merely licensing the use of one’s name and likeness.  One of this week’s examples involve Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line for Asprey.

    Dave Hogan/Getty Images via WWD

    Officially debuting this week, the line is called ‘The Protector’. Below, two pieces from the collection.

    Courtesy Photo

    All pieces in the group showcase a snake motif. Including the sterling baby spoon.

    Courtesy photo via WWD

    The collection’s arrival comes in tandem with the company’s continued efforts at refining its product line, image and financial performance.  While this particular line is most assuredly not our style, we have long admired the Asprey tradition and commitment to quality.

    Courtesy photo via WWD

    One can’t quibble with how money made through sales of the line will be used, all proceeds are going to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict; Ms. Jolie co-founded the organization.

    Also, word today that Alicia Keys is also diving into the jewelry business, with ‘The Barber’s Daughters’ collection launching Monday.

    Courtesy photo via WWD

    The designer is seen above with Gisèle Theriault, who cofounded the new line with the talented singer. Below, a piece from the collection.

    Courtesy photo via WWD

    We don’t generally purchase brands because of a celebrity’s association with a product. In reality we think many preps are disinclined to purchase something if they believe a publicity-seeking star is associated with it, it’s just not done.  (And if ever we should be in the hunt for new jewelry pieces, we are more inclined to visit a smaller, independent artist, like Miss Wendy.)

    There’s no reason why we elected to delve into this topic, multiple mentions of all these new lines must have triggered the Crankenstein lurking inside. Hhhmmm.


    Moving on, a recent story on the Cityfile site updates the continued Polo Ralph Lauren / US Polo Association spat.

    “Since the mid-1980s, Ralph Lauren has been doing his damndest to prevent the U.S. Polo Association from marketing products bearing a horse-and-rider logo. It’s a case that has taken the two sides to court on numerous occasions over the past 25 years, with Lauren suffering a stinging defeat in 2005…”

    Photoillustration Courtesy Cityfile

    The story explains the latest todo:

    “It seem the U.S. Polo Association has decided to branch out into fragrances—and plans to stamp its polo logo on the bottles, naturally—a move that Lauren isn’t all that jazzed about, not surprisingly.”

    Below left, the USPA’s logo, and on the right, the Polo Ralph Lauren logo.

    As always, we post, you ponder. Indeed.


    We have an update to yesterday’s post regarding the scantily-clad Leighton Meester.  Here is what the young actress/singer changed into for her performance:

    Albert Michael/startraksphoto

    It seems Ms. Meester also added some hair to her look.

    There you have it.


    In our ongoing Sales & Savings category, Lands’ End offers the following:

    And Tory Burch is also deep discounts right now:


    It would be inappropriate to let the day pass without mentioning a SOTT (Sign Of The Times), the end of an era really: JC Penney has printed their last ‘Big Book’ catalog.

    Courtesy JC Penney

    We close with one of the cutest accessories we have seen in a long time, the Bow Hair Pin from Kate Spade.

    Courtesy Kate Spade

    There is also a Bow Ring.

    Courtesy Kate Spade

    Ms. Spade also offers a solution to the ‘where’s the mistletoe?” dilemma (you know, that dilemma) with this item:

    Courtesy Kate Spade

    These three items are some of the cutest holiday goodies we have seen yet.

    With that, it is g’bye until next time!


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    A Sign of the Times We Could Do Without

    Hello and Harrumph.

    Yes, we realize how inexcusably rude a greeting of this nature is; we are more than a little cranky this morning.  Pourquoi ça?  Because we have multiple SOTTs (Sign Of The Times) in today’s post, and we don’t like them.

    And because the world just shrank. Again.

    We are going to be forced to say goodbye to a longtime friend, legendary in the field:


    Gourmet is going away. After almost 70 years of publishing, Conde Nast is closing the magazine. Below, we have a snippet from the internal memo with today’s announcement:

    Gourmet magazine will cease monthly publication, but we will remain committed to the brand, retaining Gourmet’s book publishing and television programming, and Gourmet recipes on

    Most insiders thought Bon Appetit would be sacrificed to save the storied Gourmet brand, the news this morning caught many by surprise.

    Also being shuttered by the publishing giant: Elegant Bride.


    And Modern Bride.


    Filling out the quartet of closures: Cookie.


    As a businessperson we completely understand the circumstances leading to this morning’s grim news. Two food magazines in this environment is one too many. Three bridal books consolidated into one, we comprehend this decision. But it doesn’t mean we have to like any of it. (Yes, the Princess is pouting.)

    A few related points that may be of interest:

    • The November issues of Gourmet and Cookie will be their last; Fall Elegant Bride is that magazine’s final printing and the October/November issue is the last for Modern Bride
    • To ‘offset’ the end of Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, Conde will boost the frequency of Brides; it becomes a monthly.
    • the Cookie and sites will be up through the end of the year

    If this carries a familiar sound familiar it may be the recollection of Conde announcing the Portfolio and/or Domino closures, the end of Golf for Women, or the news that Men’s Vogue would be ‘incorporated into’ Vogue.


    A quick reminder for fans of Gossip Girl and Tory Burch: those two are combined on this evening’s episode.


    CW/Giovanni Rufino/Landov

    In the photo above of Ms. Burch with actress Blake Lively it may appear the scenes were shot on location at the designer’s office; that is not the case.  A special set was constructed to replicate that site.

    In a People magazine story Ms. Burch was asked to put together looks for two of the program’s main characters: Serena van der Woodsen (Ms. Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester). Below, the styles selected for ‘Serena’.

    Courtesy Tory Burch via

    Courtesy Tory Burch via

    Next, the choices Ms. Burch came up with for ‘Blair’.

    Courtesy Tory Burch via

    Courtesy Tory Burch via

    Fortunately we follow meghandono from (Wit & Whimsy) on Twitter, or we never would have remembered about tonight’s episode.


    Before we fly, a quick query for our fellow Mad Men fanatics: did everyone notice where Joan is working now? For those who are not addicts fans, here is a clue.

    We’re not sure how we feel about Pete Campbell describing Bonwit Teller as “The Republic of Dresses”.  BTW, what does everyone think about Betty’s Junior League ‘project’?

    With that deep thought (hee-hee-hee) to ponder we shall say ‘g’bye until next time!


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    Taylor Swift says “Kanye Who?” Also, Target’s Next Designer Revealed, Ralph Lauren Fashion Week

    Hello-Hello and Happy Friday!

    We hope to make it a little happier for Miss Pink Tutu, our lucky winner in the Great Preppy Plate and Platter Giveaway! Miss Tutu indicated in her comment she favored the Damask, but we don’t know if it is Boatman’s Geller’s Madison Plate, or perhaps Preppy Plates brand Hot Pink Patter, the Lime Plate, or maybe another style?


    Drop us an email Miss Tutu and let us know your selection, as well as how you would like your plate or platter personalized. (This really is Friday Fun to the nth degree, we *love* giving things away!)


    This just in! (Gasp – breaking news here at the Prepatorium!) The word is out that the next designer collaboration for Targèt will be with Jean Paul Gaultier, perhaps best known for his cone-shaped bustier Madonna wore on tour. As reported in Women’s Wear Daily, Target has no details on when the collection will launch, what price points will be, or how many pieces will be in the line.

    “Gaultier is known for edgy street fashion interpretations, a Parisian panache, over-the-edge couture, generating lots of media and groupie followings.”


    Courtesy Photo via WWD

    Courtesy Photo via WWD

    Our second tidbit is old news for those who follow us on Twitter (you can follow TP here if so inclined) as we tweeted the sad news a couple of times yesterday: In what can only be called a SOTT (Sign Of The Times),  Prescriptives cosmetics is being closed.

    There are a number of contributing factors but the overarching concern is the continued underperformance of the brand.

    Courtesy Photo via WWD

    Courtesy Photo via WWD

    The line is owned by Estee Lauder (it was originally launched by Ronald Lauder 30 years ago), and we don’t know a timetable for the shutdown. We have already heard  from a number of current customers who tell us they are making plans to stock up.


    Fashion Week continues apace, as most everything was wrapping up with last night’s Tommy Hilfiger show. We’ll cover some the Hilfiger collection for Spring 2010 in our next post, but thought Friday Fun mandates we share some celebrity sightings and front-row attendees at yesterday’s shows.

    First, recording star Taylor Swift at the Hilfiger show in what we’ll call her “Kanye Who?” look.

    PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

    PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

    After all, looking good is the best revenge. While Miss Swift is far beyond stooping to vengeful behavior, one can’t help but think about that when seeing her in such a stunning dress.

    This next photo of the young star (yes, that is Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl to her right, our left, and yes, he’s underdressed once again in yet another tee-shirt, no threat however to James Dean or Marlon Brando) reminds us of an incredibly rigid rule a lesson taught at an early age: ladies cross their ankles, not their knees.  Of course.

    PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

    PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

    Also at the Hilfiger show Betty Draper, January Jones of Mad Men.

    PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

    PHOTO: Steve Eichner/WWD

    Here is Ms. Jones with Mr. Hilfiger, better showing the Pretty in Pink sheath she is wearing.

    PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

    PHOTO: Diane Bondareff/AP

    We cannot wait to see who she is wearing for Sunday’s Emmy Awards.


    And now we cover today’s primary topic, the Ralph Lauren show at Fashion Week.  We start with the front row, Janet Jackson is seen below with Dylan Lauren.

    Rob Loud/Getty

    Rob Loud/Getty

    Onto the main attraction: the clothing and accessories.



    As described in the Journal’s Heard On The Runway blog (must reading for TP):

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get back to honest American working clothes. That’s means jean jackets, striped cotton shirts and pink floral sundresses.”

    Fernanda Calfat/Getty

    Fernanda Calfat/Getty

    Some of the denim looks were outstanding, although we recall owning a pair of overalls quite a. long. time. ago.

    Robert Mitra/WWD

    Robert Mitra/WWD

    The references to Steinbeck’s dust bowl were everywhere, with some reviewers even titling their stories “The Grapes of Ralph”.


    Here is a taste of the WWD review on Mr. Lauren’s Spring 2010 Collection:

    “Certainly there is something wonderful about Lauren’s unabashed romanticism. In an industry rampant with cynicism, he’s proud to be American and believes deeply, as his show notes reminded, in this country’s “resilient spirit.”


    More from WWD:

    “…. he made some risky choices; It’s unlikely many designer customers will aspire to shredded jeans and faded shirts, no matter how perfectly arranged the decay. As for their feminine counterparts, floral house- and sundresses, charmers for sure, but late-to-the-party kind of frocks that have flooded the contemporary market for some time.”

    We found some of the tailored styles more appealing…



    … and a number of the party frocks divine.


    Despite our love of sheer overlays, other looks just didn’t seem to have the right proportions, the skirts overly full.


    The look below prompts us to recommend a visit to the High WASP for her views on high-end shorts.

    Robert Mitra/WWD

    Robert Mitra/WWD

    Some touches were absolutely exquisite.


    One of our favorite fashion writers, Cathy Horyn at the Times, was not as positive about the show as many other journalists:

    “I wondered, looking at the collection—which was weak by Mr. Lauren’s usual standards—what the discussions in his studio were about such a theme. Can hard times and their associated misery ever be an acceptable theme for a fashion show?”

    Clearly the designer’s execution of his theme did not sit well with Ms. Horyn.

    Kyle Ericksen/WWD

    Kyle Ericksen/WWD

    More from Ms. Horyn’s blog post:

    “And if the clothes don’t really attempt to explore legitimate modes of American dress, and instead remain on the surface—a little faded and ripped denim with rhinestone sandals—isn’t that somehow worse?”


    Courtesy First Post

    Most of the handbags shown were of the casual, western look Mr. Lauren favors.


    Below, the designer and his wife, Ricky, upon completion of the show.

    Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

    Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMG

    For more photos, click here. We are curious to hear from readers about the show… two thumbs up? Down? No thumbs at all? Do tell, TP is dying to hear your reaction. After all dolls, sharing is caring.

    Lucas Jackson/Reuters

    Fernanda Calfat/Getty


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    Sneak Peek at Target’s Next Jewelry Line & the Tale of a Tee Makes a Princess Weep


    Greetings from the soaked and sodden Prepatorium here in the Great Midwest!

    We start with news we simply have to share because it is so fun: we are the lucky winner of a beautiful scarf given away by Coterie Blog! Coterie is a must-read for us, written with a delightful mix of elegance, wit and just the right amount of whimsy for a perfect blend, and we highly recommend it!

    Here is a peek at the luscious scarf we won in Miss Coterie’s giveaway…

    Thank You Miss Coterie!

    Thank You Miss Coterie!

    As much as we love reading the Coterie blog, we are equally fond, if not more so, of her Coterie Books blog. We’re fanatical readers here at Princess HQ, it’s almost a sickness, really. It has been said about TP: “She’s never met a book she didn’t like.” At any rate, erudite verbiage and brevity are also hallmarks of the Coterie Book blog posts, and the recommendations are stellar. One of this week’s suggestions?


    Toddle on over for a little visit, you’ll enjoy yourself at either spot, promise!


    Back in April we shared news about the next jewelry collaboration from the wise minds at Le Boutique Targèt, this one with Anna Sheffield, perhaps best known for her Bing-Bang jewelry collection, popularized by the collection she did with Urban Outfitters, Bee 23.

    The Collection lands at your local Tarszay August 30, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the pieces, starting with the Bow Necklace as featured in this month’s Teen Vogue:

    Courtesy Teen Vogue

    Courtesy Teen Vogue

    Another look at the necklace can be seen in this next photo, on the far left.

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    The Charm Bracelet seen below carries that same look of a simple, single stone, in this case accented by two charms. The bracelet will retail at $39.99

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    The Hoops and Thoughts Heart Charm Earrings will also run $39.99.

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Here is another group of necklaces:

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    The necklaces will run $29.99 to $49.99. Also from the group, a cute little ring…

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    And earrings with a similar topic or theme:

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Anna Sheffield for Target

    Again, this Collection arrives at select Target stores and online August 30th.


    In keeping with our tedious coverage continuing looks at fashions sported by the cast of Gossip Girl on-air and off, we share a few photos from this weekend’s Teen Choice Awards, starting with Leighton Meester.

    PHOTO: Fred Prouser/Reuters

    PHOTO: Fred Prouser/Reuters

    Also at the event, co-star Chace Crawford.

    PHOTO: Frank Micelotta/TCA

    PHOTO: Frank Micelotta/TCA

    Gossip Guy Ed Westwick was in attendance as well.

    PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

    PHOTO: Matt Sayles/AP

    Dolls, we are struggling with the appeal Mr. Westwick holds for so many; is the expression seen upon his face in the photo above supposed to make him endearing? Cute? Cuddly? Let’s give him another opportunity to show those qualities, shall we?

    PHOTO: Getty Images

    PHOTO: Getty Images

    The best we can do is say this is brnging us back to the “weaselly” or “appearance of a well-fed ferret” comments of a previous post.  Are we just hopelessly out of touch? Do tell, as the sense of being an ignoramus is crushing. (Ahem.)

    Oh, and the surfboards are evidently the prize given to winners. Guess that doesn’t quite fit in the carry-on.


    We close with a SOTT (Sign Of The Times) about Brioni, the upscale and ever-so-stylish Italian fashion house. (Think about the exquisite black tie apparel sported by “Bond, James Bond,” among other things.) Word comes today via the Times that the firm is acceding to These Challenging Economic Times. They will be marketing a tee-shirt.

    A tee-shirt.

    The story better explains why this is a shocker:

    “…it will be the first offering of its kind for Brioni, whose image — and bottom line — have been built on formal wear and dressing rich Town & Country-style men since its founding in 1945.”

    And while the Consort’s evening wear is not from this company, we have long loved the firm, in large part because of its rigid adherence to custom and quality, the refusal on their part to move manufacturing to less expensive locations, like Mexico.  More from the Times story:

    “… it’s a telling sign of how both the financial crisis and changing consumer habits are forcing even the most conservative, family-owned luxury goods makers to adapt to a new world.”

    Here is a look at the item under discussion:

    PHOTO: Justin Maxon/The New York Times

    PHOTO: Justin Maxon/The New York Times

    It is difficult to discern from the photo, but the images on the shirt are vintage Brioni labels from 1950’s and 60’s vintage apparel.  We love the way the company’s CEO discusses the shirt:

    “It should feel different from Hanes,” sniffed Mr. Perrone, a soft-spoken, aristocratic heir who became Brioni’s first sole chief executive last month…”

    For more on “A Suitmaker to Princes Adapts to the Financial Crisis” from writer Nelson D. Schwartz, it is an outstanding read.  Sniff.


    And if you click on the bio link for the author in the paragraph above, you’ll learn where we found this darling Fiat, today’s Pretty in Pink.

    PHOTO: Rafal Klimkiewicz for The NY Times

    PHOTO: Rafal Klimkiewicz for The NY Times

    Until tomorrow!


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