Neiman Marcus Says Goodbye to eBay, Targét + Lauren Bush Lauren = Collaboration

Hello and happy start of a new week.  Is anyone else dragging just a teeny bit?

Via CopyPress

Via CopyPress

On to our news of the day, remember the big announcement that many luxury brands were opening stores on eBay? We wrote about it back in September of 2011, the “eBay Fashion Outlet Mall” had many popular companies signed up to participate, the following is from that 2011 post:

Brands taking part in the new mall that may be of interest to our crowd include Brooks Brothers, Hanes, Elaine Turner, Hanky Panky, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Hickey Freeman.  eBay claims almost 200 other brands however (more on that number later), most of them ‘household names,’ from off-price department stores like Neiman Marcus Last Call to run of the mill retailers like Elie Tahari, Bruno Magli, Fossil and Hush Puppies.

A story last week from Reuters got me thinking about the undertaking, it’s titled “Last Call for Neiman Marcus’s eBay Store“:

Luxury department store operator Neiman Marcus is shutting its eBay Inc store, a setback for the e-commerce company, which has been trying to lure large retailers to its online marketplace.

Neiman launched a store on in 2011 for its Last Call outlet brand. It was one of a slew of large retailers that eBay has attracted to its online marketplace in recent years, an important part of the e-commerce company’s effort to compete more with Inc.

The story notes Neiman’s will be selling deeply discounted merchandise on its own Last Call site. The retailer has upgraded the Last Call website substantially, so it makes sense to sell via their own means. eBay gets a cut every time Neiman’s sells merchandise via eBay’s site, why keep putting money in eBay’s pocket?

As it turns out, many of the upscale brands initially associated with the ‘Outlet Mall’ no longer seem to be participating. For example, this is what one saw when visiting the Brooks Brothers’ eBay store back in 2011.

Preppy Princess Blog 9.20.11

Preppy Princess Blog 9.20.11

A quick check for the Brooks Brothers store turns up nothing, they no longer seem to be part of the eBay Designer Outlets. Nor could I find Lacoste, Elaine Turner or several other “luxury” names. However, Bobby Jones and Calvin Klein are still present, as are Bruno Magli and Tahari. My guess is that there will be fewer and fewer brands remaining as part of the eBay endeavor, it just doesn’t make sense to pay eBay when you can dispose of the goods yourself via your own means without handing over part of the profits to a third party.


Our other item of note, Target has announced its next partnership will be with Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED project. More from USA Today:

With FEED, Target is going the more minimalist, feel-good route with a collection launching June 30 that includes tote bags, kitchenware and blankets. Proceeds will benefit Feeding America, a non-profit with more than 200 food banks across the country.

Two of the items in the collection.

Via People StyleWatch

Via People StyleWatch

There will be 50 pieces in the line, including iPhone cases, bags, more jewelry and kitchenware. The collection launches June 30.  Here’s a bit more on the collapsible bicycle shown above from that StyleWatch story:

And the bike is a personal favorite of hers: “I ride my bike to work and around my West Village neighborhood, [so] I love [it],” she says. “Plus, it’s foldable and easy to store if you don’t have a lot of space in your apartment.”

I like this one, it is good to see Target offering a collection specifically tied to a charitable initiative.


Also today, a quick glance at the big winners of this year’s Cruft’s International dog show. Cruft’s is a little different from our annual Westminster show, among other things, they include additional competitions, like “Flyball.”.

Cruft's Flickr Feed

onEdition Photos via Cruft’s Flickr Feed

Two breeds we’re partial to, Scotties & Schnauzers.

Cruft's Facebook

Cruft’s Facebook

As always there were other events, many not involving the show ring. Below we see a Yeomanry Infantry group donating a big check to Hounds for Heroes, the organization provides dogs for disabled British military forces.

Cruft's Facebook

Cruft’s Facebook

Below we see the big winner, a Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) named Jilly, with handler Gavin Robertson.

Cruft’s Facebook

“Big winner” is an accurate appelation, more than 27,000 dogs were involved in this year’s show.

It must be the season for dog shows, we actually went to one ourselves a few weeks back.


That is a giant schnauzer, like our boy Phred, the pooch we had before Silly Tilly. It wouldn’t be out of the question to see another schnoozer at The Prepatorium.


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2 responses to “Neiman Marcus Says Goodbye to eBay, Targét + Lauren Bush Lauren = Collaboration

  1. I think Neimans should stick to what it does best, sell high end apparel to a certain segment of the population. My mantra which I totally believe in is you cannot be all things to all people (hope Target is listening too). I am glad that they made this decision…..I think in the long run, this is the right choice.
    Love the idea of Hounds for Heroes and a good thing Tilly did not enter…..he would have blown the competition out of the water!

  2. I have been thinking and hoping that another pooch would grace the Prepatorium soon. xoxox

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