Friday Fun of The Footwear Kind

Hello-Hello, happy almost-weekend to all of our treasured readers. We are ready for a spot of Friday fun and hope you are too.

We begin with what sounds like a fabulous show at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “Shoe Obsession”.  Look at this Ferragamo stunner.



The exhibition opened on the 8th of this month, with more than 150 pairs of amazing shoes.  We’ll look at some of the more wearable styles first, this is a 2008 Manolo Blahnik.



The studded ‘Pigalle’ by Christian Louboutin.



It’s unclear how wearable these would have been, they are from Tom Ford’s spring 2012 collection.



This is like a work of art, the “Poisonneuse” sandal by Gianluca Tamburini.



According to the FIT show notes the number of shoes women own has doubled since the late 1990s, we now average twenty pairs. Gosh….really? (Cough-cough.)

More about the interest in footwear from the FIT:

Shoe departments everywhere have expanded, as the “great designer shoe wars” have escalated.  New high-end brands—like Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Olympia—are moving onto designer shoe floors to share space with perennial bestsellers, such as Blahnik and Louboutin. Established designer shoes brands, including Salvatore Ferragamo and Roger Vivier, are also thriving under new creative direction.

Now for some that don’t look like they were really meant to be worn, below we see Masaya Kushino’s “Lung-ta,” that translates to “horse of wind”.

Sak's POV Blog

Sak’s POV Blog

It turns out someone did wear them, as seen in a post at Seek Shoes Online.

Via Seek Shoes Online blog

Via Seek Shoes Online

Here is another pair that was worn, the “Lady Pointe Shoes” made for Lady Gaga by NoritakaTatehana.

Via Design Boom

Via Design Boom

They were actually worn in the singer’s “Marry the night” music video.

'Marry the Night' music video via Design Boom

‘Marry the Night’ music video via Design Boom

A Prada style from spring of last year, the brand did an entire collection inspired by classic American automobiles.



And once again, the shoes were worn.

Via Style Forum

Via Style Forum


The show runs through April 18, it looks like it would be great fun to see. Read more about it at the FIT site, or visit the Saks blog, POV, they did a post on the exhibit here.


Today’s other fun topic involves Sunday’s Big Event. (The Academy Awards.) Our pals across the pond at The Telegraph have put together a slide show of the 25 Best Oscar Dresses of All Time, and I wasted an extraordinary amount of time looking at each and every one made a quick flip through the photos.  Remember Julia Roberts in her vintage Valentino? (1999, Erin Brockovich.)

Via The Telegraph

Via The Telegraph

Or that petal pink Ralph Lauren worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 1999? (The year she won for Shakespeare in Love.)

Via The Telegraph

Via The Telegraph

Elizabeth Taylor wore Christian Dior in 1960.

Via The Telegraph

Via The Telegraph

It’s a fun compilation, although an awful lot of the frocks are quite recent, we’re not entirely in sync with many of the choices.  Here’s a link to the entire piece.

We’ll see you next week, may your weekends be fun and fabulous!



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2 responses to “Friday Fun of The Footwear Kind

  1. Hi! Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the completely unnecessary thank you note you penned and mailed. Weren’t you aware that it has been declared that emailed thank you notes are sufficient? 😉 At least according to the most recent book on Modern Manners I read by a man from the UK. I was horrified by that concept myself when I read it. I bought the book thinking if anyone had a more civilized view of today’s “modern” etiquette it would be the Brits but no….there it was for all the world to see. Not long after that, I was buzzing around my favorite stationers’ site and thought I’d drop in at Mrs. John L. Strong’s just to check on how the new owners were keeping the name alive and low and behold I spied…boxes of engraved notes (Engraved! and by the boxful!) on which were written, “Please excuse my behavior” (and the rest of the card is blank). Six of these charming notes go for $75. You must be mighty sorry to need to purchase these. You also must be a drunk who misbehaves fairly often if you need an entire box of these; engraved no less. Or is this another case of, as Rona Barrett, or Liz Smith, or one of those New York wags says at the end of her column, “only in New York, kids, only in New York.”

    I was under the impression all these years Mrs. Strong’s was a bastion of good taste and impeccable manners. But apparently she’s dead, retired. Or stroked out when she heard an employee suggest those might be needed or were being requested by a large number of her customers. I could not believe it. I would love to ask my mentor, Judith Martin (Miss Manners) what she thinks of that! I’ll tell you what: when I finally open my stationery shop, I will definitely print some of my own for the Palm Beach crowd. Only I’ll employ a list of behaviors that one can check off as needed. I regret I was: so drunk my head fell into my soup at your black-tie dinner party last night. : broke your priceless Meissen figurines. :pinched your maid/butler’s bottom. :was such a dreadful houseguest by destroying your Manuel Canovas beach towels :let my Peek-a-poo urinate on your Aubuisson rug. I am sure I could not keep them in stock!

    I was actually looking for the note set I saw on a UK site called Gift Lab. They have the most unusual, coolest upscale collection of gifts. They offered from the aforementioned Mrs. Strong note folders reading “Sex Goddess” engraved in gold. They were fabulous. They also had, get this, fill-in-the-blank thank you notes for children for birthday presents. How rude is that! Thank you for the ________. I’m not kidding. Check out the site. You’ll be amazed. And maybe inspired to come up with your own designs for yourselves. The pink ballerina en pointe stationery is to die for!

    Myself, I’m favoring Dempsey and Carroll over Crane & Co. these days. Since they changed hands, they are very eager to please. Not like Crane. Crane has gotten too high & mighty for my tastes and they’re just not the only game in town that does fine work.

    Well, it’s been nice having my cuppa Earl Grey with you this morning. I just shot off an email to Kerry Taylor Auction seeking to purchase a catalog for the upcoming 19 March auction of 10 of Princess Diana’s most famous dresses. Just to add to my Diana memorabilia collection as an investment. I’ll put it next to my auction catalog from the Jackie O auction I will sell someday. And my Meet the Beatles press kit from their first American tour. I have some original Springsteen black & white photos from the “Born to Run” Tour and a press shot of “The Police.”

    Take good care. Thank you for putting a smile on my face with your personal touch.

    Best to you and yours, Anna

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