J. Crew Fall 2013 & Banana Joe

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Despite being pathetically rabid moderately interested in fashion it has felt increasingly bizarre to chat about styles for winter as we approach spring, and looks for spring as we approach fall. Thus, we’ve not written much about Fashion Week, underway for several days now. Yet today seems like a good time to share a few images, we begin with J. Crew’s collection for next fall.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

Tailored pieces ruled the collection.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

There were plenty of clean lines and elegant details. (Although yours truly refuses to even consider cold weather dress shorts of that length. Not happening. Ever.)

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

More from Women’s Wear Daily’s review:

“the… collection was one of the brand’s most vibrant, ornate and expensive-looking in a while.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

It’s always nice to see bright pops of color in cold weather clothing.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

From Fab Sugar’s writeup:

J. Crew turned it up to 11 for Fall 2013, thanks to creative director Jenna Lyons’s deft touch with color and pattern mixing. Neon citron mingled with bubblegum pink, while a clean Winter-white sweater and pants provided a palate cleanser.

The just-mentioned winter whites. (Is it me, or does the image below left look photoshopped on the model?)

J.Crew Courtesy Images

J.Crew Courtesy Images

And Fashionista‘s review:

The retailer’s fall 2013 collection was so rich in saturated jewel tones, so boldly printed, so unabashedly covered in shimmering embellishments, it was truly eye candy.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

Some of the richer colors actually popped more in pictures shot by the fashion media than in the images released by Crew.

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

Steve Eichner/Women’s Wear Daily

The navy played nicely against the royal blue and teal tones.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

Back to Fashionista:

The retailer puts out a quirky, mix-and-match collection of looks that manage to excite the fashion set and the masses.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

More from Women’s Wear Daily:

After last season’s show, Tom Mora, J. Crew’s head of women’s design, took a big vacation and returned to his fall drawing board. “What to do? What to do?” he wondered. Luckily, he had been in Marrakech, where he observed the city’s colors, textures and stylistic mix of djellaba worn under tailored blazers. This mix-and-match ethos dovetailed seamlessly with what J. Crew is about…”

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

The Moroccan influences are easy to see in these looks.

J. Crew Courtesy Images

J. Crew Courtesy Images

As has become the norm with Crew, there were several pieces that held promise, others were just too fashion forward for someone like your trusty scribe, prone to embracing her inner frump. (Heh-Heh-Heh.) Or perhaps I’m just too fixated on springtime styles from Crew, like the fresh crop of cashmere.

J. Crew

J. Crew


We also have a fast glance at styles from Carolina Herrera.

Caroline Herreras Fall 2013 Robert Mitra WWD

There was very much a forties vibe to the collection.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 3 Looks


Also today, a quick update on Monday’s post about the Westminster Dog Show. Last night the show’s big winner was chosen, and well… he’s not so big! Say hello to Banana Joe.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Facebook Page

Banana Joe is an Affenpinscher. The breed has been recognized by the WKC since 1938, but this is the first year an Affenpinscher has won the coveted title. If nothing else, how do you not love a name like “Banana Joe”?


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7 responses to “J. Crew Fall 2013 & Banana Joe

  1. I’m happy to see J.Crew step back in off the ledge a little bit from the almost psychotic color and patterns mixes they’ve been pushing the last few seasons. These ensembles are still fun and a bit cheeky, but at least look more coordinated and coherent.

  2. MCW

    I do like the JCrew fall collection (for the most part,) but the way they pair some of their clothing together is so bizarre! Banana Joe is freaking adorable!

  3. Hannah Holliday


  4. Good old j.crew – Never fails to impress! Like you, I’m looking forward to spring styles right now and will definitely be adding more cashmere cardis to my collection! Plus some scalloped flats!

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. I actually like most of the J Crew collection, very smart, a little retro and very sophisticated even if some of the combinations are a little zany..somehow they work! Love the all gray and all winter white ensembles, stunning!
    That Banana Joe is too cute for his own good:)

  6. I saw that The Sartorialist likened this collection to the god, Dries van Noten. I love the idea of these two threads weaving – feels like an education on how to dress creatively but with dignity.

  7. I can honestly say I dislike every single one of those Jcrew pics. Every. Single. One. The styling is the worst part. I don’t get it. Maybe I am too old or too conservative or too un-cool but I just don’t see the beauty is any of that hot mess-o-thread. Bleh.


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