7 responses to “Of Reinvention and Repositioning

  1. I used to really love Coach shoes- they were nice quality, classic styles that looked great in an office. I had a few pairs of pumps and ballet flats. I’d be interested in trying them again- nothing has been remotely “classic” or interesting in their shoe line for years….but I’ll be waiting for them to go on sale at Macy’s or Nordstrom before I give them a 2nd try.

  2. I struggle with Coach. I hated {and continue} to hate their logo-mania items. I really love the new heritage pieces. They’re gorgeous and at least appear to be well-made.

    But, not to be a total snob, if I’m going to spend $500 on a bag, I’d rather just spend a few hundred more and get a bag that has a little more cache. Coach really ran their good name into the ground and I have a hard time paying $500 for something that I still mentally associate with some serious ugly!

  3. I love Coach’s new Legacy pieces– they really do resemble the Coach bags from 20+ years ago that my aunt left me. I was excited to see that that was the direction they were headed in again, but I don’t think $400-500 Coach bags are going to fly. There are many other brands I would spend that amount on first, ones I know aren’t going to throw in some crazy graffiti logos like we have now all witnessed a certain brand do.

  4. I used to love Coach bags. They were timeless, well-made, and well priced for something that was still a luxury item. I had quite a few of their purses and loved them. Then it all went to pot. It seemed like they were trying to attract a younger and flashier demographic and I got turned off with the giant Cs everywhere and all of the gaudiness and sequins. I missed the days of the understated, solid color leather totes. I am very excited to see that they are returning to their roots, but I agree with Belle oh Heels. I can not see myself paying $500+ for a Coach bag. I’d rather put that money towards an LV or Kate Spade purse. I think probably $300 would be my cut off for a Coach price point.

  5. I am still confused about JCP.The rebranding and sales and all that is too much for me!

  6. Happy Coach is improving and moving beyond some of the hideous looks it became famous for (go figure) I never “got it”. The new streamlined no logo look is so much sleeker and more appealing. Love the flats too. JCP might have a hard time, I never thought that campaign would work and its kind of hard to come back now, but much luck to them.
    Wishing you a fabulous day!

  7. I truly hope that Coach recovers. I saw some bags they were doing with customizable options, including tassels, that seemed to occupy a good niche. I don’t have the same loyalty to JCP. As for St. John’s I always WANT to like their stuff, but it never quite works for me. If the new line is going to offer dress-up shorts, I fear we shall not be forging a long relationship in the new venture either;).

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