Gwyneth + Butter London, Hermès + Bazaar, Le Bal Crillon des Débutantes

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday.

We’ve just a few morsels to share, beginning with word about yet more design and/or product collaborations. The first is a little different from others we have reported on, this one is a partnership between Hermès and Harper’s Bazaar.  More accurately, the collaboration is with the magazine’s e-commerce site, Shop Bazaar.  More from Women’s Wear Daily:

Hermès clings to exclusivity the way a monarch clings to power, which makes the French luxury brand’s debut Thursday on, Harper’s Bazaar’s e-commerce site, unusual — not that a magazine selling product on its Web site isn’t unusual enough. For the first time, Hermès will sell its products on a Web site other than its own.

The products Hermès will sell on the magazine’s site? Shoes, six different styles.

Courtesy Photo via

As Hermès fans know, the storied company has only just flirted with footwear; executives are hopeful the partnership with Bazaar will expose its shoe line to a broader audience than it would normally have for a product launch.

There are other Hermès partnerships, recently we heard about scarves the brand asked legendary Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo to create. The scarves are due out in February, we show one of Kawakubo motifs below, has more.

Courtesy Image via Styleite

In the same vein, we had nary a clue über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow is doing a nail polish line with Butter London.

More from Refinery 29:

The star’s signature lifestyle site, Goop, got together with one of our fave nail polish brands to create three picture-perfect, holiday-ready shades that we can’t wait to get on our hands.

The shades are titled with typically Goop-y charm: Hampstead Heath, Bread & Butter Pudding, and Abso-bloody-lutely. They all sound like perfect stocking-stuffers, if you ask us!

Nail polish really does make a great small gift or stocking stuffer, the set is available in Ms. Paltrow’s GOOP store:


The most minimal of investigations reveals that GOOP is laden with all manner of design partnerships, I do feel like the last person on the planet to know this fact. Below, one of those collaborative items, the Rag & Bone Bromley Knit Blazer, $495.

Now, Rag & Bone make some wonderful apparel, they can do exquisite tailoring. There are plenty of other items to contemplate, pop in and take a gander yourself.


Our other topic today, the annual Le Bal Crillon des Débutantes, also known as the Crillon Debutante Ball.

Ophélie Renouard Facebook

Above, this year’s 25 young ladies at the Crillon on Saturday.

Below we see several of the young ladies, including Bronwen Carter ( daughter of Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair’s editor) on the far right, she is a student at the university of Pennsylvania. Sophia-Rose, Sylvester Stallone’s 16-year-old daughter, is second from the right. Also in the mix this year, Roseanna Arquette’s daughter Zoe Bleu Sidel, she is on the left of the picture.

Guest of a Guest

A closer look at Ms. Sidel and her party frock.

Fashionista (l) / Tatler (r)

As with most of these functions, there are always proud parents, below Ms. Arquette and Mr. Stallone.

Via Madame Le Figaro

Another proud parent, Mr. Carter and his daughter Bronwen.

Via Fashionista

With this particular function the primary fun comes in looking at those pretty party dresses. Below, identical twins Miyuki and Ikue Uramune of Tokyo in elegant floral prints, both of those gowns are Valentino Haute Couture, on the far right we see Lan Vy Tran.

Via Guest of a Guest

Here is another look at those gorgeous Valentino dresses.

Via Fashionista

And another look at Lan Vy Tran’s dramatic dress by Jan Taminiau.


Many will recognize Celine Buckens, the Belgian-born actress starred in “War Horse,” we see her below on the arm of her escort (aka “Cavalier’) Leopold Coppieters Gibson, she is wearing Christophe Josse Haute Couture.

Via Tatler

Another actress made her début, Christa Brittany Allen of hit TV show Revenge.


Miss Allen wore Dior Haute Couture.

Also taking part, shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin, most (if not all) of the debs were wearing Louboutins.

Madame Le Figaro

As we have previously mentioned, this particular function has become highly commercialized. It seems most everything is sponsored, from the shoes to the jewelry to the stylists and even the Hotel. There also appears to be a growing Hollywood contingent. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of this, it’s just quite removed from traditional coming out galas.


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6 responses to “Gwyneth + Butter London, Hermès + Bazaar, Le Bal Crillon des Débutantes

  1. Your Highness! You just slay me! Your high fashion coverage is fabulous: I take off my tiara to you for today’s post! Especially for pointing out what a sad affair Lé Crillon has shriveled down to with all this sponsoring and what-not! I wonder if certain mothers still want their daughters to debut there or if we are returning to the times when a debut was handled by one’s family in one’s own city? Our reader, the Southern Belle and etiquette expert, Miss Kitty, (please forgive me if I have forgotten your name: I’m still recovering from serious oxygen deprivation a year ago) has a comment?

  2. Love all the glamour here……the girls look stunning! I am happy to see this tradition alive and well. Enjoy your day!

  3. I always look forward to the pictures from the Crillon Ball, but as you mentioned it’s not what it once was.


    Ditto the sentiments on the Crillon Ball. The Valentino gowns are pretty, but some of the girls have some pretty…….unfortunate-looking…dresses.

  5. In a terribly old-fashioned way, I don’t like actually like to see such fancy and expensive dresses on such young women. 😦 There’s a time for that, and I think it’s later. Much later. At their age I prefer the traditional.

  6. I agree with Lisa’s comment. I think I just wish Le Crillon was still as demure and delicate as it once was even just a decade ago. However, those Valentino gowns are incredible.

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