That Target Neiman Marcus Collection & Ralph Lauren Rugby Stores Closing

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a new week.

Today we take a look at a few store openings and closings, as well as items from the Neiman Marcus for Target lookbook, hopefully the latter isn’t repetitive for too many of our treasured readers, I know some may have already viewed most of the products.

A brief primer on the collection, the line launches December 1st at Neimans and Targét, and also online. There are 50+ products priced from $7.99 to $499.99. Below, the Tory Burch Thermos ($25) and Lunchbag ($20).

Tory Burch for Target/Neiman Marcus

A Princess fave, Carolina Herrera, has created items for the line; below, a set of three 100% cotton pique printed cosmetic bags, $39.99.

Carolina Herrera for Target/Neiman Marcus

This next item is one I really liked, a Prabal Gurung wool-blend cape, it will be $99.

Prabal Gurung for Target/Neiman Marcus

Many are familiar with designer Jason Wu, these two dresses are the first pieces he has done for girls, both will be $59.99.

Neiman Marcus

Two more styles for the tiny Princess at your Palace are by Marchesa. The deep fuchsia dress is almost identical to what flower girls at Georgina Chapman’s wedding wore, Ms. Chapman is half of the design duo behind the label, it will be $79.99. The off-white dress with hand-beading is $99.99.

Marchesa for Target/Neiman Marcus

Two very chic styles for grown-up girls are by Robert Rodriguez, the Chantilly lace party frock will sell for $99.99 and the georgette blouse at $79.99.

Robert Rodriguez for Target/Neiman Marcus

Thom Browne is one of TP’s favorite punching bags a noted designer in his own right who also does the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection, he has created men’s ($149.99) and women’s ($129.99) pure wool blazers for the collection.

Thom Browne for Target/Neiman Marcus

There are a lot of very attractive elegant and/or cute items, but some of the price points seem odd for Target shoppers. The most obvious item is the $499 bicycle from Alice and Olivia.

Alice + Olivia for Target/Neiman Marcus

Of course, the bicycles will sell out, either to those purchasing them to re-sell at a profit or to collectors. But even this $49.99 set of ornaments by Jason Wu seems out of sync for the cheap chic retailer.

Jason Wu for Target/Neiman Marcus

Regardless of personal reactions to the collection, it must be said one of the big upsides to the collaboration is the $1,000,000 donation being made to the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

You can see the entire lookbook at either the Target or Neiman Marcus sites.


Here are the other retail updates we referenced:

  • Rugby stores will be closing as of February 2nd, more from the brand’s Facebook page: “Ralph Lauren Corporation has made the strategic decision to close Rugby stores and the ecommerce site. The stores and site will remain open and operational until the close of business on February 2nd.”
  • Another quasi-prep brand, Aubin and Wills of the UK, is also shuttering.  The label was launched four years ago by the much lower priced Jack Wills, it was targeted at an older customer and also had higher prices.

Atlanta-bases Spanx brand has opened its first retail stores, at a spot we love to visit, Tyson’s Corner in Virginia.

Adrian Wilson via WaPo

There will also be a Spanx store at Hartsfield, but not for at least a year.

This may also be old news for many, after much buzzing in the fashion trades, it is official: Kate Spade is launching a new line next year called ‘Saturday‘.

Saturday by Kate Spade

Not only does it look like pieces will have the same bright, whimsical Kate Spade touches we like so much, word is they will cost about 50% less.  We show looks from the new line below.

Saturday by Kate Spade

In addition to lower price points the new label is also targeting a younger demo, here are handbags from Saturday.

Saturday by Kate Spade

Several more accessories from the soon-to-launch brand.

Saturday by Kate Spade


 We leave you with one thought!



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9 responses to “That Target Neiman Marcus Collection & Ralph Lauren Rugby Stores Closing

  1. MCW

    What! I love Rugby stores! I guess there always seem pretty empty. I’ll be voting!!

  2. I am all for Kate Spade inspired designs at a lower price point!

  3. I was so disappointed to hear the news about Rugby. It’s easily one of my favorite brands; preppy yet quirky, their styles frequently appeal to me and their price point certainly does. I’ll be sad to see it go, and I’ll surely be stocking up before February 2. (If I don’t buy out the University Place store when I’m in NYC over Thanksgiving!)

    As for Kate Spade Saturday, I have mixed feelings on it so far. I wrote a post when the news dropped about it, and I feel that it’s a very smart financial move on Fifth & Pacific’s part. However, I’m concerned about quality too.

  4. I like the Tory Burch lunch items. A Kate Spade at a lower price will be awesome!

  5. Are you from the Northern Virginia area? I was curious when I saw your comment about the Spanx store in Galleria. (Galleria is also opening a Lilly Pulitzer and a Henri Bendel! Pretty excited.)

  6. No, not from the area, I used to go several times a year on business, love that place! Lucky you, being so close! 🙂

  7. LOVE some of the Target stuff, but geez — a $500 bike from Target?! That’s just crazy to me.

  8. I’m actually hyperventilating just looking at that wool blazer!

  9. It’s been way to long since I’ve been here. I can’t believe the fabulous stuff coming out from Target, my favorite store. I may have to get that little red dress for a friend’s child. Too cute. Hope all is well in your little part of the world.

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