Mad Men Season 6 Hits Hawaii, Brad Pitt’s Perfume Predicament and That Frankenstorm

Hello-Hello and welcome to a weekend.

Today we just have a few items to share, beginning with a Mad Men update. Following are some photos via

I love seeing Megan sporting a vintage Vera Neumann bathing suit coverup. (See center photo, lower right by her left hand.) We love our original Vera treasures buried lord knows where here at the Prepatorium, but for those not crazy about vintage goodies, Crate and Barrel is now offering some of the designer’s patterns on kitchen linens.

As always, Don is looking dapper, but is his jacket tugging just a bit…hmmm?

Tom and Lorenzo

More on the beach scenes from the IB Times:

…fans can get a sneak peak of some of the glamorous costumes from the sixth season, most notably some of Don and Megan’s newest beach wear. In several of the photos, snapped on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Paré sports a bright purple string bikini, while Hamm wears colorful seashell-print board shorts.

In some photos, the Draper couple stand looking out at the ocean, while in others they stretch in the sand and Megan gazes at Don from behind round, Iris Apfel-esque sunglasses.

More photos via Tom and Lorenzo.

Tom and Lorenzo

Back to

And what better place for a struggling couple to work out their marital kinks than Hawaii? Yes, despite the unfortunate Howard Johnson’s Incident of 1967, Don and Megan seem to be all smiles in the Aloha State, happily lounging in psychedelic swimwear on a beach in Maui.

One dark note, though. Don is apparently devouring a copy of Dante’s Inferno. Unusual beach reading, huh?

This content shared only in the interest of journalism. Really.


Then there is this.


For those not familiar with this one, we’re talking about the Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 ads.  The actor is the first man to pitch the perfume, previously only women were used in the brand’s advertising campaigns.

But it’s not so much that a man is in the spots, oh no. Nor is it that Mr. Pitt was paid $7 million to appear in the comercials. The ads have other issues. Like the look. The content. The words. The delivery. The lighting. The list goes on and on. A little more background from the LA Times:

Let’s start by discussing the original, titled “There You Are.” The black and white ad features Mr. Angelina Jolie, long-maned and bearded, clad in a collared button-down and standing in a corner. Hands in pockets, dignity in the dirt, Pitt proceeds to discuss … nothing in particular. Here’s the text:

“It’s not a journey. Every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.”

Before Coco C. could crawl out of her Swiss tomb and say “Huh?” the folks at “SNL” spotted a hit.

If you don’t trust us, click here to watch just one of Saturday Night Live’s versions of the TV ad.

NBC Saturday Night Live

You can also click here and scroll down for more of the SNL parodies.  Or try this one, shown below.

Chanel No. 5 Parody You Tube

Or this one, perhaps The Consort’s fave. Silly Consort.


We are hoping that by the time you see our post this won’t be spiraling out of control.

NY Post

Unfortunately things are looking nasty. The storm approaching parts of the East Coast, particularly New York, is being dubbed a “Frankenstorm”.  More from the Post:

Government forecasters today upped the odds of a major weather mess, now saying there’s a 90 percent chance that the East will get steady gale-force winds, heavy rain, flooding and maybe snow starting Sunday and stretching past Halloween on Wednesday.

Meteorologists say it is likely to cause $1 billion in damages.

Things aren’t looking very good in this NASA satellite image.

Reuters via Politico

From MarketWatch:

…computer models are now showing a storm so intense that it would break 100-plus year weather records for the most intense pressure readings ever recorded throughout nearly all of the Mid-Atlantic region northward into New York City and Long Island.

Thus we close by sending good thoughts and prayers to friends, family and all impacted by the storm.



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4 responses to “Mad Men Season 6 Hits Hawaii, Brad Pitt’s Perfume Predicament and That Frankenstorm

  1. mona

    Yum! Thank you for today’s eye candy. I needed that. :o)

  2. Thank you for sharing the SNL parody. Made my day. I had to turn the original off before I felt too bad for Brad.

  3. Anonymous

    7 Million for that. ( Brad)..people are homeless,sick,looking for jobs.etc. I think people have gone crazy…

  4. Hm shirtless Don Draper….
    *stumbles around all swoony, narrowly missing the doorframe*

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