That Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog & Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Thursday. Did anyone else read about this, or discover it in their mailbox?

Neiman Marcus

The annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has arrived. (We no longer call it a ‘catalog,’ apparently that is old school. Ahem.)

Notwithstanding the less-than-exciting cover, it is always fun to browse the pages and gaze at some of the amazing items, stratospherically out of reach as they may be.  The spectacular “His and Hers” gifts have been toned down, and a philanthropic element has been added, probably to offset the conspicuous consumption issue.  There are nuanced signs that over the top displays remain louche, circumstances have not dramatically improved for many, and flashing one’s trinkets is not a good idea.  (Of course, for many of us it never has been a good idea, but that is a discussion for another day.)

This year’s most expensive gift: the Van Cleef & Arpels “Poetic Wish” watches. The timepieces feature stunning enameled dials, and engineering marvels too complicated for my little pea brain to comprehend. The watch straps are pearl gray moiré silk for her and navy alligator for him.

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2012

In addition to the stunning watches the buyer receives two sets of tickets, one to Geneva for private tours of Van Cleef & Arpels studio and workshops, the other tickets are for Paris.  Pricing for this gift starts at $1,090,000, as with all of this year’s His and Her gifts, a donation to a charitable cause is part of the purchase. In this case $10,000 will go to the Norman Mailer Center, which supports writers who challenge readers’ perspectives on the world around them.

Other items offered in the Fantasy Gift category include a Walk-on Role in Annie.

Neiman Marcus

This will only set you back $30,000 and proceeds from the gift will be donated to the Pedigree Foundation and the Pajama Program.

Personal favorites here at the Prepatorium are transportation related. I like the Bulleit Whiskey Woody Tailgate Trailer, ideal for posh partying and only $150,000 and the Personal Jet Pack, it is a mere $99,000 and just what I need to get across the moat when the Palace is hit with bad weather or the Minions refuse to operate the drawbridge.

Neiman Marcus 2012 Christmas Book

Here is another angle showing the Tailgate Trailer, it comes with its own sound system and stocked bar, The Consort would *love* this.

Greenwich Time

This year Neimans is offering another fancypants car, some readers may remember that last year the vehicle was a 2012 Ferrari; only ten of the specialty cars were available for purchase, all ten were gone in less than an hour.

Neiman Marcus via Motor Trend

This year’s motoring gift is a 2013 McLaren 12C Spider, only 12 will be available for purchase.  More from the item description:
The 2013 Neiman Marcus Edition McLaren 12C Spider in Volcano Red includes limited-edition features and a McLaren luggage set. Plus, you’ll receive a business-class trip to England for a VIP dinner with McLaren Chairman Ron Dennis and a tour of the McLaren Technology Center (February 6-8, 2013).
The car runs $354,000.
Another element many of us oldsters find intriguing, the Christmas book app, here are details from the NM snooze news release:
The 2012 Christmas Book features an interactive component for each of the fantasy gifts. A free NM ACTION! app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store or A reader can then snap a photo of the cover or a fantasy gift page and the image will instantly come to life, uploading a video or more detailed information.
Fantasy gifts aside, the catalog continues to reflect These Difficult Times, austerity remains a challenge for many shoppers.  The retailer is not oblivious, this year 40% of the gifts are priced at $250 or less.  If shopping online one can look at items grouped by price, like “Gifts $100 or Less,” where you will find things like the Kate Spade Mugs ($20 each) and Travel Alarm Clocks ($44).

Neiman Marcus

There is a lot to look at, but the overall sense of the catalog (I’m sorry, I am struggling with calling it a ‘book’)  seems a bit lost, not sure if its socially acceptable to tempt those with oodles of disposable income while also doing the right thing from a social perspective.

Our other topic today involves a movie that fascinates your faithful correspondent, although it seems that I am woefully behind the times yet again on the popular culture front.  Evidently there has been significant coverage on the topic, although I only heard about it yesterday.  Memo to self: must get out of the cave more frequently.)
Grace of Monaco stars Nicole Kidman as the late actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.  The first photos of Ms. Kidman in the role were released yesterday.


More on the film from Australia’s

Capturing the glacial beauty and elegance of Kelly, this is the first look at Kidman as the famous blonde princess she plays in Grace of Monaco which is set to be released in 2014.

The $15.8 million movie follows Kelly during the 1960s when her husband, Prince Rainier III, and French President Charles De Gaulle were battling over Monaco’s status as a tax-haven.

Shooting is underway in the the South of France, below we see Ms. Kidman in costume again.

Via Just Jared

Kidman wears a short blonde wig for the role (we like it!), and will likely don a variety of vintage looks (like the yellow jacket she wore Tuesday) throughout filming. Kelly was known for her classic sense of style and often flamboyant hats, which we can’t wait to see.
So…. how do we feel about Nicole as Grace?


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9 responses to “That Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog & Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

  1. BroncoMom

    My mind searches unsuccessfully for a more lovelier actress to fill the role of the beautiful Princess Grace. This will be on my must see list of movies.

  2. But wait! I want the navy watch!


  3. But but but…we *are* old school…it’s a catalogue.

    Nicole Kidman isn’t my favourite but it will be interesting to see what she does with this role. I am looking forward to seeing the movie!

  4. I had no idea there was a Princess Grace movie in the works! While Kidman wouldn’t be the first actress that springs to mind, there’s something about her regal bearing that might just make her perfect for this. I’m intrigued.

    That’s an interesting pickle NM finds itself in, that internal battle between the nouveau riche and reality. Whichever category it falls it, I covet that tailgate trailer.

  5. This American Wife

    I was thinking Kate Bosworth might be more of a good fit for that role. But, maybe she’s not tall enough?

  6. I just know I will not like it because I don’t think anybody nowadays is beautiful enough to play Grace. I’m always uncomfortable with biopics anyway ….

  7. My fiancé and I were quite enthralled with the bourbon trailer as well!

  8. I’m out of my cave quite often and I hadn’t heard about this Grace Kelly movie. Nicole Kidman is so beautiful. It’s a good choice.
    As far as the Neiman Marcus CATALOG is concerned, it’s always ridiculous but a very good thumb through. I’ll have to check it out online. May make a good blog post?

  9. Bboss

    My parents just happen to be vacationing on the coast of France (some life, huh) and they say the filming is going on there instead of Monaco because it looks like Monaco in the 1960’s.

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