Jonathan Adler Fabric (Oh Yes!) and A Famous Pageant Dad

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week, hopefully everyone enjoyed the weekend.

We begin today with a look at the just launched Jonathan Adler for Kravet line of fabric and trims.

‘Inspired Talk’ Kravet Blog

The partnership between Mr. Adler and Kravet was announced last spring, but the goods are just rolling out now.  As one would expect, there is a broad range of colors and patterns.

Jonathan Adler for Kravet

You can see how lovely the blue and turquoise palette is in this room decorated for the Hamptons Designer Showhouse this summer.

Via L.A. Design Concepts

A few swatches.

Via House Fabric

A closer look at a bench covered in the fabric.

L.A. Design Concepts

There are a number of palettes, all of them rich and vibrant, just like most things you’ll see at Jonathan Adler.

Via Tassels Home Design Facebook Page

The collection includes coordinating trim, some of which you can see in the photo above, as well as in this next image.

Kravet Inspired Talk Blog

This pile of pillows nicely shows off many of the colorful motifs.

Kravet Inspired Design Blog

It’s no secret we are a bit gaga for Mr. Adler’s designs, carrying many of them at the Princess, seeing the new collection merely adds fuel to that fire.  Sigh.


Next on our hit parade, word of a new book, below you see the ‘covers’ for both the print and Kindle versions of “Caddy Tales” by Scott Werner.

Mr. Werner caddies at the East Hampton GC, he now has a book out telling tales from the course. More from the Daily News:

Teeing off on the dim duffers in a new tell-all is Scott Werner, 48, who left his finance job 11 years ago to pursue his love of golf — as a caddy at the exclusive East Hamptons Golf Club, where members include Jeff Zucker, Jason Kidd, Lloyd Blankfein, Lorne Michaels and Mort Zuckerman.

At the 18-hole, members-only Hamptons course, where the starting fee alone is $400,000, millionaires pay a high price to play golf out of the public eye

Hmmmm. From the minimal reviews on Amazon and other places methinks this does not make the list.


Our final tidbit today involves a video that had yours truly cackling aloud. Really.  Behold, Tom Hanks sewing his daughter’s pink dress for an upcoming pageant.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Now, it’s possible The Consort and I are the only two humans who hadn’t yet seen this piece from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. After all, it originally aired in January. (Of 2011.)

The Jimmy Kimmel Show

The best I can do is say we lead a sheltered existence (cough-cough) and recommend you click either of the screen grabs shown above or this link and enjoy the video.

That’s it until next time!



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4 responses to “Jonathan Adler Fabric (Oh Yes!) and A Famous Pageant Dad

  1. Great post! I am going to order the book for my Mr. for Christmas. Just watched the Youtube. So funny – sent it to my girls at college.

  2. Tom Hanks is the best!

  3. Be still my heart – I can have Jonathan Adler curtains?! I know a window who needs these.

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