Is There A Downton Abbey Prequel In The Works? Also, Prep Style Onesies

Hello-Hello and welcome to a new week.

We’ve a few Bits and Bytes today, beginning with word about Downton Abbey.  More from the Arts Beat blog by the NY Times:

“Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes is writing a prequel that recounts how the couple first met, the BBC reported Friday.

While currently writing in book form, Mr. Fellowes said at the Bafta Screenwriters’ Lecture series, a TV adaptation is expected.

Season 3 is already running in the UK, but the series doesn’t air in this country until Jan. 6. (If inclined to watch it now, just do a search for “Downton Season 3 streaming US”.)

Nick Briggs/ITV for “Masterpiece”

A BBC story offers more details about the possibility of a prequel, quoting Mr. Fellowes:

“I do actually have an idea of doing a prequel of the courtship of Robert and Cora, when all those American heiresses were arriving in London.

“They had a slightly troubled courtship, because she was in love with him before they married, as we know, and he married her entirely for her money,” said Fellowes…..

Mr. Fellowes also shared that younger actors would portray Lord and Lady Grantham, the roles now played by Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern.  Should he follow through on the prequel idea, it wouldn’t be until the original Downton Abbey show ends. More from the BBC story:

The prequel may also provide an opportunity to take the drama to America, where Downton Abbey has proved equally popular – picking up an Emmy for Britain’s Dame Maggie Smith earlier this week.

This one could be entertaining.


Also today, a look at a brand we weren’t familiar with, the Chirp Shop.

The Chirp Shop

The company was founded by Adrienne Hofmann following a challenging shopping trip for 4 shower gifts, Adrienne couldn’t find anything she really liked for gifts.  The idea for onesies with collars was born and the company launched shortly after that shopping expedition.

The Chirp Shop

Ms. Hoffman knows her polo shirts, more from a story in the Litchfield County Times:

“I went to a prep school, it has been part of my life. I took that and tried to make it unique and jazz it up,” said Ms. Hofmann, who is a graduate of Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury and lives in the Naugatuck Valley.

Chirp began as a line centered on a basic staple in anyone’s wardrobe—the polo shirt—according to her Web site. The style is plain, simple, classic and clean.

The brand also offers a limited dress line, this is the Madras Chirp Dress.

The Chirp Shop

The pieces look darling, hopefully the Chirp Shop will thrive and grow.

That’s all for today, goodbye until next time!



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3 responses to “Is There A Downton Abbey Prequel In The Works? Also, Prep Style Onesies

  1. Oh, please say yes to the prequel!

  2. I LOVE Downton Abbey and I’m trying to not watch before January as I don’t want to catch up so soon that I have to wait forever for the next season! I think I shall fail. Those onesies are adorable.

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