JK Rowling’s Latest & Aerin Lauder’s Shoe Line

Hello and happy Thursday, today we begin with a literary note.

I would hazard a guess that many of our treasured readers have read J. K. Rowling’s work, the Harry Potter books. (Once again yours truly shows how tragically unhip she is, acknowledging that nary a word by the author has been read here at The Prepatorium.) At any rate, today a new work by the author was released.

JK Rowling

The Casual Vacancy is the first book by Ms. Rowling targeted at an adult audience. The book is already at #1 on almost every bestseller list, its publication has prompted an amazingly high level of press for the book and its author. More about Ms. Rowling and her stature from the Guardian:

In the 15 years since she published her first Harry Potter, Rowling has become both universally known and almost unrecognisable. The scruffy redhead who used to write in the cafes of Leith has slowly transformed into a glossy couture blonde, unknowable behind an impregnable sheen of wealth and control. Once a penniless single mother, she became the first person on earth to make $1bn by writing books, but her rare public appearances suggested a faint ice maiden quality

The author is extremely popular with readers, her Facebook page has almost 400,000 fans.

JK Rowling Facebook Page

Why might Princess readers enjoy this one? Back to the Guardian’s story.

Like so many British novels, The Casual Vacancy is inescapably about class. “We’re a phenomenally snobby society,” Rowling nods, “and it’s such a rich seam. The middle class is so funny, it’s the class I know best, and it’s the class where you find the most pretension, so that’s what makes the middle classes so funny.”

Most reviewers caution this is not another Harry Potter book, far from it.

The book might surprise some readers expecting another Potter novel.

Press materials have described the tome as “blackly comic,” while The New Yorker called the description of one family “ostentatiously unremitting: drugs, prostitution, the stink of diapers.” In addition, many of the characters (teens especially) are troubled, and one mother is a heroin addict.

From the Associated Press review:

So look, here’s the thing: This. Is. Not. A. Children’s. Book. If you’re looking for what made Harry Potter magical – Wizards! Spells! Flying Broomsticks! — you’re not going to find it. If you’re looking for what makes J.K. Rowling magical — emotion, heart — you will.

Not everyone is praising the book, below a portion of the NY Daily News review:

The Casual Vacancy, which one bookseller breathlessly predicted would be the biggest novel of the year, isn’t dreadful. It’s just dull. …

Hmmmm. This is one I have been fascinated by. Thoughts ladies? Does anyone have it on their “must read” list?


Today’s other tidbit involves the new collections from Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estée Lauder.

Aerin Beauty via EsteeLauder.com

Many of us have admired Ms. Lauder’s understated style and easy elegance over the years, now her initial range of cosmetics has launched on the site bearing the family’s nameplate, Estee Lauder.  The limited lines have color palettes titled Weekday and Weekend, although some items have already sold out.

Aerin Beauty via EsteeLauder.com

The young entrepreneur will continue to consult for the family’s beauty brand, but is also launching other collections, including footwear. Below, two of the styles that will be available next spring.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

More on the upcoming line from Women’s Wear Daily.

“It’s very much about the woman who is juggling many different things. There are not as many of those high, high, high unwearable shoes.”

The line will hit retail in March and is being targeted to major department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, Lauder said. Nordstrom already has signed on as a wholesale partner. The footwear also will be available on the Aerin e-commerce site, which is set to go live in November.

But that’s not all, Ms. Lauder is expanding into many other categories, including furniture and home textiles. Below we see images of the designer’s East Hampton home from a 2009 feature in Elle Decor.

Elle Decor 2009

Next spring there will be a 30-piece furniture collection, lighting, and upholstery fabrics. The fabric will be done in tandem with Lee Jofa, that’s also the home for interior design textiles by Lilly Pulitzer, Oscar de la Renta and Allegra Hicks.

We’ll be adding this to the list of product launches next year that should be intriguing to watch. For those who enjoy Pinterest, the official Aerin page is here, I imagine this where we’ll see some of the new items first.

On that tidbit, goodbye until next time!


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5 responses to “JK Rowling’s Latest & Aerin Lauder’s Shoe Line

  1. I will undoubtedly read The Casual Vacancy, but I’m not sure I’m going to jump the gun and purchase a copy or not. We’ll see. I’m hoping to leaf through it tomorrow at the bookstore.

  2. Just reading about all Aerin is doing is making me dizzy but she has great personal style and isn’t really on the radar the way lets say a Tory is…but that might change with she has going on! I am going to read Casual Vacancy, shes getting all kinds of hype..hope its well deserved!

  3. You are not alone in your unhipness, I have never read the Harry Potter books either. I tried, but could not get into them. I absolutely love all the movies though! I will probably add her new work to my reading list.

  4. First- I think you NEED to read the Potter books. It will seriously captivate you. And while I think the movies were all really good, the books are just worlds better.

    I’m sure I will eventually read her new works. I just think JK can do no wrong. She’s brilliant. Love. Her!

  5. Lauren

    I passed on Harry Potter, Twilight, 50 shades, and I’ll pass on this too. Dion Fortune once wrote “People read fiction in order to supplement the diet life provides for them. If life is full and varied, they like novels that analyse and interpret it for them; if life is narrow and unsatisfying, they supply themselves with mass production wish-fulfilments.” Which category does this novel fit?

    P.S. Not impressed with Aerin’s shoe(s).

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