Kate Spade Goes Paperless

Welcome to a new week here at the Prepatorium, where the days are filling up with all those fall activities, it is the beginning of the busy season indeed.

Today we have just a few tidbits to share, beginning with word that Kate Spade is now available at Paperless Post, the online greeting company unveiled the new styles today.

Kate Spade at Paperless Post

There are all sorts of designs available.

Kate Spade for Paperless Post

Many readers will recognize the holiday card styles.


More on the line from Women’s Wear Daily:

The new offerings at paperlesspost.com… includes over 70 customizable card options and nine envelope liners that will retail from 15 to 30 cents per card (depending if the user opts to include liners, envelopes, etc).

It’s a good move for both companies, plus Kate Spade will continue to offer paper stationery as well. Below, a wedding invitation from the Paperless Post collection.

Kate Spade at PaperlessPost.com

This is where TP requests your kind assistance and guidance. Online wedding invitations…? Hunh? This goes squarely in our “Help Me Understand” category.  And lest you think us hopelessly trapped in the last Millenium, we’re really not.

Surprising as it may sound coming from someone of our generation (ahem), as well as a retailer of paperFULL products, we don’t turn up our noses at the online greeting phenomenon. While we’re very firmly in the camp of those decrying the death spiral of handwritten correspondence, the reality is that online purveyors of fancified email and other greetings did not create the vacuum. It’s somewhat analogous to “email didn’t cause rude behavior, rude people caused rude behavior.”

The availability of pretty pieces that can be sent electronically makes them ideal for those occasions not requiring handwritten correspondence. In some cases it has even prompted us to send greetings we might have otherwise neglected, there’s no harm in the practice. But the online wedding invitation has us baffled, with the exception of those seeking to conserve natural resources.  (BTW, thank you to the sender of today’s *lovely* note [you know who you are, heh-heh-heh] proving yet again good taste and manners have not left us.)


The other topic for conversation this afternoon: those Apple maps.  (No, this latter topic has nary a thing to do with Planet Prep, it just seems timely.)

For those unfamiliar with the problem, Apple’s new iPhone and Operating System, which some of us upgraded to without even thinking about it (when will she learn, hello?), no longer offers Google Maps, it has been replaced with Apple’s own mapping program. It’s not pretty.  From a Journal story:

The criticism poured in world-wide as users of the new maps found misplaced labels for businesses and landmarks, cities with missing roads and erroneous features like a fractured river in Ann Arbor, Mich. A search for the Golden Gate Bridge yielded a marker roughly four miles away in San Francisco.

The Journal‘s piece contrasts two images of Martha’s Vineyard, the first is via Google Maps.

Google Maps via WSJ Online

Next, the Vineyard as seen in Apple maps.

Apple Maps via WSJ Online

Below, two views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the new Apple mapping system, one screen shot via an iPhone, the other via an iPad. (It doesn’t really matter as neither bears any resemblance to the Bridge I’m used to.)

NY Daily News

Other challenges are described in a Daily News story:

The Apple app also has a tendency to judge landscape features by their names. For instance, it marks the hulking Madison Square Garden arena in New York as green park space because of the word “Garden” in its name. The TD Garden football stadium in Boston gets the same treatment.

Conversely, Apple Maps marks “Airfield Gardens,” a farm and plant nursery in Dublin, Ireland, as an airfield. This prompted the country’s Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, to warn pilots on Thursday not to land there.

From a London Tube station via Twitter:



We leave you with a look at Don Draper Jon Hamm, now dubbed the Susan Lucci of the Emmy’s Best Actor category, his Mad Men work did not bring him an Award last night.


Until next time, may all your apps be working as you wish!


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4 responses to “Kate Spade Goes Paperless

  1. Landlocked mermaid

    Honey. It will always be paper full for me. You won’t go out of business any time soon. We love you and your shop xoxoxoxo

  2. I had similarly mixed feelings about the Paperless Post announcement . . . think it’s a genius partnership, I’ll definitely use it for casual get togethers and such, but wedding invitations?!? Not on my watch.

    I did download the latest OS for my iPhone but haven’t yet used the maps; looking forward to getting even more lost than I usually manage.

    As for Jon Hamm being the Susan Lucci of the Emmys Best Actor category, that’s a hilarious line. How patently unfair fact that he’s now been overlooked so many times; thank you for posting the completely relevant Don Draper in a tux photos anyway ;-).

  3. Kate and PaperlessPost are a perfect match. I’m a fan of all things online, as you know.

    Maybe The Post ought to have a line of Preppy Princess designs:)

  4. People are now sending out wedding invitations electronically? I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I’m so glad I finally got to your blog after all this time otherwise I would still not know this. Talk about an abomination. Maybe if you are trying to marry off Honey Boo Boo and it’s just going to be wings and a keg, I possibly could see the logic. I’m just going to call it what it is, poor taste.

    I made the Susan Lucci joke on Twitter right after John Hamm lost. I think 5,000 other people did at the same time. Well, there’s always next year.

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