Oscar Does Kids

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Wednesday.

Our topic this afternoon is just plain fun. There’s no other way to put it. Yours truly has absolutely no resistance when it comes to cute kids, it’s even harder to resist when those are combined with a designer you know we adore here at the Prepatorium, Oscar de la Renta.  The appeal is compounded by Oscar PR Girl’s Tumblr blog, the photos she posts are simply beautiful.

The company just did its runway show at Fashion Week, and while we don’t do loads of coverage on childrenswear, this one was too fun to ignore. (And the pictures of the kids before the show too cute.) Below, a couple of the kids backstage before the show.

Oscar PR Girl Tumblr

It must seem terribly tedious if you’re a young Master or Mistress of the Palace and you have to wait… wait… wait… sigh.

Oscar PR Girl Tumblr

And finally it’s time to get ready.

Oscar de la Renta Facebook Page

The Consort saw this photo as he was meandering about the premises and immediately offered a “she looks like a young Caroline Kennedy” as he walked by.

Oscar PR Girl Tumblr

I love her face and style when it’s showtime. Have you *ever* seen a better look on a model’s face as she heads down the runway?!

Oscar PR Girl Tumblr

They really are darling.

Oscar PR Girl Tumblr

The expressions on all of the little faces are priceless.  Backstage some seem very excited, while others are more reserved, perhaps pensive?

Oscar PR Girl Blog

Now as far as the actual styles go, they were beyond adorable. These two looks shrieked Easter to me.

Courtesy Oscar de la Renta/Oscar PR Girl

But they were also true to Mr. de la Renta’s design aesthetic, the classic lines and understated appeal were very much in evidence.

Via Lil Sugar

That makes sense, the collection is designed by Catherine Monteiro de Barros, she founded a brand many readers are fond of, Papo d’Anjo. Now you know I am loving the madras.

Lil Sugar Facebook Page

It looked like Mr. de la Renta has almost as much fun as the little ones.

Lil Sugar Facebook Page

While I have mixed feelings about “Mommy and Me” looks, there’s no way I can’t smile at this photo.

George and Ruby

This is the first full collection for the line, there are some fall styles available now.

Oscar de la Renta

So it’s a little different post today, I thought the pretty pictures and smiling faces would be a delightful detour from the expressions usually seen on the runway.


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8 responses to “Oscar Does Kids

  1. This might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I loved their smiles as they walked down–I’ve always thought adult runway shows were way too serious.

  2. BroncoMom

    Simply PRECIOUS!!!

  3. MCW

    Just adorable! I am sure I would never be able to afford any of them!

  4. Niki

    Wow those clothes are pricy! I could swing the $16 headband from the website. No way I’d pay $45 for a pair of girl’s tights!

  5. I was very much expecting to see Suri Cruise somewhere in there…seems like her scene 🙂 Adorable.

  6. DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Easter bonnett couldn’t be sweeter, and I kind of (okay, really) want that Chanel inspired jacket for myself!! Soooo cute!

  7. That pink coat is simply GORGEOUS:) I would love that for my little princess!

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