J. Crew Spring 2013

Hello-Hello, and happy middle of the week.

We offer only two topics today, business pressures mandate brevity. Despite the fact it feels odd to talk about clothing for next spring, we thought you might enjoy a look at what J. Crew has in the works.

Courtesy Photos

Some of the palette was pale accented by brights, like the pinks seen above. From the WWD review (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.):

“…while there were still some of the now-ubiquitous neons in the lineup, the most charming looks were those in softer hues. These included a pink blazer over a pajama-style shirt and brocade shorts, and a chic slouchy white suit with a top in a faded parasol motif.”

The colors pop much more vividly in photos from Crew’s actual presentation, these are found at The Fashion Spot.

The Fashion Spot

Several styles continue to carry the design DNA of Jenna Lyons, Crew’s CEO and former design director.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

As with any show, especially those featuring separates and sportswear, one has to ignore the outre – pieces put together that are jarring to the eye, elements combined for effect, things you would never think of putting together. Another look via The Fashion Spot.

The Fashion Spot

Style.com spoke with Tom Mora, he is in charge of women’s design at Crew:

As Mora put it, the woman he had in mind this season is the kind of urban chicster who travels to exotic locales and brings back a little of this or that.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

No matter what, though, she’s still a J.Crew woman—and that means she requires new pajama tops and shiny shorts and a closet’s worth of statement pants.

There are many looks however that just didn’t offer anything, no elements I wanted to lift and look at on their own merits.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

Some of the accessories.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

Photos from Fashionologie offer an opportunity to see details.


While there are still pieces that carry a look of “the old J. Crew,” the company has moved further into the ‘hipster zone,’ at least from what we see. Taking into account that Fashion Week presentations are not intended to showcase the basics many of us appreciate, it still looks as though Crew continues its move away from the prep style many were fond of.

Having said that, there are some very pretty pieces in the collection.

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

And yours truly is a little gaga over this floral print. (Not that I can wear yellow, I can’t.)

J. Crew Courtesy Photos

As always, I would love to know what you think.


Our other topic, very much related, the word on what next spring’s most popular colors are expected to be.

Via SheFinds.com

As She Finds put it:

Move over, Tangerine Tango. You served us well this year, but it’s time for a new range of colors. Next season, we’ve got our collective eye on the other side of the color spectrum (or at least Pantone says so). The Color Institute today announced the new color spectrum for spring 2013 .

Women’s Wear Daily shows the next hues on the popularity list:

Women’s Wear Daily

WWD‘s story quote Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institutes:

Not a dark navy, Monaco Blue has more of a maritime cast to it, but it is also a practical purchase for any wardrobe, with more than half the population listing blue as a favorite hue. “It speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society. You have to realize there is still concern out there for the economy,” Eiseman said.

I do like the palette of blues and greens, they seem very soothing.

On that note we say goodbye until next time!


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5 responses to “J. Crew Spring 2013

  1. Loving these looks (except the very shiny faces, hehe) So fresh, the colors and prints are fabulous!! Hard to imagine 2013 though when we haven’t even gotten to the holidays yet!

  2. Rockin’! LOVE the assortment of outfits and looks!

  3. TPP, I have missed commenting on your “chock full of” posts!!! I can always count on the latest and greatest news updates for fashion!! Love it!!

    Ok, I hate how much I love JCrew!!! I can literally go broke every time I receive my new catalog. And, now………..again……….I yearn for a new season to hurry and become available when I haven’t even made it to, much less through, the holidays!!! Torture.

    Gorgeous season coming in Spring 2013!

  4. I’m DYING over J. Crew’s spring line! Can’t believe I have to wait so long until they hit stores!!

  5. Sandra

    Why did JCrew knock off the Thom Browne Brooks Brothers bags?

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