Stepping Back For A Moment

I was writing about J. Crew’s spring line and the latest on Downton Abbey and Fashion Week and other meaningless drivel when I saw this.

AP via NY Daily News

And decided to stop.

Via Halo Pets Facebook

Because it never goes away.

Reuters via TIME

It never will.

Shanksville, PA via Politico

Especially for those closest.

Reuters via Politico

We’ll be back tomorrow.

AP via Politico

“Comfort, give comfort to my people.”

–Isaiah 40



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7 responses to “Stepping Back For A Moment

  1. MCW

    Beautiful as always. It never does go away. I cried the whole way to work today. This is the first year since before 9/11 that I haven’t been in NYC in this day.

  2. Carolyn

    Thank you for taking a moment away from fashion and material items on this day, a day to remember all of those who lost their lives needlessly and how none of us have ever been the same since,
    As always Preppy Princess is on target…

  3. Camille L.

    The most beautiful tribute I’ve seen all day. I was a brand new mother, hormones all over the place, clutching my newborn and crying non-stop for days, wondering what kind of world my child would be living in. Peace to us all on this day that never goes away….thank you Preppy Princess.

  4. Always in my heart
    Never will forget

  5. You are such a good person. I’m glad you exist.

  6. Anna J. Tonarely

    Pink&Green4ever: Thank you, Princess. I’d like to mention a courageous 9/11 survivor with an amazing story. I have had the privilege of knowing this wonderful, beautiful soul for decades. Courtney Cowart, Div.D., a brilliant media specialist, and author, was working for the 300-year old Trinity Church next door to the WTC. and wrote her doctoral thesis on spiritual formation: how do we develop faith? She was at 74 Trinity Place on 9/11 ready to tape a segment of a series on spiritual development and awaiting an exciting guest for her interview: The Mosr Reverend Rowan D. Williams, the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Wales. By chance, Courtney had booked her honored guest elsewhere than the WTC Marriot; visitors and dignitaries had always been lodged there. Yes, 9/11 was horrible for those in that television studio. I just re-read her version of that day. However, the following Tuesday, she walked from the Upper East Side, back to Trinity Chapel and rolled up her sleeves. For the firefighters. And more. When the catastrophe of Katrina came, this woman went and organized again and found hope and spread hope.
    Her story is called “An American Awakening: From Ground Zero to Katrina. The People We Are Free To Be.” by Courtney Cowart. Available at amazon.

  7. Vicky

    Beautifully done, dear Princess, incredibly moving tribute. The best thing I have seen anywhere.

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