A Touch of Tiffany Blue & That Brooks Brothers Blazer Dustup

Hello and happy Friday.

We begin today with a look at the new Tiffany store that opened in Soho, it’s a fun way to start the weekend. The topic isn’t so much how the store looks now that it’s opened, but the fun way Tiffany dressed the construction site. First, how the space looked back in June, via the good folks at Racked.


Here is a mural Tiffany commissioned for the site, it took fashion artist Danny Roberts more than 130 hours to create the artwork.

Photo Courtesy Danny Roberts via Fashionista

The company’s creative minds made a delightful graphic in advance of the opening.

Tiffany & Co. Instagram

The grand opening featured the company’s robin’s egg blue, Matchbook Magazine shared this picture.

Via Matchbook Magazine Instagram

At its Fashion’s Night Out events the jeweler even offered treats in the trademarked color.

Jasmine Snow Instagram (@Jassnow)

It’s always a delight to see companies take a distinctive element of the brand and have fun with it, a touch of whimsy can be a good thing.

Which brings us to a little kerfluffle about this.

Brooks Brothers

That would be the now famous Brooks Brothers Quilted Blazer.  A more detailed look.

Brooks Brothers

The dust-up about garment evidently started on the the Brooks Brothers Facebook page, but reached a much bigger audience following this blog post in the Journal:

WSJ Speakeasy Blog

From the piece by Ray Smith:

Critics said that that kind of blazer (and the scruffy model) belongs in some fashion designer’s collection, not at classic Brooks Brothers.

If coveting the abomination the “reengineered blazer,” there are additional colors, one needn’t be limited to classic blue.

Brooks Brothers

I can’t help it, the gentleman in the catalog photos shrieks hipster. Yes, this statement comes from one reveling in her hard-earned status as a not-entirely-youthful consumer. (Cough-cough.)

Here is how the ghastly item is described by Brooks.

Certain to become your “go-to” piece this season, our quilted blazer takes the casual comfort of a down-filled jacket and blends it with the familiar structure of your favorite blazer. Cut in a trimmer fit that tapers to the waist and provides more room in the chest and shoulders, this blazer has modern appeal.

The debate raged on for several weeks, ultimately things hit a point where Brooks responded via its blog, “Of Rogues and Gentlemen“:

We just figured it was time to put our two cents in.

We know, we know. It’s not a traditional blazer by any means.

Well, it is navy. And it does have lapels.

That said if fashion pushes the boundaries of what we wear, style is the careful collection – and adoption – of the best of fashion.

True style has to be flexible.

Oh and for the record, we decided to file this under the outerwear section.

There. Now we’re done.

Frankly, yours truly doesn’t think the words quilted and blazer belong next to each other.  If The Consort or a sibling showed up in the garment they would be asked to surrender their place at the Prepatorium.

However. It’s a piece of clothing, and lord knows Brooks has to pursue a younger demo to stay in business. That way when this old crankenstein goes in to shop the store will still be there. We’ll just need to take our HDS (Hipster Deflecting Shield).

Until next time, may everyone’s weekend be filled with sunshine!


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9 responses to “A Touch of Tiffany Blue & That Brooks Brothers Blazer Dustup

  1. Julie

    Being the wife of a conservative man, and the mom of a 16 year old young man – I can honestly say neither would buy this horrendous piece of clothing. It doesn’t even make sense! Our family has given up on Brooks Brothers. As an educated consumer who loves clothes, I can also say the items purchased at BB over the past few years have not worn well AT ALL. It is so disappointing because I remember going to their flagship store 30 (cough) years ago and having a moment of silence. Happy weekend!

  2. The amount of YES in the Tiffany bit is proportional to the amount of YIKES in the Brooks Brothers one – that is to say, a lot. A very effective contrast in how to / how to not stick to what you know and do best.

  3. Jenny

    Re BB’s defense: Isn’t the point of the brand that they can be counted on for well-constructed classics? BB is not a place where I expect (or want) to see trends or anything remotely cutting edge.

  4. Ugggg…that blazer is horrific and B would not be caught dead in it. Personally, I think very few people should wear puffer anything (unless very well thought out outerwear that has a defined waist) and definitely, definitely not in a blazer form. I love BB for B’s dress shirts- the no-iron is wonderful and the fabric has held up so well for years. As for this reinvention of a classic- just NO!

  5. I don’t mind if they evolve the brand. It’s theirs to do with as as they wish. But. That thing is horrid.

    The Tiffany dresses, however, nom nom nom.

  6. Susan, next time you are in Washington, DC, visit the Georgetown BB store! Yikes! I took my husband there to try to get him to do some shopping, and it was a huge error. He (very conservative) was so horrified by the hipster element that I think he is still in shock.

  7. Humm…not feeling that quited blazer. It just looks, for lack of a better word, wrong.
    The Tiffany prettiness on the other hand is fabulous and its nice to see them moving with the times and adding a little glamorous edge to their iconic name.

  8. Oh poor BB, what in the world are you thinking!? That’s so not you.

  9. I love all the Tiffany-themed things! It’s such a pretty color, robin’s egg blue 🙂

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