A Goodbye to Lilly Pulitzer Bridal, Michelle Obama in J. Crew, Janna Ryan in Talbots

Hello-Hello, welcome to a holiday-shortened week, we’ve just a few snippets to share today.

Our first tidbit isn’t what we would call good news, the company making Lilly Pulitzer wedding gowns has filed bankruptcy. Some may recall the initial line of dresses launching back in 2010.

Wedding Style Magazine

The gowns were made by Designer Bride Inc., here is more from the WSJ’s Bankruptcy Beat:

The retailer filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation on Friday with assets of nearly $88,000 and debts approaching $194,000, court papers show.

The retailer partnered with designers who are no stranger to the red carpet: Angel Sanchez, whose designs have been donned by such celebrities as Salma Hayek and Beyonce; Valvo, who has dressed Vanessa Williams and Kate Winslet; and Meister, whose fans include Sofia Vergara and Dr. Jill Biden. And when Lilly Pulitzer, the longtime purveyor of pink and Palm Beach-worthy shift dresses, wanted to launch a wedding collection, she turned to Designer Bride.

Things look normal at the Designer Bride website, here is what you see on the home page.


Unfortunately, clicking on any of the links results in an error message.  If interested in waxing nostalgic about the Lilly gowns from the one collection, visit Wedding Style magazine.


We have a couple of updates on candidates’ wives sporting some preppish brands at their party conventions. Last week Janna Ryan chose Talbots for two nights at the Republican convention.

Talbots Facebook Page

On the left we see Ms. Ryan in Talbots’ Brushed Back Wool Sheath, a polyester/wool blend that runs $169. On the right, the ponte knit White Piped Sheath, this one is a rayon/nylon/spandex blend, it is $129.


More on the family’s sartorial selections from WWD (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.):

Her appearance Wednesday night wasn’t the first time she opted for moderate fashion: The fair-haired Oklahoma native wore a $70 printed Dana Buchman dress from Kohl’s when her husband’s candidacy was announced earlier this month.

Ryan even chose an off-the-rack dress for her daughter, Liza, to wear, when the family stepped into the spotlight Wednesday night. The youngster wore a $64 frock from My Michelle, a Kellwood label that is sold at Kohl’s and J.C. Penney.

At last night’s Democratic Convention Michelle Obama returned to Tracy Reese for her frock, opting for shoes by J. Crew.

DNC Facebook/J. Crew

That is Crew’s “Everly” pump, worn in the Rhubarb colorway, it sells for $245.

Ann Romney went more “high prep” in Oscar de la Renta for both nights’ appearances, he has dressed many First Ladies (and possible First Ladies), more from the NY Times:

Mr. de la Renta is no stranger to first ladies (or even prospective first ladies), having designed gowns for Laura Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, including the dress that Mrs. Clinton wore to the wedding of her daughter, Chelsea.

Mrs. Obama has yet to wear a de la Renta outfit in public. But if the Republicans win the presidency in November, the designer might once again have a client in the White House.

That Times story has some fascinating background on the “wrangling” over just what, or whom, Mrs. Romney might wear, and the paper’s Caucus Blog also has some intriguing insight about the dress selection process.


Our final note today is a very quick glance at another design collaboration, this one from Kate Spade and blogger Garance Doré.

Via The Telegraph (UK)

More from the Telegraph:

“It’s so nice to see my illustrations come to life, to be worn by real people” she told us at the Kate Spade store in London’s Covent Garden, which was buzzing with shoppers, press and Doré fans alike. Doré’s pretty illustrations of women smoking and sipping cocktails adorn a range of blouses, dresses, and accessories, in addition to slogan tops which read: ‘Toutes les filles sont folles’ (all the girls are crazy)’ and ‘Joie de Vivre’.

Pieces are available online, the collection includes everything form bangles and phone cases to bags like the Bon Shopper, seen below ($198).

Kate Spade

This is one partnership that makes immense good sense, the pieces look more-than-fun.



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4 responses to “A Goodbye to Lilly Pulitzer Bridal, Michelle Obama in J. Crew, Janna Ryan in Talbots

  1. I love that Mrs. Ryan chose Talbots, but I’m kind of torn about Mrs. Romney using Oscar de la Renta. I think with all the people “worried” about Mitt’s inability to connect with regular people because of all his money, it potentially sends the wrong message to have his wife in a designer most Americans could never afford. (on the other hand, it’s OSCAR DE LA RENTA! haha. Also. I don’t see why Romney having money is a big deal. I mean, so having someone who knows how to make and manage lots of money is a… bad…thing?)

    Even though I’m not a President Obama fan, I do kind of like Michelle. I was working for J.Crew during the elections last year, and it was kind of cool to see things we sold on the First Lady.

  2. Sad to hear about LP bridal although after the initial collection I don’t recall hearing much about it. All the political wives have been looking fabulous!

  3. Karen Miller

    No mention on the cost of Michelle Obama’s dress?

  4. Little Red

    Mrs. Obama’s dress was a custom design by Tracy Reese and will now be manufactured for public sale and sold for just under or around $500. The color of Ann Romney’s was gorgeous but the dress itself was boring. I’d love Mrs. Obama’s dress for both the print, color, and fabric. In fact, if I can land it on deep discount, all the better.

    There’s been lot of talk about what we voters should make of their clothes. Let’s face it, their speeches at the conventions were one of the more significant events in their lives and if they didn’t pull out the big guns, I’d be disappointed. In regards to cost specifically, they’re both wealthy women, especially Ann Romney, and I wouldn’t expect either of them to show up on national television in their best mid-priced ensembles.

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