Retail Notes for a Monday, Lilly Sale Update

Hello and welcome to a new week.

We begin today with good news for all of our friends in California, the C. Wonder success story continues, the retailer opened its first West Coast store last week.

Lexie Moreland/Women’s Wear Daily

The new emporium is located in Newport Beach at Fashion Island (natch), yours truly must confess to spending more-than-a-little-time at that particular fashion outpost. (Ahem.) The grand opening looks like it was lots of fun.

C. Wonder Facebook Page

At any rate, the brand has been doing well, C. Wonder’s accessories are among some of its best sellers.

C. Wonder

And its homegoods have proven popular, both online….

C Wonder

And in-store. (Below we show pillows at the Newport Beach store.)

C. Wonder Facebook Page

But apparently the fastest growing category for the company is clothing, more from Rachel Brown’s Women’s Wear Daily story, the piece quotes Christopher Burch, founder of the stores (and yes, former husband of Tory Burch):

“Burch said the surprise of C. Wonder so far has been the resonance of its apparel, and the retailer has responded by increasing the offering. Although apparel was as little as 6 percent of the assortment when C. Wonder started, it has risen to more than 30 percent.”

Who knew?

C. Wonder

Above we show the Contrast Trim Polo, $5, below the Tipped Cardigan, $68.

C. Wonder

The Newport Beach shop is just one of many new stores to be opened this year, the retailer plans to open another 5 permanent stores in 2012, as well as a pop-up shop. More on the locations of the new stores from WWD’s story:

C. Wonder’s biggest store, at 8,000 square feet, will open in September at the Time Warner Center in New York. Stores are also slated for Tysons Corner in Fairfax, Va., and Lenox Square in Atlanta in the fall.

We’ll be counting on friends like Muffy Martini and Miss Nautical by Nature for first-person reactions to the store.


We’ve a number of friends who won’t leave the house without their appreciate the benefits of Spanx undergarments and shapewear. (Is that a word?) The company is opening several free-standing stores showcasing Spanx products, more on the KOG (King of Prussia) store from Philly Mag:

It’s going to be one of three of the company’s very first forays into stand-alone stores, so that’s exciting. No more futzing around on your iPhone when you need a pair and can’t remember which department stores and boutiques around you carry them, and no more crossing your fingers that the location closest to you has the style and size that you need

Other stores will be opening at Tysons Corner and Garden State Plaza. One discovery as a result of going to the Spanx site:

I had nary a clue the company made things for men.


We also wanted to share a little morsel that goes in our “Help Me Understand” category, compliments of the good folks at Target. It has to do with the wildly popular Hunger Games.

The cheap-chic retailer is offering a variety of products tied in to the book and film franchise, like these Mockingjay Hoop Earrings, $14.99.

What is it we didn’t understand? Behold, the $999 Hunger Games pin at Target.

Courtesy Photo via

More from’s story:

It takes some deep pockets to be a hard-core Hunger Games fan these days. How deep? We’re talking $999 for a pin at Target. But not just any pin. The same Mockingjay pin that bedecked Halloween costumes everywhere last year, except this one is 14-karat gold instead of, like, tin foil or whatever.

According to the Hollywood Reporter the pin was to be available starting today; I checked online and didn’t see it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has sold out or it isn’t still available for purchase.

We leave you with a reminder of tomorrow’s Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale, it begins tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/21) at 8am, this is an online only event.

Lilly Pulitzer Blog

The Lilly blog has a piece about the sale, it notes that for all three days additional ‘flash sale’ items will be offered on the retailer’s Facebook page.

Lilly Pulitzer

There are other helpful tips in the blog post, including info about non-returnable Final Sale items, the status of merchandise in your shopping cart (items are not held for you, or reserved), and other tidbits.

Another note from the blog, about Signature Stores:

Our Signature family of stores will also be participating with their own Summer sales (online & in-store) so be sure to reach out to your local/favorite Signature Store to see what they have planned as well.

Happy hunting for those so inclined!


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8 responses to “Retail Notes for a Monday, Lilly Sale Update

  1. MCW

    That pin is just ridiculous.

    One of my favorite dresses is CWonder, however it is falling apart. Literally.

    I will stalk the LIlly sale. There is a dress I am dying for! Also planning on hitting the new Towson Lilly tomorrow just in case 🙂

  2. But isn’t C. Wonder by Tory Burch’s ex? So in solidarity I feel I must boycott…

  3. Ironically I FINALLY made it to C Wonder last week. What a huge disappointment. The quality was sooooo cheap. There was not a single thing I would have taken if they were giving it to me. I really have my doubts about its lasting power. Unless they really improve the quality control…it was bordering on pathetic. All for show, pretty store, inviting colors, fun design motif then upon closer inspection you see it for what it is, cheap inferior China made product.
    Lilly on the other hand is a mainstay and I always love a good sale!

  4. really stinks how AWFUL lilly’s website was yesterday…you would think they would be prepared for the onslaught of shoppers!

  5. Oooh the polos are cute! I’ve read reports that there are big conflicts between the two Burch’s regarding the logo for CW. The aesthetic does remind me of her stuff. But the prices seem much better so …


  6. I appreciate the idea of C. Wonder and have seen some cute home accessories on their site, but you can just tell the stuff is “cheap.” I haven’t felt the need to take the risk on any of their clothing. But I never say never!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lilly sale debacle.

  7. I regularly wear the Mockingjay pin on my lapel. I get to see the premiere again in theatres. I saw it in Texas, and I get to see it again when it premieres here in Japan on September 28th.

  8. I saw the big coming soon for C. Wonder while at Tysons a few weeks ago. Will be happy to give you a full report when it opens. But a little discouraged by everyone’s poor quality comments.

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