Tiffany Fall Leather Collection Sneak Peek, + Another Office Etiquette Issue

Hello-hello and happy Tuesday.

Are you melting? We are, thus our arrival at today’s topic, a peek at some fall styles from Tiffany. Normally we avoid this sort of thing for another few weeks, but the soaring temps have us convinced we need to gaze at things bringing images of cooler days.

Below, several pieces from the retailer’s fall 2012 leather collection.

© Tiffany & Co.

Clockwise from top we show the wrist pochette in plum leather, wrist pochette in florentine blue grain leather, card case in plum ostrich, and zip continental wallet in florentine blue ostrich. Next, several of Tiffany’s reversible leather satchels.

© Tiffany & Co.

Below, two totes in a different shape from the Spring/Summer Collection, in the photo on the left we show the detachable zipper pouch that comes with the Tote.

© Tiffany & Co.

Here we see the large size Harriet satchel in florentine blue, along with the Sloane in plum haircalf and leather trim.

© Tiffany & Co.

Amelia Totes are shown on the left, the Cornelia lunchbox bag in glazed crocodile is seen on the right.

© Tiffany & Co.

Next, a few of the Sabrina hard-sided clutches in Tiffany’s fall palette.

© Tiffany & Co.

Fall metallics include the Daphne frame clutches on the left, along with Daphne, Morgan and Sabrina clutches on the right.

Tiffany & Co.

We don’t want to leave your MOTH (Man Of The House) out of the picture (ahem), below we show the Connor men’s slim tote leather and wool (L) and the Everette men’s messenger satchel (R).

© Tiffany & Co.

I don’t know about you, but I rather like the men’s black tote on the left for myself. Would that be a fashion no-no?


Our other item today involves another debate about what one wears to the office.  The Journal’s “At Work” blog shared results of a new poll about office attire.

A new survey shows U.S. adults expressing more outrage at scantily-clad co-workers this year than they did last year.

72% of Americans believe strapless or backless tops and dresses are “inappropriate for the workplace,” up from 66% (strapless) and 64% (backless) in June of last year.

Earlier this year we chatted about the appropriateness of wearing Lilly to the office, and loved the insight you shared. While not quite the same thing, this topic does fall in the same genre. More from the Journal‘s piece:

Showing a little skin below the knee by wearing shorts, flip-flops or open-toed shoes is also a bigger no-no this year. Fifty-nine percent of respondents say shorts are inappropriate at the office, up from 55% last year. Meanwhile, 76% said flip-flops aren’t appropriate attire, up from 71%, and the percentage that disapproved of open-toed shoes in general increased to 35% from 31%.

It seems folks are becoming more conservative in what they find acceptable in an office environment. Do you think that is a possible backlash against some of the nearly nude increasingly minimal ensembles we have seen over the years, people have become tired of the “barely there” look in a professional environment?



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3 responses to “Tiffany Fall Leather Collection Sneak Peek, + Another Office Etiquette Issue

  1. Don’t you love the Tiffany leather line? Don’t you wonder WHO is designing it? I sure do.

  2. Hello Miss Privilege, happy almost weekend to you. 🙂
    The bags are done “under the direction of Richard Lambertson and John Truex,” I should have included that in the post, but was slammed for time. They have a great aesthetic IMHO, nice, clean lines, not a lot of frou-frou.

  3. Anna J Tonarely

    Maybe it’s because the office is for
    professional clerks, managers and
    staff and not call girls or those already
    dressed for their “pole dancing” class
    after work. A disgusting exercise idea
    if I ever saw or heard of one. Not for
    ladies. Maybe sisters with first names
    all beginning in K W/ TV shows. But
    that proves the point, doesn’t it?

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