Ralph Lauren Brings Back the Beret for Team USA 2012 Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Today we share a very brief post, we look at the Team USA uniforms for the London Games.

Courtesy Photo

The Games get underway on Friday, July 27, these are the uniforms you will see our athletes wearing during the opening ceremonies.  Above we see swimmer Ryan Lochte, decathlete Bryan Clay, rower Giuseppe Lanzone and soccer player Heather Mitts.

The uniforms were unveiled this morning on the Today show, fencer Tim Morehouse (already a silver medalist in the sport) and Miss Mitts (soccer) modeled the styles. David Lauren is seen between the two Olympians.

Ralph Lauren Twitter Feed

It’s not easy creating the styles, more from David Lauren:

You have to create something that will work for a wrestler or a basketball player, as well as a tiny gymnast. And so all of those body types, coming up with a silhouette that can a flexible and comfortable is quite a task.”

The uniforms showcase many of the Ralph Lauren elements seen in previous Olympic uniforms, remember the 2008 styles?

Polo Ralph Lauren

Creamy white pants and skirts the ladies are topped by a classic navy blue blazer, double-breasted with peak lapels.

Courtesy Photos

Splashes of red complete the patriotic color scheme, seen on everything from belts to the berets.  Competitors seem favorably impressed, more from USA Today:

Gymnast Aly Raisman, 18, calls the uniform “really preppy. It’s really cool. It’s really different.”

She’s just breaking in her Ralph Lauren gear, which includes “Village wear” for the athletes. “I was really superstitious about anything that said London on it,” she says. “I wouldn’t wear it until they announced the team.”

Here we see Mr. Lochte in the ensemble.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Although not everyone is gaga, this comes via the NY Daily News:

The navy, white and red ensembles, replete with Team USA Ceremony beret, manage to convey the look of an upscale flight attendant with that of a guerrilla fighter (by way of Greenwich, Connecticut).

Pieces from the collection are already for sale on the PRL site, below we see the Women’s Blazer, $598.

Polo Ralph Lauren

The beret has returned this year, and the repp tie stripes add an attractive flair.

Polo Ralph Lauren

To see our post on the styles Team USA will wear in the Athletes Village, click here.

Courtesy Images

As we may have previously mentioned, even our scorn distaste for the polo-pony-on-steroids can’t take away from the cute factor in this photo:

Polo Ralph Lauren

The opening ceremonies take place Friday, July 27. Until next time, may your Olympic flame be burning bright!


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9 responses to “Ralph Lauren Brings Back the Beret for Team USA 2012 Opening Ceremony Uniforms

  1. MCW

    We are such a classy country 🙂 Love the uniforms!

  2. RL cannot make a mistake!

    hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  3. So dapper! Love the berets, American classic dressing at its best…leave it up to Ralph. And those babies? I just want to reach in and give them a gentle squeeze…..tooooo cute!!

  4. Love everything except the oversized pony (understandable since they want the brand presence) and the berets. We are not the French. I’d much rather see them wear no hats at all.

  5. Lauren

    I can do without the beret and the shoes. But other than that, we be stylin!

  6. Gen

    I was sad to see that all the pieces were made in China. Shame….

  7. Little Red

    Their made in China and that huge Polo Pony! I didn’t realize we were the United States of Polo.

  8. ProudtobeanAmerican

    I think they look like over dressed flight attendants or yuppies from the country club. Ridiculous.
    I can’t believe they are actually going to wear these to represent our country.

  9. Lauren

    The United States is probably the only Olympic team that is not government funded. It’s funded by individual donations, like mine. If the USOC can get cheaper uniforms made in China, more money goes to the the athletes, training, etc. If people don’t like that our uniforms were made in China , I challenge them to put their moeny where their mouth is and make a donation to the USOC.

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