Another Wedding for Royals & Those Old School Blazers

Hello-Hello, greetings from the Prepatorium where we once again are blessed with electricity. And air-conditioning. Storms yesterday knocked out power for a good 10 – 12 hours, thankfully crews worked overtime, Silly Tilly is particularly grateful. Her… ah…her plump healthy build appreciates a cool breeze. (Cough-cough.)

We share just a few tidbits today, beginning with word about another wedding involving royals on the horizon. Monaco’s Andrea Casiraghi, second in line to the throne (in lieu of heirs from Prince Andrew), is engaged. More from News Canada:

Princess Caroline of Monaco has announced the engagement of her son Andrea Casiraghi to his longtime girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo.

The pair are seen at last year’s wedding of Prince Albert to Charlene Wittstock.


Some readers are no doubt familiar with Tatiana’s aunt (by marriage), Lauren, the socialite and Vogue contributor, she married André Santo Domingo in 2008.

Vogue Magazine

More on the bride to be from Grazia UK:

Tatiana is a fash-tastic New York socialite who was born in Geneva. She speaks five languages and has a wonderfully bohemian wardrobe, which landed her on Vanity Fair‘s international best dressed list in 2010.

Below we see both Tatiana and Lauren in September of last year.

Via Guest of a Guest

No date has been set, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.


It is high season for fans of most water sports, last weekend we enjoyed the conclusion of the America’s Cup World Series races in Newport, a splendid event. On the far side of the pond the annual Henley Royal Regatta was underway at almost the same time.  Below, an unusual watercraft.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The event is one of the season’s highlights for both the social and rowing crowds, it is held along the banks of the Thames.  The races bring out a fashionable crowd.

Courtesy Henley Royal Regatta

The dress code is rather strict, more from Leander Rowing Club:

Members are asked to ensure their guests are informed that Regatta dress is very traditional. Gentlemen are required to wear lounge suits, jackets or blazers with flannels, and a tie or cravat.

That contributes to the preponderance of blazers representing both rowing clubs and schools.

Tim Jenkins/Women’s Wear Daily

The Independent offered “an outsider’s take” on the blazers:

The first thing you notice, as you walk around Henley-on-Thames during the Royal Regatta, is the blazers.  They seem to come in colours right across the spectrum of garishness, and represent either a famous public school or one of the hundreds of rowing clubs that take part in the event each year

And it’s a competitive business, these blazers.  “Don’t take this the wrong way”, I overheard one young man say to his friend during Regatta week, the climax of which was on Sunday.  “But your blazer isn’t exactly made from high-end tweed”.

More from the Henley Standard:

Off the water, a ton of strawberries was eaten and between 20,000 and 25,000 pints of Pimm’s and 4,500 bottles of champagne were drunk across the site.

Tim Jenkins/Women’s Wear Daily

Don’t let the socializing fool you, the rowing is serious, back to the Standard‘s story:

“A president of the International Rowing Federation… always used to tell oarsman all over the world, ‘If you haven’t rowed at Henley, you have never rowed’. No other regatta in the world comes anywhere near it.”

More classic styles seen at this year’s event.

Tim Jenkins/Women’s Wear Daily

The US contingent isn’t dressed quite as brightly, below we see the California Rowing Club accepting the Grand Challenge Cup.

Henley Royal Regatta

May all your oars be pulling the same direction this weekend.


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4 responses to “Another Wedding for Royals & Those Old School Blazers

  1. Hooray! A Euro Royal wedding that will be off the charts style wise. Since HRH Princess Caroline is BFF w/ Karl Lagerfeld, you can bet she’ll be dressed by him. Haven’t seen Princess Stephanie in awhile. Has she reformed her ways or still causing lots of talk? Actually, given her brother’s two unacknowledged (legally) children
    she looks more like Ste. Stephanie. This will be the fashion spectacle of the season. I am sure the scurrying of trips to the ateliers in Paris has begun as well as the dieting. I knew of an heiress in Europe who spent the week before her wedding in the hospital on i.v. Fluids and nothing else to guarantee her couture Dior
    for the Nuptial Mass was comfortable and the Lanvin party/reception dress had plenty of room for dinner & champagne. Crazy, huh?
    I just want this girl to SMILE.

  2. I do love a royal wedding!

  3. Ooh, those regatta photos are just too much. I can completely see that tweed tiff occurring if the Englishmen I know are any indication. Too fun.

    Speaking of fun, will enjoy following your coverage of this other royal wedding :-).

  4. Lauren

    I, for one, do not have high hopes for Tat’s bridal look. I like a little bohemian, not a lot like she does. And would Prince Andrew’s heirs bump Andrea down the line of succession?

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