Mad Men and McDonald’s, Brooks Brothers & 50 Shades of Grey

Happy almost weekend, a touch of Friday Fun seems in order today, hopefully you will agree.

We begin with a look at the new McDonald’s uniforms. (Because we know how much you worry about such things.)

Courtesy McDonald’s

The new duds début at the Olympic Park and Athletes village during the Summer Games. The Telegraph explains that “‘Mad Men’ style inspired new McDonald’s uniforms” in this story, offering input from designer Wayne Hemingway:

They replace a range of “mocha brown” and black uniforms that were introduced four years ago.

He said the look, with skinny ties for the male managers, pencil skirts for the female managers, and Fred Perry style polo shirts were inspired by a mixture of the 1960s mod movement and Mad Men, the American television programme set in that decade.

Courtesy McDonald’s

Ultimately 85,000 UK employees will wear these, no word if there’s any chance new styles are in the future for McDonald’s workers in the US.  A final thought on these from Critical Mob:

The colors are still wretched, the cut of the clothes sharper, but it’s debatable whether you’d ever actually see Don Draper or Joan Holloway wearing anything like this. Pete Campbell on the other hand…



Seeing Brooks Brothers and Fifty Shades of Gray mentioned together in a headline made me pay attention, I was alarmed intrigued by the topic. More from the Post:

Even at staid Brooks Brothers, a publicist promoted “Eight Shades of Grey Ties” among their offerings. “We may not have Fifty Shades of Grey Ties, but we do have Eight Shades of Grey Ties,” he wrote The Post, forwarding a link to a collection of neckwear that retails from $44.50 to $175.

Those familiar with Fifty Shades won’t be surprised to learn other things related to the book are also selling well.  Unmentionable-type things.


We leave you an early “How Hot Is It?” Even though it is only June, so many friends are coping with extreme heat we decided to pull this one out of the archive.

Via The Dog Blog

No, it’s not tubby Silly Tilly, that is Elliot the bulldog cooling off in the ice.  The photo is a few years old, here is more from Quips and Quills:

… this is an “un-posed” picture (trust me, you couldn’t actually make Elliot do anything) of said pooch trying to beat the TEXAS heat after his owners emptied their cooler in the driveway in Lamesa, TEXAS.

Another bullie, Honey Ham, cools off with a dip in her pool.

Courtesy Honey Ham the Bulldog

Yes, Honey really swims, you can see her doing her favorite stroke (dog paddle) in this video clip.

Courtesy Honey Ham the Bulldog

We think of Honey as the Ryan Lochte of swimming bullies.

Happy weekend!


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8 responses to “Mad Men and McDonald’s, Brooks Brothers & 50 Shades of Grey

  1. Hah, I did find the Brooks Brothers/Fifty Shades of Gray comparison very funny. Still have not read those books, but perhaps by summer vacation I’ll feel like reading a nouveau bodice-ripper.

    As for those Mad Men-inspired uniforms…I have no words.

    It’s been very hot here in Columbus as well—yesterday over 100, and today it’s 93 with mid-90s forecasted for the weekend. I’m trying to stay cool; I have a feeling my seersucker skirt will be seeing the light of day.

  2. So cute, I didn’t think that bullies could swim!! And yeah, I have to agree with the “alarmed” at the mention of Brooks Brothers + 50 Shades 🙂

  3. Interesting new McDonald’s uniforms.

    It has been so hot this week that sitting in a pile of ice sounds like a grand idea!

  4. Those McDonalds uniforms are unequivocally BEASTLY, like a hideous distortion of a fedex delivery guy outfit. On the other hand, honey ham is adorable. She would look lovely with a union jack flag tied around her little neck!

  5. Lauren

    The McDonalds uniforms are hideous, but I suppose they will hide the stains if a Ketchup vs Mustard war breaks out during a slow time.

    I have read 50, and it is total garbage. I have no respect for any company who tries to cash in on it (or any actor who will appear in the movie version).

  6. Honey Ham is the best name for a Bulldog I’ve ever heard.

  7. I wish I knew what McDonald’s management was thinking when they approved the new uniforms. They are hideous.
    I have the first 50 Shades of Grey book sitting on my nightstand, but can’t seem to get past the first chapter. So I still don’t know what the buzz is about.
    Great pictures of the bulldogs. Elliot’s has made the rounds on Facebook too…

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