An Inside Look at J. Crew & Its CEO

Hello-Hello, happy mid-week. In reality it is a bit beyond that, as Friday is a half-day at many places of business.

We thought readers might be interested in a television program airing tomorrow night on CNBC.


J. Crew & The Man Who Dressed America” is an hour-long special focused on Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler.


The show airs on CNBC at 10pm:

J.Crew has transformed from a once-flailing, lackluster brand to a fashion force. Leading J.Crew is CEO Millard “Mickey” Drexler, known for his intuitive sense of what the public craves and his ability to lift troubled companies to new heights.

J. Crew Collection

Back to the news release:

Since taking over J.Crew in 2003, Drexler has successfully introduced designer quality clothing for the masses — driving the company’s revenues up 170 percent.

J. Crew

Those fond of the retailer, along with those interested in the fashion industry, are sure to enjoy this one. One of the segments is a behind the scenes look at putting together a J. Crew catalog. (Click here for a preview of the segment.)


From a review of the show in North Jersey:

J. Crew is one of America’s most ubiquitous brands. Step into any mall and you’ll likely see one of the stores. It’s associated with words like “preppy,” “classic” and “all-American,” a place where you can buy button-down shirts in myriad colors and a pair of jeans fit for work or play.

CNBC delves into the inner workings of Drexler’s intense and borderline obsessive involvement in the company…

Jenna Lyons is featured throughout the documentary, including a segment on the Fall 2012 collection. (Click here for a preview of the segment.)


More from North Jersey’s story:

The hour-long special delves into everything from Drexler’s days growing up in the Bronx (he still eats lunch with his childhood friends) to his intensely hands-on style of management (he installed a loudspeaker system in J. Crew’s New York City headquarters and often spouts words of wisdom through its halls). has their own reason people should watch the program:

….you can see the always unnerving collected Vogue editor Anna Wintour dish about J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler on CNBC’s “J.Crew and the Man Who Dressed America.” It’s no visit with Stephen Colbert, but Wintour does offer some good tidbits on Drexler.

The company continues to evolve, energy has recently been redirected back to basics like its popular ballet flats.

J. Crew

We’ve been tediously repetitive candid in this space about concerns the retailer drifted away from its roots in efforts to reach a more “fashion forward” clientele. I’m looking forward to watching the special,it’s likely we’ll be able to tell form the interviews if the focus will remain close to Crew’s lineage or not.

A quick Sales & Savings note: Crew’s Memorial Day Sale offers an additional 30% off sale merchandise with the code LOVEIT. (With apologies, I have no idea why this is blinking, or how to make it stop.)

J. Crew

(My inability to make that stop blinking is arguably today’s greatest failure.)


One other tidbit today, word of a new company with prep leanings (at least new to us), Chicago Belt.

Chicago Belt

The Prepatorium is located in The Great Midwest and we love learning about things reflecting our roots. The company features grosgrain ribbon belts made in the USA, including this one showcasing the Great Lakes.

Chicago Belt Company

An added bonus? 10% of sales from this belt goes to the Shedd Aquarium (one of our favorite places to visit) and its “Keep the Lake Great” program. Our thanks to Great Lakes Prep for the tip on this one!

Thanks for popping in, g’bye until next time!


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6 responses to “An Inside Look at J. Crew & Its CEO

  1. Nice post!
    I’m really coming around to JCrew. I’ve always considered their clothes to be of poor quality, compared to Brooks Brother, JPress, etc., but I really like what JCrew is selling. Plus, it’s so nice that they sell slim fit sweaters!!!! Hallelujah!

  2. Love J.Crew. Love the words associated with J.Crew. Love your blog. Sigh.

  3. babs

    seriously. j crew, the clothes, too common and overpriced

  4. theenchantedhome

    Been a fan of J Crew for a long time, on occasion feel they have leaned to much towards a junior look/fit which has had me leaving the store empty handed, (i DO know my place lol) but I really love their style, and still buy lots of sweaters, jewelry and shoes there. Love them or hate them, the story and rise to the top is an amazing one!

  5. Little Red

    I still buy some stuff there but the quality can be really lacking in some of their clothes especially the shirts/blouses/tops. But I still keep checking them out.

  6. I broke up with Jcrew years ago. Sad but true. I just think the quality of their clothing is so poor and the prices are so crazy high. AND they don’t make clothes to fit me. I was recently in a store and they did not have a single woman’s item above size 8. I get that their models are not a size 10 but America is and then some. I take great offense to that.

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