4 responses to “About That Tennis Shirt Logo

  1. MCW

    I just don’t think I would want to wear a shirt with that logo! Can you imagine wearing it in to one of the inner city middle schools where I work???

  2. Tennis shirt are always comfortable to wear, and Lacoste is my favorite brand.

  3. I never knew a Japanese Maple leaf looked so much like…. well….that. Funny, it seems prettier to me knowing that it’s a maple leaf. LOL. And, if it’s a maple leaf, why was it chosen as the logo? Did I miss that explanation? Still pretty in a way. I love the look, naturally, of the clothing line. I love Lacoste–wore it then and now. I love all of these classic lines making their come-back.

  4. Cute clothes – but that logo is, erm, eye-catching! Also, I’ve awarded your blog the Versatile Bloggers Award – check mine for details! http://condimentsonacitylife.blogspot.com/2012/05/awards-season.html

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