Happy Preppy & The Non-Airhead Heiress

Hello-Hello and happy Thursday, it’s a bright and beautiful spring day here at the Prepatorium.

Today we look at a new collection from style whiz and author Annie Selke. Some readers may recall us chatting about Ms. Selke in this post, we were talking about her book, Fresh American Spaces.

Annie Selke/FreshAmerican.com

The book offered perspective on five different styles.

"Graphic Traffic" at Pine Cone Hill

Ms. Selke is more-than-talented, running (among other entities) Pine Cone Hill, purveyor of lovely goods for the home. Above and below we show pieces from her Graphic Traffic line in the “Melody” pattern.

Pine Cone Hill

One of the five styles outlined in her book is “Happy Preppy,” and now there is a Pine Cone Hill collection with that name. Below, the “Tweetie” design.

Pine Cone Hill

Next, products splashed with the bright colors of the “Mia” print.

Pine Cone Hill

Items in “Twiggie” and “Cubix“.

Pine Cone Hill

The collection is available online at Pine Cone Hill, below we see Twiggie table linens.


It is also carried by Gracious Home; good news for those in the city, Gracious Home just opened a Pine Cone Hill ‘shop within a shop” at its Upper West Side store.


Also today, a spot of idle gossip an interesting piece in The Times, No Misbehaving for This Heiress” profiles Amanda Hearst.

Ms. Hearst, 28, has never been the kind of airhead heiress or celebutante who gets in trouble. In addition to being self-deprecating, she is cautious around the news media and careful not to push her luck, name or looks in an age when society girls without TV deals or brands to promote are rare.

The story by Bob Morris made for a refreshing read, you can imagine how your faithful scribe reacted to this line:

“Whenever the subject of doing reality television comes up, I immediately disregard it, because most people don’t come off well, and it’s embarrassing,” she said.

That prompted an inappropriately loud bellow elicited a discreet “hallelujah” here in the Corner Condo.

G’bye until next time!


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2 responses to “Happy Preppy & The Non-Airhead Heiress

  1. I was in the UWS Gracious Home this weekend and the display is just beautiful with the Melody pattern. Feels like springtime!!

  2. Love the Pine Cone Hill collection! I am especially drawn to the Twiggie and Mia–kinda reminds me of some really great childhood/teenage bedroom memories!! Love it!

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