1000th Post: Bean’s Big Birthday

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Wednesday. We are celebrating a bit here at the Prepatorium, this happens to be our 1000th blog post.  Who knew way back when we wrote our very first posts (the first several were actually hosted at Blogger before we switched to WordPress) that we’d ever hit this milestone…?!

In honor of the occasion we are doing a giveaway with LL Bean, they are celebrating a far more notable anniversary, their 100th.  The company has been kind enough to share a copy of their new book, “Guaranteed to Last: L.L. Bean’s Century of Outfitting America,” as part of the prize.

LL Bean

The book is simply wonderful, it is actually covered in canvas just like Bean’s famous boat totes. The book is described on the website as:

“A fresh, engaging look at L.L.Bean’s company story and iconic place in American culture”

It is available at LL Bean, and will set you back a mere $19.12. (I had to think about the price for a nanosecond, but then the synapses kicked in and it made sense, that would be the company’s founding year. The same year the Titanic sank and Fenway Park opened!)

There is a group of limited edition 100th Anniversary merchandise, including these Mini Boat Totes.

LL Bean

To see other 100th Anniversary goodies, click here.

Perhaps nothing is more closely aligned with the LL Bean image than its iconic Maine Hunting Shoes.

LL Bean

Also called duck boots by fans, these are still proudly made in the USA, at LL Bean in Maine. They come in an ever-broader assortment of styles, linings (Gore Tex, wool, shearling, etc.), materials and colors. It seems only fitting that the other item in our giveaway is one of these.

LL Bean

That is a LL Bean Boot key fob, for a size comparison I put it next to a Sharpie.

This one sends the Cute-O-Meter peaking in the red zone.

The winner of the giveaway will receive the Guaranteed to Last book and Boot key fob. Here’s how to enter:

  • For one entry, leave a comment with your favorite LL Bean product
  • For a 2nd/3rd entry(ies) follow LL Bean on Twitter and/or Like their Facebook page and leave a comment telling us you did. (If already doing one/both just let us know in your comment.)

Many thanks to Laurie at LL Bean for making this one happen, we hope LL Bean is around for at least another 100 years. And thanks to our treasured readers, we are blessed to enjoy your company and friendship, by far the very best part of the blog!


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63 responses to “1000th Post: Bean’s Big Birthday

  1. Baltimore Prep

    It is hard to narrow down to one favorite product for sure. Bean has provided so many staples in my family’s wardrobe over the years, from boots, totes, scarves, hunting supplies, jackets, I could go on and on. If I had to pick one, though, it would have to be my trusty duck boots. I owned them growing up and have had my adult pair for many years now…and I expect to have them for many more!

  2. My favorite LL Bean product is easily my trench coat (the Commuter Trench). Though I recently purchased it, I think I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it! It’s a perfect item for the interesting and quickly-changing weather we get here in central Ohio.

    I already like LL Bean on Facebook under jessgambacurta and I follow @LLBean (and Laurie!) on Twitter under @jgambacurta.

    (P.S. I will link to your giveaway in my post on LL Bean picks I’ve been liking, which goes up tomorrow.)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. I grew up wearing LLBean. Now my favorite thing is my blanket!

  4. I can’t not say duck boots. My current pair is approaching its 10th birthday! They’re well-loved and I’m hoping they’ll stick around for another 10 years.

  5. Following on Facebook and on Twitter 🙂

  6. Vanessa G.

    My favorite is the 8″ bean boot with goretex/thinsulate! They’re my favorite shoes (well, those and Jack Rogers…) I follow them on twitter (fancynessy) and am a fan on facebook as well!

  7. Emily

    My favorite LL Bean product is their canvas bag ~ I have one for each family member for trips, one for the family as a pool bag, several with different organizations I’m involved in, several that I received for being bridesmaids…notice a theme here 🙂

  8. My personal favorite LL Bean product is hard to narrow down-my Nana has worked as a nurse for the company for years and my family still wears all LL Bean, all the time. Apparel, luggage, bags, you name it, we have it. My favorite product would have to be the Bean Boots just because they are so durable, comfortable, and versatile! I also follow LL Bean on Twitter and I liked their Facebook page.

  9. Gosh it’s so hard to decide which is my fave LLB item…perhaps a tie between my duck embroidered cords and my monogrammed tote. I just bought the toggle cardi from them this morning :O) So hopefully that will be a favourite too!

    I follow LLB and you on FB!

  10. Amy C

    My favorite LL bean product is definitely the Canvas Tote. Love that they are still made in the USA.

  11. julie holliday

    My very favorite Bean product? So difficult to decide! but my Bean boots that I bought 23 years ago on our honeymoon to Maine have to be my favorite. My husband got a pair also – and we both love them and laugh that they have lasted as long as our marriage (and we just had our anniversary 3/11!!). They have survived moves to different states, winters full of snow and springs that the rains never seemed to end. Love them! and now the children have their own, too. Thanks, Miss Preppy Princess!

  12. Big congratulations to you on your 1,000th post – quite an achievement!! I am already receiving the book I was informed by a friend so good luck to all entering!!

  13. Angela Commers

    My favorite LL Bean product is the Duck Boots–I have them in pink. Sooo cute! I already liked them on FB and followed them on Twitter. Happy Anniversary!

  14. My favorite Bean item is definitely by signature Bean tote, perfect for beach days, picnics, and anything else my weekend throws my way!

    Already a faithful follower and liker of LLBean on twitter and facebook, too!

  15. Happy 1,000 post mark!

    That keychain is too cute. I don’t even know how long I’ve been wanting one for.

    My favorite item is without a doubt the canvas Boat and Tote bags. I can’t even count how many I’ve given as gifts or bought for myself.

    I follow both you and LL Bean on twitter and you on facebook.

  16. Natalie

    The bean boot is my certified favorite! The shetland sweaters come in a close second, with the downside that I always need them taken in since they’re not made in women’s sizes. I think another entry option should be to follow the LL Bean PR account on tumblr! They post new updates and classic photos.

  17. Great giveaway! I follow LLB on Twitter and liked on FB. My favorite product are their car coats (long).

  18. Camille L.

    So many to choose from—but the one that stands out is my Bean backpack. It was Navy blue and had the reflective stripe on the front. I carried it 3 yrs of high school, 4 yrs of college and then my brother used it for at least 5 yrs as his surf gear backpack before it ever got a hole. Keep on posting Preppy Princess–love the blog!

  19. Camille L.

    Following on Twitter and like on Facebook!

  20. Heather

    I love all of the LLBean classics, especially: boat n’ tote bags, back packs, and piqué polo shirts w/ the long placket. Sentimental favorites are the wooden toboggan that we have pulled our children around with during the winter back when they were babies, and the dog blanket that graced out couch for ten years for our Great Dane. (We highly recommend the blanket as Tilly’s next purchase.) I’m also highly anticipating the arrival of my first pair of Bean Boots. Too many great products to pick a single favorite! Congratulations to you on your 1000th post and to Bean on 100 years.

  21. Mummy

    Two favorite items…one is my large canvas bag that always goes to the beach/pool with our family and my sturdy reliable duck boots!
    I am following LLBean on twiter and liked on Facebook too!!!

  22. Erika

    Nothing like my monogrammed Boat and Tote! ❤
    I'm also a fan of their facebook page.

  23. Merideth Bonvino

    I have been an L.L.Bean fan since my monogrammed backpack in elementary school. These days I go with the canvas tote bags and I also follow L.L.Bean on Twitter and Facebook. Great giveaway!

  24. Natalie

    And a second comment, to say I’ve followed them on twitter!

  25. mona

    My fav product is: my many monogrammed boat and totes. Didn’t need my trusty duck boots this winter.
    “Like” on facebook.

  26. Lauren

    I purchased the 100th Anniversary Boat Toats in size Medium. I got both colors because I couldn’t decide, and I had them monogrammed with the family name because we’ve been around for a 100 years too! They are now my new grocery bags!

    I’m also a FB fan!

  27. Stacy

    I LOVE Bean’s boat and totes! they are some of the best things ever!!! However my favorite LL Bean product is the feild coat for dogs. Its just the cutest thing ever and so well made.

    i like LLbean on Fb and follow them on twitter.

  28. Like most,it is almost impossible to pick one favorite LL Bean item. I guess if I had to pick just one, it would be the boat bag with leather handles that I bought on my honeymoon. yep, that’s correct, we drove from Norfolk, VA, to Freeport, ME, for our honeymoon in October 1990! I loved choosing my large boat bag, which proved essential at yearly beach trips as our family grew. However, I loved that this boat bag was the FIRST LL Bean item to be monogrammed with my “new” inititals. I still have that bag……..it only gets better with age and I also have my 6″ gum boots I picked up on that trip. this year I sent my youngest off to Cornell……..complete with an Bean back pack, flannel sheets and, of course, 8″ gum boots or all of the snow in Ithica, NY. I NEED this key ring!

  29. I also already follow LL bean on twitter and LIkE them on FB……

  30. Please count me in! 🙂 Love classic things like they have!

  31. anne hill

    my fav LL Bean product is the Commuter Trench Coat in green!

  32. anne hill

    i follow LL Bean on Twitter (@janejoeyxo)

  33. anne hill

    i like LL Bean’s Facebook page

  34. dave

    love everything ll bean, but if I had to choose one, it would be the ll bean headlamp

  35. dave

    follow llbean on twitter

  36. Richard kolb

    My favorite is their Allagash Cargo Pants, I have 3 pair! I also already follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook.

  37. dave

    follow ll bean on Facebook, too!

  38. I think the best item I have is my barn coat, with a close 2nd going to the duffle bags.

  39. By Royal Blue Monogramed BACKPACK! That I have had for over 20 years 🙂 I refuse to throw it away because its a classic!!!!

  40. Congrats on 1000 posts! Can’t imagine the blog world without you!

    I love the LL Bean whale bedding. It’s too cute!

  41. I’m loving their leather goods right now!

  42. I’m a twitter follower of LLBean (lisacng)

  43. I’m a facebook follower of LLBean (lisa.c.ng)

  44. Congratulations on reaching 1,000! Thank you for continuing to provide us with the prettiest, wittiest best of all the internet.

    My favorite LL Bean product at the moment is the pair of wee rain boots I recently ordered Master P. They are just perfect for the storms we’ve been having here in Texas (yes, we do get them), after which Master P likes to go stomping around in our muddy backyard; these boots have saved a few pairs of shoes (and our floors) from ruin.

  45. Jo

    My favorite LL Bean item is the canvas and leather rucksack. I’ve carried it on adventures in the Middle East before my husband claimed it as his.

  46. Jo

    I just “liked” LLBean on FB.

  47. Congrats on your 1000th blogpost! I’m really glad you decided to start this blog and I’ll definitely keep reading it in the future 🙂

  48. rox

    I love the boat totes – I have multiples of them, at least one of every size, in various colors and monograms.

    I already follow L.L. Bean on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

  49. Cindy Burchfield

    Love LL Bean duck boots!! I am a fan on Facebook!

  50. Suzanne

    Its a tie between the ubiquitous bean boot (I frequently sport the tall shearling ones in winter and switch to the low muckluck style in spring) or the boat & tote of which my collection is embarrassingly deep. I’m both a fan & follower of “the ‘bean”. Thanks!

  51. Liz

    I love my monogrammed Boat Tote!

    I am a fan of LL Bean on Facebook!

  52. I just liked facebook and twitter for LLBean, however I have been a catalog customer for years, starting back with the “duck” boots. Now one of my favorite products and looks is the men’s three quarter length sleeved grey sweatshirt (sz S). I am wearing that now, with a white collared shirt underneath, jeans and silver jewelry. So funny, my second oldest just complimented me, saying the look was “rich” and “classic”.

  53. Legal Preppy

    I love all of the LLB classics, especially the Bean Boots and the Boat and Tote bag. xo, LP

  54. Congratulations on the posting milestone!! Here’s to an always-fun blog!

    My favorite Bean product will always be the Boat and Tote bag; one simply can never have enough of those!

    I’m a fan of LL Bean on Facebook, and follow them on twitter as well!

  55. I am going to have to say bean boots are my favorite products I mean they are still even made in America!

  56. Laurie D.

    L.L.Bean is a classic. Everyone in the family has a different version of the duck boots.

  57. teen!

    The duck!!!

  58. Ashley

    My favorite LLB product is by far the Boat and Tote bag! I have grown up toting one around!

    I am both a fan of LLB on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too!

  59. Anonymous

    Yay for 1000!
    My fave by far are my bean boots.
    Can’t go wrong with anything Bean though.

  60. Alison S.

    My favorite product is hands down the tote, monogrammed of course! Every member of my family has one. I also love the backpacks for kids.

    tribespider at yahoo

  61. Landi Martinez

    My favorite L.L. Bean item is probably the boat tote with the Bean boot a close second. I’ve already “liked” their facebook and follow on twitter.

  62. C. Stovepiper

    My favorite Bean product is my red duffle bag, which I use to take to the gym daily. Already liking and following before this contest!

  63. Bboss

    I love my “Bean” bag. My husband and I were given matching totes with our initials and we use it exclusively for short trips. He gave me a trench coat a few years ago when we were experiencing an El Nino. It has gotten me through many a rainy day.

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