10 responses to “Some Pretty Party Frocks And Angelina’s Leg

  1. Hearty golf claps for your terrific recap here, TP – couldn’t agree more with your analysis. The whole shebang was a bit of a snooze for me, with Gwyneth providing the one moment of breathtaking red carpet glamour.

    I should be over the Leg but am still finding it so deeply hilarious I did my own tribute to it. She is a national treasure, that one.

  2. You have me laughing soo hard, over Angelinas leg, it was actually comical at a point especially when she walked on stage, it was so overt it looked awkward. I mean seriously its taken a comical life of its own, its like a new stance, “the leg”…….too funny!
    Always enjoy watching especially the fun pre shows but frankly this year it was for the most part a bit of a disappointment overall a few standouts here and there but not a single person who totally knocked my socks off. I mean….seriously with all the resources they have…THATS the best they can do!

  3. ava

    My sister just showed me this FAB blog and I just want to say I’ll be a regular visitor. A humorous and all round brilliant round up of Oscar night.

  4. Elentari

    Poor poor Angie. If she wasn’t purposefully jutting it out like she’s begging for attention, the conversation would have stayed with the “Wow she looks gorgeous and she’s got great legs!” Now people are making fun instead, and frankly she deserves it.

  5. Ugh…I never liked her. The leg jut just screams, “I’m not wearing underwear!!!”

  6. Sandra {Preppy 101}

    Angelina is not a fave of mine to say the least – She can show off that leg, but she surely had a difficult time reading the prompter ;-)! hehe XOXO

  7. Jen

    I’m still totally confused by the Angelina leg thing. Why was she standing like that? Didn’t she know she’d get mocked? We all know she has great legs and is thin. It was bizarre to say the least.

  8. Never has a single leg upset me so much. I love Angie. I just wish that she just let it flow. You’re wearing a dress with a high slit? Fine. There will be casual yet mysterious glimpses of the leg. A little mystery. But all of that was too much. Did she think that we thought that she was missing a leg? Who knows. But maybe this is a lesson for next time.

  9. This still has me in stitches. Just a wee look into how over-styled the Hollywood red carpet can get….The best part about it was the unabashed creativity of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE as the photos and mockery ensued. If she wanted attention, she got it. I would LOVE for someone to past one of my legs on a photo of Darth Vader or the Statue of Liberty….

  10. Late to the party on this but I am still not over The Leg. She looked like such a fool! I found it hilarious.

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