About That J. Crew Manolo Blahnik Collaboration

Hello-Hello, welcome to an almost weekend.

This is a busy year for Manolo Blahnik, the renowned designer is approaching his 40th anniversary creating super-chic footwear. There have been, and will continue to be, functions and promotional events in honor of the milestone.  Media profile pieces are also growing in number, The Times ran a wonderful story about the designer’s 40 years in the industry on Wednesday.

This is all happening as the spring 2012 collection debuts, below we show the Acantus shoe from that line.

Courtesy Photo

Some may have read about an upcoming collaboration between J. Crew and Manolo Blahnik, the shoes were first shown at Fashion Week earlier this month.

Steve Eichner/WWD

Here is more from Footwear News:

George Malkemus, president of Manolo Blahnik USA, told Footwear News the collaboration was months in the making and began when J.Crew President Jenna Lyons “fell in love” with Blahnik’s popular BB style.

Another pair via Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.):

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

The designer often works with luxury lines, like Carolina Herrera or Milly by Michelle Smith. Below, one of the custom shoes Mr. Blahnik did for the Milly Fall 2012 runway show.

Milly by Michelle Smith Twitter Feed

Back to the WWD story:

“It’s a way of bringing high and low together,” explained Malkemus.

….this is the first time the brand has ventured outside the luxury realm.”

Though details are still being worked out, Malkemus said the shoes are expected to sell online and in select J.Crew stores under the Blahnik name, for $595 to $645. The actual release date has not yet been finalized.

Hmmmm…. since the shoes were seen at the J. Crew presentation there has been more news about the arrangement. In a recent Wall Street Journal piece the designer said he isn’t interested in mass market production:

I recently turned down a lot of money to create a mass-market type product. I don’t want to make that sort of money if I am polluting my brand.

A story in yesterday’s British Vogue echos those sentiments about retailer collaborations:

“I have been approached so many times to do one, but I don’t want to work for a big company where I’ll have to have lots of meetings where I’m told what I can and can’t do,” he said. “My niece, Kristina, handles that sort of thing for me – it’s just not for me. I was recently contacted by J Crew to do something with them, so I sent them over 45 pairs of shoes, and they announced we were doing a collaboration. I had no idea about it!”

Hmmmm… somewhere between Mr. Blahnik, his niece, and Mr. Malkemus (Blahnik’s USA division president quoted up above) is the truth. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

BTW, if you are a college student and love Milly as much as we do, this post from the brand’s FB page might be of interest:

Do you love MILLY? Do your friends and family love your style? Share the love!

Milly is currently searching for college ambassadors to launch our new 2012 style-setter program. In recognition of your efforts, you will have exclusive access to Milly including discounts and promotions, hands-on marketing experience, and the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills. What’s not to love!?

If you are interested, please send an email to ambassador@millyny.com by Tues, Feb 28 requesting more information.


Our other topic today involves Sunday’s big do, sometimes it includes a bit of this:


Somehow we find a way to overlook any of that because we’re so busy blathering on casually observing the pretty party frocks.

Sadly this is the last Academy Awards show that will be held at the Kodak Theater. Even if the event is held in the same building next year, the name will be different, as part of its bankruptcy proceedings Kodak is dropping its sponsorship of the Theater.  In fact, most reports say that name won’t be heard at all Sunday night, the landlord has told ABC and the Academy to refer to the venue as the “Hollywood and Highland Center,” presumably they have also asked ABC’s producers to have photographers shoot around the name on the building. 

Amy Sancetta/AP Photo

If looking for a little libation inspiration, the folks at Guest of a Guest offer recipes for cocktails with a Best Picture Nominee Cocktail Guide, it includes a frozen Mai Tai inspired by The Descendants:

Guest of a Guest

2 ounces coconut rum
1/2 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce citrus rum
1 1/2 ounces pineapple/orange juice
1/2 ounce cherry rum (try Coconut Jack)
1/2 ounce maraschino cherry juice
maraschino cherry for garnish

Another recipe is for an Orange Tree of Life.

Via Guest of a Guest

 2 Slices Orange
4 Muddled Grapes
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
½ oz lemon juice
1.75 oz Bushmills Whiskey

A few of those and you really won’t care how long the show runs and every acceptance speech will be a thing of beauty, non?

I imagine we’ll be visiting with some of you on Twitter Sunday night; until then, or Monday’s post, have a splendid weekend.



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4 responses to “About That J. Crew Manolo Blahnik Collaboration

  1. So that frozen Mai Tai looks INCREDIBLE. I’ll have five, please.

    I read about the whole J.Crew/Manolo thing earlier today and eesh. It all seems kind of awkward!

  2. Love them! Hope all is well. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh those drinks look awfully good! I think the Manolo/J Crew collaboration will be a big success though I was impressed with the footware J Crew was doing before he came along……..and I wish I was a current college student, I love Milly…one of my faves…and what a fun opportunity for a college girl. Youth really is wasted on the young..not fair:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I don’t own any Manolo/–you? Just can’t seem to spend that much on shoes…..,,would be afraid to walk in them especially in the City. Seems a bit too high end for J Crew to me?

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