“Don. Don Draper.”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a lovely new week, it is a gorgeous day here in The Great Midwest, hopefully it is the same in your corner of the globe.

We take a look today at the just-released promos for Mad Men Season 5.

AMC-TV via Broadway World

With thanks to Life of a Suburban Princess for letting us know the Jon Hamm Don Draper promo is out, it seems things will pick up where they left off….if one can remember that far back.


The show has been off the air since October. Of 2010. The Consort’s comment after seeing the promo speaks to what could be a challenge for the show, he noted that he couldn’t even remember how last year’s series ended. When told there was a “cliffhanger,” he merely responded with a shake of his head, saying he didn’t remember it. In all candor, I don’t either.

AMC and the show’s producers will have to find ways that will engage viewers, get them to care and connect with the program again. The new promo uses video and full screen graphics like this:


The jury is out on whether promises of debauchery are the best way to get viewers excited about the show. It’s likely most women viewers are primarily interested in this:


Although it probably never hurts to tell everyone this:


Series star Jon Hamm has been out and about on behalf of the show in the UK, below left we show him promoting Mad Men at an event last week, and on the right, at an awards show in London.


The season premieres with a two-hour show Sunday, March 25, followed by 13 one-hour episodes. To see the entire 30-second ‘Don is Back’ promo click here.

There are other promos, including a ‘Roger is Back‘ version.

AMC-TV via Oregon Live

We’re also reminded in this one that debauchery is back, as are lust (gasp) and several additional activities mentioned in the other promos.  It goes without saying (so allow me to go ahead and say it) things of this nature are far too racy for your faithful scribe to view. (Cough-cough.)

Fans will be pleased to know this is not the last season for Mad Men, more from Broadway World:

The cable network recently announced that the award-winning series will run for three additional seasons, with the series finale coming at the end of the show’s seventh season.


Some may remember reading that Banana Republic is doing a second Mad Men clothing collection.

Banana Republic

The line officially launches on March 1st, however, many Banana Republic stores are doing a ‘Mad Style Party’ on the 29th, the collection will be on view then and card members can buy pieces. (Do check with your local BR, it’s not clear if this is at all stores or not.)

Banana Republic

Will the show’s return help fill the gap left by the end of Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey via PBS

That remains to be seen, but it can certainly ease the ache, don’t you think?

AMC-TV via Oregon Live

We leave you with something from DA sure to prompt a smile, especially if you missed it last night: a collection of Dame Maggie Smith’s best lines set to a somewhat hipper beat than what the show’s soundtrack offers. 🙂


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13 responses to ““Don. Don Draper.”

  1. They left out “What is a weekend?”!! Easily the best Dowager Countess quote.

  2. Oh, so much to love here, TP, per your usual excellence. I assure you that I clutched my pearls as I watched both the Jon Hamm (er, Don Draper) and Silver Fox (um, Roger Sterling) promos. Twice. I’m sure the Dowager Countess would understand, even though they are American . . .

  3. Absolutely wonderful post. Looking forward to seeing Don back!

  4. It’s so odd. I don’t find that those clips remind me in ANY way of why I like the series so much. Those promos are all James Bond, and the show is more Death of a Salesman…

  5. Aw, The Best Maggie Moments is awesome!

  6. mona

    As always the Princess is spot on in her review. Eye candy? Yes. Have I slept since the last episode.? Yes. Will we miss Downton Abbey? Yes.

  7. Have I mentioned MM comes back on my birthday?

    I will have to re-watch season 4 – I have no idea what happened either!

  8. Princess Freckles

    I’m all about Roger. He even makes me want a new Lincoln….

  9. Lori

    My two favorite shows in one post. Thanks 🙂

  10. Sandra {Preppy 101}

    Aaaah – yes – Mad Men! I love Roger and Don equally well now ;-). But they are going to have to really woo me since they’ve been gone so long – my feelings are still hurt over their AWOL behavior. :-). You know I didn’t get started with the Downton Abby series and only saw a few, but now I am dying to see it all – I think I’ll order the DVD’s and catch up for next season!

  11. I came to the Mad Men party late and watched them all on DVD but I STILL can’t remember what happened. Here is hoping they will do a lengthily recap.

    Meanwhile, I will sorely miss Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith!

  12. Am so looking forward to Mad Men.

  13. I do believe Maggie is the Roger of DA, at least in delivering the best lines. I can not wait. I had to drive by the Draper home when I was in Pasadena last just to get a fix.

    A note to Ms. Preppy 101-one can watch all of the season’s DA on the PBS website.
    Here is the link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/watch/index.html

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