2012 Preppiest Colleges (Ahem) and We’ve Gone to the Dogs

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday.

It’s that time again, the Huffington Post has announced its list of the “Preppiest Colleges in the US,” here is more from the story:

Being a preppy person isn’t all about knowing how to sail and wearing sailing clothes. Anyone in the world can be preppy, if they just want to try it!

(Is it just me, or does this conjure up images of an unruly gang of little children following a leader as he/she exhorts, “C’mon everyone, let’s all go be preppy!”…?)

Back to The List, here it is, each school name is followed by a snippet from the story:

  1. Georgetown: “Backpacks are a faux pas and socks are rarely worn, because obviously they’d look silly with your Sperry Top Siders and short shorts.”
  2. University of Virginia: “At a school that refers to the quad as “the Lawn,” it’s no surprise that many of the frat and sorority houses are situated along “Rugby Road.” The school isn’t lacking in Southern tradition (students joke that UVA’s mantra is “guys in ties, girls in pearls”).”
  3. Boston College: “Even the east coast sports-bro website, Barstool Sports, thinks Boston College is a bit too preppy.”
  4. Wheaton: “”Wheaties” commonly hang around Harvard and Brown on weekends decked out in green and pink apparel and Bermuda bags.”
  5. Cornell: It’s the school that educated Andy Bernard from the Office; ever heard of it? Blogs about Cornell will give you free SWAG if you leave “preppy comments” or tweets.
  6. Ohio State: “Even that bastion of preppiness Brooks Brothers is making a line of Ohio State clothes. (O’s on the cufflinks) Gawker has said (snarkily)that Ohio State was “infested by unbearably-preppy” kids.”
  7. Alabama: Urban Dictionary talks about the Southern Preppies in Alabama wearing Patagonia, Lacoste and Brooks Brothers — which, by the way, also has a University of Alabama line.

Here at the Prepatorium the most surprising thing about the story was in the ‘Bama description:

“For those Alabama fans feeling like they don’t look enough like a prep in their U of A gear, PreppyPrincess.com has you covered with a line of aprons, tote bags, and cloth napkins.”

Eek! Our thanks to the kind folks at HuffPo for the mention. 🙂

It would simply be easier to list name the school from the 2011 roster that were is also named this year, there is only one: Virginia. However, in the interest of providing context, here are the 2011 schools not making the 2012 list.

  1. Sewanee
  2. Miami University (of Ohio)
  3. College of Charleston
  4. Davidson
  5. St. Lawrence University
  6. Bowdoin
  7. Claremont McKenna

As always, the comments are more-than-interesting. Click here for the post in its entirety, scroll way down for comments.


Also today, another annual endeavor, our glance at the goings-on at Madison Square Garden, we’re talking about this year’s  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

We begin with a group shot as the Beagles do their thing in the ring.

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose, right?

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

There’s always a reminder of that old adage about dogs looking like owners…or something.

Michael Nagle/Getty Images

(That’s actually a woman named Grace Forester, from a TV show called “Doggie Moms,” she is holding two pooches at the pre-Westminster Fashion Show at Hotel Pennsylvania.)

Back to our point: it isn’t easy being beautiful. Below, Bentley’s coiffure is kept pretty while he waits his turn in the show ring.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

Ever fell like the day was a total waste of hair spray? How would you like to be a Komondorok? (In reality, this is precisely how this breed’s coat should look.)

Getty Images

The Consort: “That’s a heap of hair.”

Getty Images

Maybe life is easier if there just isn’t as much hair to worry about.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

In some cases the dog is almost as big as the handler, as with Nikki, the Old English Sheepdog seen below left. On the right we show Ian, a Dalmatian, in honor of Karky and Kermit, and Uncle Bruce.

Getty Images/Associated Press

In honor of the inimitable Muffy Martini (actually, in honor of Bitsy and Bandit) we show Cinders, a wirehaired dachshund who was the big winner in the hound group. That photo on the right isn’t nearly as bad as it might appear, the handler is actually reacting after the group judge awarded Cinders that title.

Associated Press

Sometimes it’s tough on the humans too.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

And you thought it was easy on the handlers?

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

This year’s big winner is Malachy, a Pekingese, taking the Best in Show title.


At times it’s hard to keep your cool.

AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary

It’s obvious what Manchester wants to know: “Where’s Tilly?”

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Why, she’s still waiting for her invitation, that’s where she is.

She waits, and she waits, and it never comes.



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15 responses to “2012 Preppiest Colleges (Ahem) and We’ve Gone to the Dogs

  1. Ah yes, we UVA alumni wear the title proudly, no matter how dubious these lists/rankings are 🙂

    All due respect to Cinders, but we were tres disappointed that the Redbone Coonhound wasn’t the hound winner. We’re a bit partial, but they really are the best!

  2. Tilly would win hands down…..those “show dogs” have NOTHING on Tilly! How generous of her to not attend so as to not show them up:)
    Not totally surprised about the college preppy list….but where is Williams and Dartmouth, Middlebury? I am surprised they didn’t make the list…..UVA is a no brainer. Several family members attended/attend, and its been the experience of a lifetime. We will be visiting next year with my 10th grader, its such a beautiful campus. Fun post!

  3. I actually covered the HuffPo post on my blog yesterday (see here). I’m a Columbus, OH resident (though not native) and I disagree with their findings for 2012; the 2011 list is a much better list of schools I’d consider “preppiest.” So weird that Ohio State made the list.

    I saw a photo of that Pekingese earlier today…gosh, what a blow out on that fur/hair!

  4. Whomever made the list clearly hasn’t actually been to Ohio State – furthest thing from preppy. (And I’m not just saying that as a Miami U alum! My brother currently attends Ohio State and I live in the area). While there may be some preps there, the predominant feel is not preppy. There are many universities which didn’t make the list that are far more preppy than Ohio State. Having a president who wears a bow tie does not a preppy school make!

  5. Telling myself that you put the beagle photo in there just for ME! (Ok, ok perhaps not. Congrats on the HuffPo mention…even if I think poor Tulane never gets a nod….

  6. Elaine Karrh

    Being a Univ.of Alabama Alum,I am thrilled with the #7 ranking of preppiest university.I also own a wire-haired doxie,Miss Maybelline,so we were quite excited with the doxie winning “Best of Hound” Great post!!!

  7. Lucy First

    I am a Columbus, Ohio native and have been raised a Prep, so I was shocked to see OSU on the list. While I love that preppy companies, like Brooks Brothers, are coming out with OSU apparel, the school as a whole is not preppy. Just compare what OSU fans wear to football games to what UVA or Alabama fans wear. It’s not even a competition. I will always love my Buckeyes, but I am sorry they do not qualify as a Preppy school. I agree that the 2011 list is much better. And I am rooting for my school, DePauw University, to one day make an appearance as we fit many of the HuffPo descriptions!

  8. Really, OSU??? That’s laughable!! And the other schools it bumped off are so far out of OSU’s league. Interesting, but wrong!!

  9. mona

    Awww…Tilly you’re a winner in my book!

  10. Awww tilly!
    I went to the first night of the show – it was amazing to see all the dogs getting prepped for the show.

  11. Sending out a big ole’ Roll Tide from the Deep South! xo

  12. There is nothing preppy about Ohio State! It’s a great school and Columbus is a fun town but soooo not preppy! St Lawrence from last year isn’t either, for that matter. Who makes up these lists? Crazy talk!

  13. Eek – Tilly *and* a HuffPo mention, much to be excited about here!

    As for that list, I’m convinced they must pick at random – OSU? Those poor Trinity kids must be awfully put out.

  14. ajtonarely@att.net

    Our vet, a young smart woman, has breed Rottweilers for years who under her care have shown none of the “bad boy” rep they have sometimes been collared with. Not long ago, she took her best 2-year old, Ivan, to Westminster and won “Best in Breed”. Apparently, her screams of excitement were so loud, a dowager in her finest Chanel and freshly coiffed helmet hair turned and bellowed at her, “It’s just a dog, for God’s sake!” Wonder what show she thought she was attending.

  15. seersuckersong

    i canf believe trinity didnt mske the cut. its the preppiest of all

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