8 responses to “A Life-Size Barbie Dream House, Ralph Lauren US Olympic Uniforms

  1. Lauren

    Love Barbie and LOVE the Olympics!!!!!

  2. I love the Ralph Lauren US Olympic Uniforms!

  3. That barbie doll house come to life is pretty amazing! Love the RL uniforms but not a huge fan of the supersized pony, only part I dont’ love, great grosgrain belts!

  4. Anonymous

    I love Ralph, but boy do I hate that giant Pony. So tacky.

  5. I guess RL wants to make sure even the people in the nosebleeds know where to buy the shirts!

  6. Life size Barbie Dream house…perfect…over the top, but that’s what makes it so perfect. Love RL, not so much the giant Pony, but the belts are fabulous.

  7. Love dresses and skirts— never wear pants except jeans and cords. Won’t miss them!:-)

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