Win a Pair of Jack Rogers!

Hello-Hello, we hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Today we have a little surprise, something that we hope will brighten up your Monday and put a smile on your face: we are giving away a pair of Jack Rogers!

The sandals are legendary with most preps, seen throughout the year in warmer climates, worn a good eight months of the year in cooler climates.

Courtesy Jack Rogers

For those not so familiar with the brand, a bit of history via the folks at Jack Rogers:

“Born on the streets of Capri, the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal immigrated to America courtesy of style icon and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Kennedy favored its elegant ease as a relief from the formalities that her official life demanded.

First made by small, independent cobblers in and around Palm Beach, Jack Rogers put the sandal into expanded production in 1961. The Jack Rogers Navajo sandal was an immediate hit as it became available to fashionable women coast to coast.

Via Jack Rogers Pinterest

The classic whip-stitched sandals are now seen throughout the world, but the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal is still made by hand in Florida. Another look at the former First Lady in a pair.

Via Jack Rogers Pinterest

These days there are a lot more colors and styles to choose from.

Courtesy Jack Rogers

The line has grown to loads of other styles, there are oodles of options in the collection now, including the Pop Art Navajo by artist Kenny Scharf, Slim Ballet Flat and the Clare Wedge.

Jack Rogers

The company even has a smashing new flagship on the upper east side.

Jack Rogers

They also are a force for good, a donation from the sale of each pair of these Memorial Sloan-Kettering Navajos will go to the Cancer Center.

Jack Rogers

But today we focus on the Jack Rogers College Colors. Below we show several pair of Navajos that would be ideal for school functions at, oh, let’s say Clemson (L), or the University of Michigan (M), or the University of Oklahoma (R). There are several other schools where that red and white pair would also be ideal, including a University-that-shall-not-be-named-in-a-state-that-begins-with-the-letter-O.

Jack Rogers College Colors

The shoes retail for $105, we’re thinking Vanderbilt fans will like the pair on the far left, while those fond of N. Carolina will appreciate the pair in the middle, the Navajos on the far right will definitely hold some appeal for Florida fans.

Jack Rogers College Collection

Actually, these are fab whether you went to one of the schools or not, the color combinations are striking.

So down to business, the lucky winner will receive their very own pair of Jack Rogers Navajo sandals from the College Colors collection.  We admit to being excited about this giveaway, the sun is shining brightly, spring (and spring break!) is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for a little fun and frivolity.  Here is how to enter:

  • For one entry, leave a comment with your favorite shoe Jack Rogers shoe style *other than* the Navajo;
  • For a 2nd entry become a Jack Rogers fan on Facebook & let us know you did (if already a fan, just include that info in your comment so you receive this additional entry);
  • For a 3rd entry, Tweet about the contest on Twitter & let us know you did (we’re on Twitter & love it);
  • For multiple additional entries, tell a friend! For each friend leaving a comment that mentions your name (or your blog or email or other means of identifying you) you receive two additional entries!

You can leave a separate comment for each entry, or put them all in one, whatever works for you. We’ll keep track of all this and pull the winner using a random number generator.

The contest ends this Friday night at Midnight, we’ll announce the winner on Monday. In the interim, you can you can even follow that cute Jack Rogers girl (seen below) on Twitter, or visit the Jack Rogers Facebook page, its Tumblr, and/or its Pinterest, they even have a board with nothing but photos of Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Jack Rogers


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172 responses to “Win a Pair of Jack Rogers!

  1. I love the Marbella Platform Wedge!

  2. Favorite shoe Jack Rogers shoe style *other than* the Navajo – Narrow monogrammed sandal

    I RT’d your Tweet about the giveaway

  3. Maureen

    What a great giveaway.
    I do not have any Jack Rogers sandals or shoes but I have them on a wish list.
    The shoes I like other than the Navajo are the Slim Ballet flat especially in the Platinum color.

  4. lovely lovely lovely…

    flashing on Mrs. O walking into Valentino’s on Madison while my eyes tried to stay in my head … and I considered the cost of plain white trousers

  5. courtneygrillbuckley

    The Betty and Matador are adorable!

  6. AshleyMBlake

    I love my slim ballet flat! Perfectly preppy for the office! See tweet at AshleyMBlake

  7. Leah Tully

    My fave Jack Rogers shoe (besides the obvious Navajo) is the Monogramed Sandal in black!

    I’ve already liked Jack Rogers on facebook long ago to keep updated with their sales/ new styles!

  8. I love the Cleopatra sandal! So fun, you could wear it to dressier functions and it would look darling with slim crop pants.

  9. My favorite Jack Rogers style (other than Navajo) is the Rogers Slim ballet flat. I love being able to wear my Jacks all year long!

  10. 1. My fav shoe, other than the navajo has to be the Jill Moccasin flat. That python is so chic!
    2. I’m a Jack Rogers fan on facebook
    3. I tweeted about this @katherineahale
    Umm, can Jack Rogers please make a red and blue navajo for University of Kansas? I would love to have some Jayhawk pride sandals, but till then I would go with navy and white, still classic, still ultra wearable!

  11. Cara

    My favorite Jack Rogers shoe is the Marbella Espadrille! Makes me feel like I’m back on beautiful southern Spain!

  12. Pamela Friedman

    If you’re looking for a Jack Rogers shoe, other than the Navajos, the Marbella Espadrille is a sure thing! Big fan on Facebook!

  13. Stephanie

    I love the Clare Wedge! I am also a fan on FB. Thank you for offering a fun giveaway!

  14. samanthak

    Love the Clare wedge! Just became a fan on Facebook and tweeted about the jr giveaway (@bbcat3289)

  15. Awesome giveaway on one of my most favorite shows…own several pair…love them! I do like Navajo the but Georgica would be a close 2nd. I liked them on facebook…fingers crossed! Thanks, have a great day:)

  16. B. Catt

    leaving a mention for bbcat3289, who looks extra preet in her navajos

  17. Susan H

    My favorite pair of Jack Rogers is the bone/white Palm Beach Mid Wedge. Love the combination of bone and white. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

  18. Anonymous

    Other than the navajo, my favorite Jack Rogers is the monogramed sandal!

    I also like JR on Facebook.

  19. fabulous giveaway! hope i win!

    1. my favorite style (other than the beloved navajo) is the hamptons wedge!
    2. i’m a FB fan.
    3. i tweeted about it (@dks2008 and mentioned you).

  20. Cara

    Just became a Jack Rogers fan on Facebook!

  21. Elizabeth

    i LOVE the marbella espadrille!!!! can’t go wrong with a wedge/espadrille in the summer!!

    i like them on facebook

    i tweeted about this


    I love, love, love the Clare wedge.

    I am a fan of JR on FB. (shana Hertz Hattis)

    I Tweeted the giveaway (@shertz1981)

  23. Oh, clearly the Claudette! Obsessed.

    And I’m a fan on FB! Thanks!

    And here’s hoping for some *WAKE FOREST* Gold and Black! (Vandy doesn’t have the copyright on gold and black, hehe!)

  24. I like the Jill Moccasin flat! I also like Jack Rogers on Facebook. 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. Laura

    1.) My favorite JR (other than the Navajo of course) is the rogers slim ballet flat.
    2.) I became a fan of JR on facebook!

  26. Love the ballet flats. Adorable. Great giveaway!

  27. Already friends on Facebook.

  28. Marissa Cullen

    I love the Rogers Ballet Flats!
    I am a fan of Jack Rogers on Facebook 🙂

  29. Tweeted @splendidsass.

  30. Already following on twitter.

  31. Jennifer Tuggle

    My favorite Jack Rogers style is the Dakota Summer.
    Thanks! Love your blog.

  32. Jennifer Tuggle

    I made Jack Rogers a “favorite” on facebook. Thank you.

  33. Lucy First

    Long time reader, first time writer here! As I child I always remember my mom and aunts wearing Jack Rogers! I never appreciated them until I got to college. Seeing so many women wear them, I realized how stylish my mom and my aunts are. Now I just can’t get enough of them, especially all the collegiate colors! Other than the classic Navajo, I love the Rogers Slim Ballet Flat in platinum! They are very cute and you can wear them with so many outfits throughout the year!

  34. Lucy First

    Whoops, and yes I am a fan of Jack Rogers on Facebook and I did tell my twitter followers about this great contest!

  35. Ooooo what fun!!!

    My second favourite shoe is the monogrammed sandal. Natch ;o)

    I followed JR on facebook…in fact been following them for ages

    I tweeted!

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!

  36. Alison

    oooh. I love Jack Rogers and have the navajo’s in gold, silver and tan. I also like the monogrammed sandals and the Georgica Python sandals.

    tribespider at yahoo

  37. Kristi P

    I love the Georgica Python!

    I liked JR on FB.

  38. Hayley Deutsch

    Slim ballet flat

  39. Kinzy Tippett

    Love Jack Rogers! My favorite pair is the Marbella Platform in a tan color I got last summer… And my daughter’s favorite pair (now 10) was a pink and green pair of navajo flips when she was two… and we have not been able to find them since…

  40. Sarah Q.

    My favorite is, of course, the navajo but otherwise I like the rogers slim ballet flat! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  41. Hello darling Preppy Princess 🙂
    1. I love the Palm Beach Mid Wedge!
    2. I’m a fan on FB.
    3. I tweeted about the giveaway!! @pinkngreenprep

  42. I love the Pattys flat!
    It’s funny because I was just thinking it was time to order a new pair of sandals! Maybe i’ll get lucky and win!

  43. I would love the navy and white pair!! It’s as close as it gets to my Simmons College colors and it’s classic! Love!

  44. I just liked Jack Rogers on FB!

  45. I am a fan of jack Rogers on Facebook!

  46. I tweeted the giveaway on twitter!!

  47. Hi there! I grew up in the south and I went to the College of Charleston where Navajo Jack Rogers ran wild. We called them “Jacks”. I love my Jacks. I also really like the Hamptons Hi Wedge and the rain boots. I just became a fan on Facebook! And I just tweeted @preppyprincess
    Thanks for the offer! Skylar Stetten

  48. Anne Newcomb

    Other than the Navajo, I love the Claire Wedge!! I’m already a fan of Jack Rogers on FB. Thanks!

  49. Anna Tonarely

    Bonanno Sandals made everyone in Palm Beach’s sandals not just Jackie’s & they still do. You can even have your own totally custom pair made (for every Lilly outfit!) and have them
    monogrammed too! They are made by hand and are still all leather not like Jack Rogers with the plastic soles. When they wear out, you can have them re-done to wear again for another 10 yrs. O magazine featured Stephen’s shop 2 yrs. ago w/ a lime green stitched aqua based Navajo with a diamond monogram to match the rope. You cannot compare a day in Jack Rogers to a day in handmade Bonannos. (FYI ONLY SUSAN : I’d run an article closer to summer. They retail them at C.C. Orrico, the original Lilly store in Palm Beach as Bonnano sandals. But I always deal directly w/ the Sandal Shop.) Thanks for the Lilly notes. xxoo I guess there’s no point sending the 3s Lilly phone cover back. No one probably has the phone any more and you wouldn’t sell it. I’m still in bed: 4 days in, 1 evening out. We’re improving! Regrds to the Royal Consort. Best to you and a smile to carry the day, Anna (Tonarely)

  50. I’m a fan on Facebook and I love the Hamptons wedge!

  51. BroncoMom

    Hello Princess!
    Happy Monday to you.
    My choice for Jack Rodgers would be the Cleopatra style in platinum. One can only imagine how many outfits would be dazzling wearing these adorable sandals.

  52. Hi there! As a person living in the Palm Beaches, I think that I would wear these quite often. I have even been to JFK’s nuclear bunker on Peanut Island. (A must see!)
    1. I love the Pauline Stitch shoe!
    2. I have become a facebook fan
    3. I just tweeted about the contest.

  53. Love the Georgica sandals!

  54. Ransom

    I love the Betty! The tassel bow to so cute. I also ‘like’ Jack Rogers’ on Facebook.

  55. shannonigans

    What a lovely giveaway!
    My favorite JR shoe is the Carla flat. Love the contrasting colors!
    I also just became a fan of Jack Rogers on FB!

  56. CJ

    My favorite Jack Rogers shoe style *other than* the Navajo is the Georgica Python!

    I also am a Jack Rogers fan on Facebook!!

  57. Being that I live in hot hot Tucson, I get to wear my Jack’s almost year round! They are trully the shoe of choice down here! I will certainly be adding a pair of the Clare Rope Wedges to my collection this spring to add a little height to things, I am loving them in gold! I don’t have Facebook, but will be spreading the word via my own, private, blog. Happy Monday! My fingers are crossed!

  58. Carrie Costantini

    I LOVE the Clare Rope Wedge! And I just liked Jack Rogers on FB 🙂

  59. Scarlett Lynn

    Jack Rogers sandals are my favorite summer accessory. Other than the navajo, I am just in love the monogrammed sandal!

  60. Scarlett Lynn

    I tweeted about the Jack Rogers giveaway and liked it on Facebook!

  61. LynetteKaren

    I am just obsessed with the monogrammed sandals!

    (I found out about this via a friend: Scarlett Lynn)

  62. Anonymous

    My favorite Jack Rogers shoe is the Marbella Espadrille! So pretty!! Also, I liked facebook for an additional entry!!

  63. K. Hannaford

    Georgica 🙂

  64. I love the Capri platform! They would be great during the summer with a shorts or a cute sun dress.
    PS. I added Jack Rogers on Facebook AND tweeted about the contest on my twitter account! (@candacelynn)

    Thanks for offering this awesome contest!!! 🙂

  65. I love the Clare Rope Wedges! I am also a fan of Jack Rogers on Facebook! I also tweeted about the giveaway! I hope I win!

  66. Nicole Carlson

    1. My favorite Jack Rogers shoe, other than the Navajo, is the Rogers Slim Ballet Flat!
    2. I liked Jack Rogers on FaceBook!

  67. I love the Claudette wedge! I’ve wanted my first pair of Jack Rogers for a long, long time!!!

    I liked them on FB (you’re my friend on FB so you can see and confirm this).

    Also, retweeted about the contest as well.

    Fingers crossed I get a new pair of shoes!!!

  68. Slim ballet flat is my fave other than Navajo and I liked JR on FB!!!


  69. Angela

    1. Palm Beach Mid Wedge!
    2. Already liked them on facebook 🙂
    3. Tweeted

  70. Great giveaway!!
    I love the Clare Rope Wedge.

  71. I am already a Jack Roger on Fan on Facebook.

  72. Carly

    I have been wanting the slim ballet flats to walk around NYC!

  73. Amy

    How exciting!! I have to admit I’m highly attracted to the collegiate styles, but I also love the wedges! The Napa Valley Mid Wedge is adorable! I could actually wear that to work, which is awesome. Good luck to me! 🙂

  74. MCW

    The narrow monogrammed sandal is my 2nd favorite! I am a gold Navajo girl and have been for years. What a great giveaway!

  75. Scottie Mom

    I love the monogrammed sandal & the Clare Wedge!! Both are super cute.

  76. I love the Clare rope wedges, but I’m really hoping to win a pair of the Carolina blue navajos…. Go Tar Heels!! I follow JR on facebook, and I’m going to tweet about the giveaway! Hope I win!! *fingerscrossed!*

  77. Natalie

    I love the Jill Moccasins!

  78. sara brown

    I love the Mirabella platform!

  79. gomarch28?

    I like the Dakota Summer!

  80. Besides the Navajos, I love the Highland Rainboots, super cute!
    I also like Jack Rogers on Facebook. Hope to win! Thanks!

  81. Angela

    I have become a fan on Facebook.

  82. Angela

    I love the Dakota Summer

  83. Angela

    And I tweeted about it too!

  84. alinda

    The Dakota Summer and Pattys are fabulous! My feet would love them!!

  85. Bridgette Long

    I liked Jack Rogers on facebook & I tweet Preppy Princess and Jack Rogers USA! Pretty please can I have my favorite Jack Rogers, the monogrammed sandal in bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Meggles

    Love the Slim Ballet flats in gold!

    I also liked Jack Rogers on Facebook 🙂

  87. BAH

    I need a new pair, as I recently wore out my gold ones! I am already a fan of JR on Facebook. My favorite style other than the Navajo is the Rogers Slim Ballet Flat 🙂

  88. I love the Clare Wedge and I like them on FB!

  89. I LOVE the Claudette Wedge! So adorable!!!

  90. I am a fan on Facebook
    Aurora Moore

  91. kt

    I would have to say the Maggie kitten heels! I have them in several colors, and they have become my warm weather staple shoes!

  92. Allyson

    I love the Betty flats! So cute and has a bow. What’s not to love? But if I win, it is the navy and white palm beach all the way!

    Also tweeted @HBMomof2

  93. I love the Clare Wedge! Though I have no idea which color I like best.

    I like them on facebook!

  94. MJ Moore

    I’m putting the Claudette wedge on my spring must-have list!

  95. MJ Moore

    I like Jack Rogers on Facebook!

  96. MJ Moore

    I followed/ RT’d- @butterflyrouge

  97. Colleen

    I think it would have to be the ballet flats – great giveaway! Thanks.

  98. Elizabeth Curry

    The Matador Flats or the Monogrammed ones — fabulous!

  99. Linda

    Rogers Slim Ballet Flat is the other than Navajo style shoe I like, and I “Followed” on facebook. I do not own a pair however have liked the look and would love to try!

  100. Jenny Martin

    Love Jack Rogers! Would love to own a pair of these preppy sandals!!! The colors are glorious!!! My favorites are the narrow monogrammed, really cool!!! jenM

  101. Ali

    Oooh, fun!

    1) I love the Jill Moccasins – so cute! and
    2) I’m a fan of Jack Rogers on Facebook.

    Hope I win!

  102. gaby

    Became a Jack Rogers fan on Facebook – Gab Juk

  103. Carrie

    Besides my (4 pairs of) navajo sandals, I LOVE my Jack rainboots in bright red!

  104. Carrie

    I’m a fan of JR on FB!

  105. Jen

    I am loving the monogrammed sandal on their site. I’ve never seen these before. So cute. I know of a friend who would be thrilled to get a pair. I’ll send her over.

  106. Sarah V

    The Lara is perfection. I could wear it all summer, everyday.

  107. 1. I love the dakota summer flat!

  108. 2. I already “like” JR on facebook!!

  109. Emily Meyers

    Can’t go wrong with the Marbella Platform – my go to for the Grove! Hotty Toddy 🙂

  110. bmanzelli

    I can’t live without my navajo sandels!
    I have already liked JR on facebook!

  111. Rowboats

    I love my two pair of Navajos, but I wish wish wish wish wish i had a pair of those Slim Ballet Flats! Great choice for spring…

  112. Leah

    I love the Slim Ballet Flats! What a great giveaway! Jack is the best!

  113. Leah

    I like Jack Rogers on Facebook!

  114. Amy C

    I just love the Clare Wedge. Thanks for the great blog!

  115. Ooh – such a fun giveaway, TP! I’ve been wanting a pair of Navajos for, oh, forever.

    I’m a flats-wearer nowadays, so my other favorite would be the Slim Ballet Flats in that delicate silver.

  116. Madeleine Forrest

    My favorite (other than the Navajo) are the slim ballet flats! They could be worn with so much!! (I also have already liked JR on facebook!)

  117. Man, are we late to the party!

    1. Our favorite style (other than the Navajo) is the Palm Beach Wedge.
    2. We like Jack Rogers on Facebook.
    3. We Tweeted about it!

  118. Donna Welling

    Love some Gator Navajos, as well as my Marbella platform wedges.

    *liked Jack Rogers on FB as well!

  119. Kathy Nguyen

    the slim ballet flats fit like butter! i didnt even have to break them in! and lest we forget the orange and maroon navajos that can ONLY be for the hokies 🙂

    1)already a fan on facebook
    2) tweeted about you! @kathyknguyen

  120. I love the clare rope wedges and the monogramed sandals!
    I already “like” JR on Facebook and tweeted about the giveaway!

  121. Devin

    1) I love the Georgica sandal!
    2) fan on Facebook!

  122. I love the wide monogrammed sandals in navy with a pink monogram – beautiful!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Debbie Barker

  123. I just became a fan on facebook “For a 2nd entry become a Jack Rogers fan on Facebook & let us know you did”
    Thanks again!
    Debbie Barker

  124. Devin

    Love the monogrammed sandals! And liked on Facebook as well! Heard about this from

  125. Pearls&Curls

    The Marbella Platform Wedge is my 2nd favorite! 🙂

  126. Just tweeted for my “or a 3rd entry, Tweet about the contest on Twitter & let us know you did (we’re on Twitter & love it)”
    Fingers crossed!
    Debbie Barker

  127. Courtney Worley

    My favorite style (other than navajo, of course) would definitely have to be the monogrammed sandal! Can’t go wrong with a good monogram! I am also already a fan of JR on facebook.

  128. Debbie F.

    The Rogers Slim ballet flat is my “other” favorite, especially the navy.

  129. Debbie F.

    I am a long-time “liker” of Jack Rogers USA on Facebook.

  130. Mar

    I LOVE Jack rogers anything! These would be awesome because they are something Id love to get but cant afford right now.

    I love the marbella platform!

  131. Mar

    I follow jack rogers on facebook! -Mar Sam

  132. Madalyn Jamison

    Favorite Jack Rogers shoe other than the Navajo are the Katie’s ankle boots in cappuccino perfect for fall or winter!

  133. Shannon

    I love the Hampton’s Mid Wedge in Gold!
    I liked Jack Rogers on Facebook!

  134. Corrie

    love jack rogers! my favorite other than the navajo his the clare wedge. i already like jack rogers on facebook!

  135. What a generous giveaway! Thank you, TP! My favorite style other than the Navajo is the Claudette Wedge. It looks like it would be perfect with summer dresses.
    I’m a Jack Rogers Facebook fan.

  136. KLC

    I love my slim ballet flats!

  137. Legal Preppy

    Oh my goodness I’d love to be entered. I just swear by my Jacks! Other than the Navajo, I’m loving my new pair of flats. They’re super comfy and chic! xo, lP

  138. Nancy

    Ballet flat

  139. Megan Di Lella

    I love the monogrammed sandal in black! I’m a fan of jack Rogers on Facebook and retweeted about the contest!

  140. Michelle

    I love the Palm Beach Mid Wedge, though my multiple pairs of Navajo sandals will always be my fav. Just liked Jack Rogers on Facebook!

  141. Andrea

    1. My favorite Jacks are the Marbella wedges (I have a weakness for wedge espadrilles).

    2. I’m a fan on Facebook.

    3. I re-Tweeted your giveaway tweet.

    Thank you!

  142. Ashlyn Eiden

    1. My fav shoe, other than the navajo, Matador flat I love my black ones with the bow!!!
    2. I’m a Jack Rogers fan on facebook
    3. I tweeted about this @ashlyn369

    ❤ thank you ❤

  143. What a fantastic giveaway! I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance to enter. My favorite shoe after the navajo is the monogrammed sandal, but I feel like it is so similar to the navajo that choosing it would be cheating, so I shall select the Betty (on sale even!) as my favorite. Great great giveaway!

    I shall march over and “like” Jack Rogers on Facebook right now and for a third entry look for my tweet in 3…2….1….

  144. wendy perry

    I love the Marbella wedge ( I have it in 3 colors!) and
    I’m a fan of JR on facebook!

  145. 1. I love the Marbella Espadrille!
    2. “like” on facebooke
    3. tweeted @shelbyscheidt

    Hope I win! 🙂

  146. Kimberly

    My fav JR is the Georgica Python!! 🙂 I’m already a FB fan/like & I retweeted your contest, started following you on Pinterest, commented on your blog and liked JR’s on FB. Would luv a free pair of any color. Thanks!

  147. Amber Rhodes

    I love the wedges! I liked them on FB and shared with my friends.

  148. #1…I love the new Clare Wedge! I need to replace my pink and white navajo’s! STAT!

    #2….Just became a fan of Jack Rogers page!


  149. This is so exciting and I hope I win a pair:)
    1. My fav shoe, other than the navajo has to be the Bahama Jelly ones:) I love that they can be worn no matter the weather!
    2. I’m a Jack Rogers fan on facebook
    3. I tweeted about this @ridgwama
    That would be 3 entries for me!!!

  150. Merideth Bonvino

    Love the monogrammed sandal and I follow Jack Rogers on Faceboook (Merideth Bonvino)

  151. Kristen Harris

    Favorite I don’t have just one favorite. I like the Jill Moc. for winter and the Georgica for summer.

  152. MMS

    My favorites other than the Navajos are the Wide Monogrammed Sandals and the Georgica Sandals.

    I like Jack Rogers on Facebook!

  153. Jeanne Ewe

    Never owned a pair…maybe I will win a pair…any pair!

  154. Sherri

    I love the Gold Clare Wedge…..they are a must have. I am a fan on FB, too.

  155. Angela Commers

    I just liked JR on Facebook! I am a fan! My favorite shoe other than the Navajo is the Jill moccasin (in black–so practical for summer!) What a fun give-away!

  156. freeman

    navajos are the best, but i also am obsessed w the cleopatra! #lovemyjackrogers

  157. Elliott

    Oo I’m a fan of the Pauline.

  158. Cynthia

    Clare wedge. I tweeted about he contest. I like JR on FB.

  159. Christie

    I also love the monogrammed sandals! Or the ballet flats.

  160. Christie

    Oh, and of course, I am a fan on Facebook!

  161. Jan Warner

    My favorite is the georgica python

  162. Jan Warner

    I am following you on facebook

  163. Amanda Murphy Starkey

    Amazing contest! I LOVE the Palm Beach Mid Wedge. I like JR on Facebook (Mimi Murphy)…Thanks PP!

  164. Missy Coward

    Love all of the Jack Rogers, especially the Clara wedge! I am a fan of theirs on FB.

  165. Ann

    Love my Navajo, and am lovin’ the monogrammed sandals, of course. I think the esparadille and clare rope wedges look cute too. Thanks for the contest!

  166. Shelby

    My favorite Jack Roger other than the navajo is their ballet flats!

  167. I love the Georgica! And I am a fan of JR on facebook, Mary Katherine Morgan!