Brooks Brothers Spring 2012 & Yo’ – The Princess Raps

Hello-Hello, and happy Friday!

We are *very* brief today, with a quick look at some of the pieces in Brooks Brothers‘ spring women’s collection.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

We saw lots to like, especially a color palette in navy, turquoise or aqua, green and white.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

Brooks has put the catalog online if you enjoy viewing things that way.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

The catalog is replete with nautical imagery.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

Right down to photos of the Women’s Leather Espadrilles and Men’s Boat Shoes.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

Here we see the Boatneck Knit Top and Anchor Polo.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

A few more styles.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

We like almost all of the pieces in these next three looks (we’re concerned the skirt on the far left may not be as flattering as one would hope for those above Size 6 or 8), especially the dress on the far right.

Brooks Brothers Spring 2012

We hope to see some of these in person very shortly.


We leave you with hopes this next item will put a smile on your face, I hadn’t even heard of it until yesterday when The Consort played it for me. It’s a rap song that we both like. Really, it’s true. Can’t you see the two of us flashing the “P” (for Princess, hello!) and dancing around the Prepatorium? “Cuz it’s the Plaid Rap yo, in case you didn’t know.”

Plaid Rap

You may listen to the Plaid Rap in its entirety here.

Have a great weekend, we’re back on Monday with a *very* exciting giveaway.


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2 responses to “Brooks Brothers Spring 2012 & Yo’ – The Princess Raps

  1. MCW

    Pockets low on hips are flattering for anyone! BB looks adorable, although that anchor polo looks a little geeky.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Now that Brooks Brothers stuff, that, to me, is True Prep.

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