New & Cool at the Princess

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednesday here at The Prepatorium.

It’s that time of year when we showcase new products at the Princess, we are overflowing with all manner of additions to the site.  We start by showing something we discovered to be very popular with those seeking serious phone protection and style, our personalized Lipstick Shades otterbox cases ($68) for the iPhone 4.

Lipstick Shades at

Also a new favorite, the ‘Simply Stated‘ cases from Lipstick Shades ($40), there are loads of cute patterns for this style of case.

'Simply Stated' iPhone 4 Cases at

There are more goodies for your electronic and tech devices, our personalized Clairebella iPad Folio Cases ($72) offer a splash of color and protection for your iPad, they fit both the 1 and 2.

Clairebella at

Made of neoprene and leather, the cases also act as an easel, so you can stand that iThing right up if you want to.

Clairebella iPad Folio at

There are also new Clairebella Netbook Sleeves, they run from $37 – $58 depending upon the size you need.

Clairebella at

There are also new Clairebella skins ($31) for all sizes and styles of electronics, including the iPad 1 and 2, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab & Tab 10.1 (US), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2 & 3, Nook Color and Nook Touch.

Clairebella at

For anyone unfamiliar with ‘skins,’ they are something like a decal that fits on your device. Fair warning however – skins are more about presentation, not protection. Below, a sleeve in the orange and pink Hamptons print is seen with a skin in orange Links.

Clairebella at

Also recently launched, Jonathan Adler’s style statements for your favorite four-legged family members, including these snuggly scarves, just $14.50.

Jonathan Adler at

Those with a nautical inclination (hello, Nautical by Nature…?) might be interested in some of our other new Adler treasures, including his snappy Key Fobs (our favorite is the Whale $17.50); the letterpress Anchor Note Cards ($17.50) are also very appealing.

Jonathan Adler at

Staying with the nautical theme, how about our Sloane Ranger iPad Cases? The Scottie Dogs, Horses are more of a landlocked look, but the Whales speak of the sea, as do the Anchors.

Sloane Ranger at

Also added to our Sloane Ranger line, Wrap Bracelets ($8), Crossbody Bags ($22), and Wristlets ($16), all perfect for the beach this spring break.

Sloane Ranger at

One of my favorite additions to the store has to be our new personalized Royal Ribbons, we fell in love with this custom product the first time we saw it!

Royal Ribbons at

It is perfect for gifts, corporate events, holidays, baby and wedding showers, weddings, birthday or any other reason you want to stand out and make your mark!

Royal Ribbons at

Almost any combinations of words and symbols can go on the ribbon, there is a dizzying array of colors and widths.

Royal Ribbons at

Widths start at 3/8″, going up to 2″, 3″ and 4″, offering a whole new world of possibilities, especially in terms of gift giving.

Royal Ribbons at

Prices for the smallest size begin at $2.50 a yard, with a 3 yard minimum. Here is just a sampling of icons available.

Royal Ribbons at The Preppy Princess

Chances are good if there is a symbol you would like that isn’t shown, Royal Ribbons’ talented Miss A. will be able to locate it for you.

We wrap up with a ‘coming soon’ item created by our friend Kiel James Patrick.

Kiel James Patrick

From his soon-to-launch ‘Triton’ collection, that is the “Nantucket Shoal” bracelet. Below, three other styles that are part of Kiel’s latest collection.

Kiel James Patrick Coming Soon to

We’ll have new bracelets in stock very shortly, along with an exclusive Triton bracelet Kiel is making just for Princess customers.

And with thoughts of spring dancing in our heads, we say g’bye until next time!



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11 responses to “New & Cool at the Princess

  1. D

    I love the Sloane Ranger line!

  2. Allyson/HBMomof2

    Oh Em Gee, please tell us when the KJP bracelets hit! Loving that patriotic sailor’s knot so much. The perfect accessory for Independence Day, my favorite holiday! Can I just have one of everything? I don’t even have a dog, but want that scarf!

    P.S. I received a wonderful box of goodies on Christmas morning from my husband. When I saw your logo and pink and green raffia I squealed knowing that I would love whatever was waiting for me inside. I do and Lilly and I have been sharing many days together. Thank you!

  3. MMS

    I have that whale keychain and I adore it!

    Today at dinner, I dropped my phone screen first on to the floor. It was fine, thankfully, but TLS was panicked and said “I am buying you an Otterbox!” My response was “the Preppy Princess makes monogrammed ones!”

  4. I am glad I already have the whale keychain and anchor stationery (thanks to you 😉 They are going to be flying off the shelves!

    The Kiel bracelet with anchor is too cute! Can’t wait to see the custom one for TPP.

  5. Yay!!!!! I can’t wait to see what Kiel creates for us!!! Do you know when it will be in stock?

  6. I need an ipad first but I want one! LOVE royal ribbons

  7. WOW so many goodies! I am soo happy you are carrying lipstick shades, I must confess that is one part why I even wanted to get an LOVE my monogrammed case from them and have since ordered a few as gifts and recommended them many times, now I can order them from you!
    Those dog scarves are way too cute… how they can now be walked in style!

  8. Yes! Please reserve me one of those lovely KJP Triton bracelets. I am loving the Nantucket Shoal.

  9. Yay, my mother’s a Kappa Delta!

    …sorry, I have nothing else witty to add. This is usually the side of prepdom I don’t go too far into. I purchased a white iPhone 4 because I like the look as it is, so I use a clear case. I use monograms, but hidden or very small type. I’m also just not a huge fan of ribbon in general.

    Derpherp, mistype, please delete the previous entry to prevent my email address from being public.

  10. I love the new iPhone cases! They are adorable!

    I hope that you’re doing well and having a great weekend!

  11. Oh TPP, I have bookmarked this page. Eventually, when I get a new iPhone, I will MOST DEF be ordering one of these cute cases:)

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