Jason Wu for Target Looks Ahhhh-mazing

Hello-Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is über-brief, we are swamped with Princess duties and Silly Tilly is off to the vet again. We thought it would be a good time to take a look at the upcoming Jason Wu for Target line.

Jason Wu for Target

The collection looks wonderful, with crisp lines and neatly tailored styles,me pieces. Prices for the dress and separates shown above range from $34.99 for the Sheer White Blouse with the ribbon tie (this piece will only be available online) and $29.99 for the Pleated Canvas Skirt in Belize Blue. The Short-Sleeved Dress will set you back a mere $44.99, both pieces on the far right are $39.99.

Below, more styles, some even have a hint of nautical influence.

Jason Wu for Target

The accessories with this collection look very good, more from Become Gorgeous:

The practical side of the fashion equation can also be noticed in the accessories section where fairly subdued tones are pretty much the norm. Handbag styles are designed to be summery and practical while shoes are heavily directed towards comfort.

Jason Wu for Target

Again, price points are pocketbook friendly, for example, the Blue Floral Bag in the upper left is going to be $39.99.

Jason Wu for Le Boutique Targét

More from the Journal’s Heard on the Runway blog:

It looks as though Jason Wu has drilled into his signature silhouettes for the Target collection, both for the dresses, and the bags.

His structured Target-Wu handbag looks a lot like the luxe Miss Wu bag that he introduced last year, for instance. And the slim dresses, with seams that emphasize the waist, have the ultra-feminine shapes that has built him a loyal clientelle among society dames.

More accessories.

Jason Wu for Le Boutique Targét

There are also two cotton canvas bags, both are $39.99, those fond of felines will appreciate the one seen on the left.

Jason Wu for Le Boutique Targét

Those same cat lovers are probably going to like this next item.

Jason Wu for Target

That is one of several scarves in the Collection, it will be $19.99.  More separates are shown below, I like the navy and red palette.

Jason Wu for

Just a few more looks some of the clothing styles.

Jason Wu

I apologize to those who saw the post before it was completed, I somehow gremlins managed to hit ‘publish’ before it was ready.


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13 responses to “Jason Wu for Target Looks Ahhhh-mazing

  1. Super fabulous! I’ve never been one of those people who is there when they open– but I may make an exception for this collection!

  2. Jen

    Absolutely love the purses. I think this means I need another Target run and yet another purse from them. It is a magical place.

  3. Think the site will crash this time too? It might not be worth wanting anything if it’s like the Missoni fiasco!

  4. A lot of the clothing looks really cute, and if its anything as cute as in these pictures, I would venture to say it will be a runaway hit AGAIN! I am not big on the bags however, to me they look a little cheap but who knows again maybe in person they are amazing…..looks like its another home run for Target!

  5. So far, I like what I see.

  6. BroncoMom

    My goodness I hope Tilly is feeling better!..It is sad when our beloved four legged ones are under the weather.
    Now for other business those bags are fabulous!! I will cross my fingers that THIS time I am able to secure a little Target magic 🙂

  7. Marie Hélène

    La boutique, not le : ) . But how to get this stuff in Europe????

  8. I have set my alarm for this one! I feel like the only person in America that didn’t want the Missoni line (unbelievably my Target had a few pieces 2 months later for 50% off) . To recognizable for my tastes.
    I have no trouble wearing Target, but I prefer not to be screaming it!
    This line looks so understated and classy.
    I plan to arrive at store opening. Gotta touch and feel the fabrics….
    Happy for the preview.

  9. Oh wow – on my next US trip I will head straight for a Target – although I am sure this stuff will sell out immediately.

  10. Amy

    I have been a fan of him for at least a year. I am so glad he’s doing a line for Target, I love his style! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 (psss you know this is formerly SweetHomeAmy, right??)

  11. Gail

    Love the line, I will be there for sure when the door open.
    Gail H

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