When Duct Tape is Preppy

Hello-Hello, and Happy New Year!

Today we look at something that is more mainstream than I thought, duct tape. Yes, duct tape. Your faithful scribe knew it was kind of cool, for lack of a better term, but didn’t fully realize the scope of its popularity until reading this story in the Times:

Indeed, duct tape fashion skews toward a younger demographic….customers in the duct tape “fashion market” (as opposed to the “repair market”) are predominantly teenage girls — including Teresa Scanlan, 18, the reigning Miss America, who lists making things out of duct tape as one of her interests. “I’ve made a duct tape skirt, shorts, a couple shirts and a dress is my next project,” Ms. Scanlan said. “You know how they ask you what three things you’d want on a desert island? I’d only want one thing: duct tape. It’s all you need.”

Hmmm, under these terms the Prepatorium would be be a house divided, we’re definitely the ‘fashion market’ while The Consort would be the ‘repair market’.  Today’s Pretty in Pink has to be the boots, however uncomfortable they may be.

NY Times

While wasting time researching the post we discovered all manner of duct tape.

Tape Brothers

We even discovered tote bags made of the stuff, including pink and green, as well as a monogrammed bag.

CraftsbyBev on etsy

Kate Murphy’s story also references those duct tape proms you may have heard about:

Lindsay Ashby, 19, a University of Louisville freshman, won last year’s Stuck at Prom contest by using 57 rolls of duct tape to completely cover and embellish a dress she bought at Goodwill.

Yes, there are pink and green duct tape prom dresses.

Via OddityCentral.com

There’s no shortage of options in pink, including argyle and paisley.

Via TapeBrothers.com

But it’s not all about the pink and green, a quick tour of etsy reveals just how broad the appeal is; take a look at this Tory Burch inspired handbag.

ElevenPeacocks on etsy

There are damask-like offerings, including a wallet from Junior Duck.

JuniorDuck on etsy

You can also buy officially licensed tape in your college colors. I’m sure the reason I couldn’t find any tape for Big Ten schools is because of a glitch or oversight on my part. Here is a sampling of what’s available.


Fortunately the folks at Tape Brothers stock a broad selection of schools. (Translation: TQM’s alma mater, along with ancestral outposts.)

One can even find duct tape jewelry on etsy.

QuietMischief on etsy.com

Who knew?


The ring shown above allows us to segue right into another jewelry topic, we want to publicly congratulate Wendy Brandes, a friend and amazing jewelry designer/creator.  Wendy has been named as a finalist for the FGI Rising Star awards, a *very* big deal. She is gifted at both design and execution, here are a few of Wendy’s pieces.

Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Wendy also does a lot of custom work, including bridal jewelry.

Via Wendy Brandes Facebook page

How many ways can you say gorgeous?! The Awards are January 26, we’re crossing fingers and toes for Wendy.


A reminder for anyone still in need of a 2012 Calendar, we do have some snappy options in the shoppe, including Susan Wallace Barnes, Lilly Pulitzer and our very own Desktop Calendar, done with the ever-so-talented Preppy Ladybug.


The Ladybug also designed coordinating personalized address labels and stationery using her themes from the Calendar, they start at just $4.50 for address the labels.

On those fun images we say g’bye until next time!


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13 responses to “When Duct Tape is Preppy

  1. MMS

    I’m always amazed at people who can be crafty like that. I am so not one of them.

    Congratulations to Wendy!

  2. I am kind of speechless over this whole duct tape ????? phenomenon! Huh? Wow I am really behind with the times…who knew. On a lighter note, your jewelry designing friend is a real talent, congrats to her. Hope this finds you well and recuperating from the holiday frenzy!!

  3. My babysitter made himself a duct tape wallet one night while he was parked on my couch :O)

  4. Thank you so much for the mention! Your support means a lot to me!

  5. I went duck tape crazy in Michels the last time I was in there. Unbelievable all of the patterns they have come up with.
    hank you for sharing.

  6. I had no idea, some of this stuff is super cute!!!

  7. How crazy! I knew there was duck tape stuff, but not all of that. I half want the Tory Burch clutch just as a conversation starter, but on the other hand I don’t know that I want to rip off the brand like that. But geez, talk about ingenius.

  8. Zipties and duct tape can do everything. Period.

    Also, hey, it’s WendyB. From time to time, the Prep Set and the IFB set collide. This is just such a time!

  9. I am thinking that ring is actually pretty cool!

  10. Would you believe I own that leopard duct tape? Alas, I have yet to craft a gown with it in my spare time; shockingly, I merely plan to do things like *gasp* close boxes with it. Golf claps to those with the creativity to do better.

  11. That is some awesome duct tape.

  12. Dina

    Can you make a tote bag for me using PENGUIN duct tape? You can reach me at drgmommy@yahoo.com – thanks!

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