Liz Taylor’s Treasures – And You Can Buy Them From Home

Hello-Hello, it is a bright and sunny (and nippy!) day here at the Prepatorium.

Please accept our apologies for such sporadic posts, it is the height of holiday shopping season and we have been more than a little unhinged slightly busy, so today’s offering is yet again a two-in-one, we’ll call it a Thriday post.

Our topic is those amazing auctions of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry and other items.  The showcase sales are the live auctions at Christie’s New York, running from next Tuesday (the 13th) through Friday. Two separate sessions will offer “The Legendary Jewels.”

Via Bullion Street

To saw there are jaw-dropping pieces would be an understatement.


One of the most anticipated lots being auctioned live is the late actress’s La Peregrina Necklace by Cartier.

La Peregrina by Cartier at Christie's

More on this piece from the catalog:

“…the two-strand necklace, comprising fifty-six natural pearls and four cultured pearls, intersected by eight circular-cut diamond and cushion-cut ruby flame motif plaques, mounted in platinum and gold…”

Estimates for La Peregrina are in the $2,000,000 – $3,000,000 range. Perhaps the best aspect of the auction is knowing there’s plenty of time for The Consort to see this and get busy (not for moi, for TQM, honestly).

Following the two jewelry sessions, another genre of collectibles goes under the hammer, “The Icon and Her Haute Couture” take center stage Wednesday night.  Yours truly would be very happy with just the buttons off the jacket seen below on lot #311, “A Versace Black Silk Dinner Suit & Sugar Pink Satin Evening Bag”. (Not that we would ever desecrate an item like this by removing the buttons, but they do look exquisite.)

Christie's Lot #311 (Sale 2627)

Because this is supposed to be a blog that deals with preppish topics, we had to find something pink and green from the auction. We offer Ms. Taylor’s Christian Dior Sugar Pink Taffeta Evening Sheath and Pale Green Evening Gown, Lot #351.


Both pieces are labeled PRINTEMPS-ÉTÉ 1965 (spring/summer of 1965), the estimate is $5,000 – $8,000.

Following the two fashion-related sessions, the fifth and final live auction is for “Fine & Decorative Art & Film Memorabilia,” this also includes costumes.  Estimates shown for many of the lots in the live sessions appear to be on the low end (quite low IOHO), a good example is this group of Daum Glass, lot #842.

Christie' Sale #2634/Lot #842

From the catalog:

A Collection of Floral Acid-Etched Glass, 20th Century, comprising a large pink and green rose vase, two small pink and green rose vases, two orchid dishes, a small violet rosebud, and a clear and pink glass vase, various sizes, the largest 12 in. (30.5 cm.) high

The estimate for the glass lot is only $2,000 – $3,000, on its own merit the lot would be in that range, add in the Elizabeth Taylor mystique and we expect the lot will go for more like $6,000 – $8,000. We’ll have to keep an eye on this and report back once the prices realized are published.

The other component of the sale is something new: for the first time Christie’s is doing an online-only segment of the sale, with about 950 items up for bid. Pre-sale estimates for this part of the sale go from an art deco bracelet estimated at $100-$200, to more than $10,000 for a diamond necklace.

Two items in the online auction, the Cartier “Love” earrings (now at $4000), and a Lot of Perfume Bottles (now at $900)

Christie's Lot #1038 & Lot #2151

Here is another example of what might be found in the online only auction, a Gemstone Necklace, below the description & photos of the piece.

Designed as three strands of pink and purple beads, with a diamond and platinum clasp, 16½ ins., shows signs of normal wear, overall condition good

Christie's New York

The current bidding on the piece above is at $1600.

What makes the online portion of the sale so intriguing is the chance to participate. Who would have thought even ten years ago that you or I would not only be able to look at Liz Taylor’s jewelry (!), but have an opportunity to bid at auction for some of her treasures? The online auction runs through December 17.


We leave you with these Lillyfied lovelies, Christmas ornaments from etsy seller The HoneyDew Shop.

The HoneyDew Shop on etsy

May everyone who is off to the Fall Warehouse Sale Friday & Saturday find all manner of treasures.



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6 responses to “Liz Taylor’s Treasures – And You Can Buy Them From Home

  1. Sorry but those ormanents look pretty lame after seeing those mouth watering baubles!!!! LOL… gosh, it is almost hard to wrap your brain around someone having that many jewels all in one jewelry box!! An amazing unreal collection but I just love that she truly loved and enjoyed each and every one,that they werent locked up and stored away…..and how wonderful that some lucky new owners will hopefully get that chance to enjoy them with the same love and passion!

  2. Wow, there were a lot of amazing pieces in that collection.

  3. Jen

    I need to get me some “sugar pink” anything. Just sounds so lovely. Hope all is well. I think we’re all struggling with the crush of the holidays. It’s been too long since I stopped by and said hello.

  4. Oh wow- to have one little tiny piece!
    My daughter would love this Christmas balls.
    Have a great day.

  5. The jewels are incredible. I have a lovely coffee table book from a few years ago with her most stunning collection pieces. To be gifted with such baubles…. *sigh*. 🙂

  6. Aaaah – Liz – one of the last true movie “stars”. Great post Miss Princess!! XOXO

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