Les Bal de Debutantes & Hollywood Preppy?

Hello-Hello, welcome to another wacky Wednesday here at the Prepatorium. How wacky? This should give you an idea.

The Prepatorium

The tree in this photo is normally vertical.

The Preptorium

Harrumph. (In reality it is very pretty, we aren’t complaining at all.)


Next on the hit parade, a brief look at last weekend’s Bal des Debutantes at the Crillon.

The Daily Mail

Among those officially being launched into society, Sarah Margaret Qualley, seen below with her mother, actress and model Andi MacDowell.

The Daily Mail

The annual gala was Saturday, held at the Crillon, as the event name suggests. Tallulah Belle Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is another young lady who made her debut. Below we share a twitter photo of the three Willis sisters, from left to right: Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis posted by Rumer Willis.

Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis via Twitter

Here is a more formal reminder of the event, this is Sarah Margaret Qualley’s official portrait, she wore a gown by Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Marc Piasecki-FilmMagic via Fashion Magazine

A total of 23 young ladies were part of Saturday’s presentation.


Also today, a look at what some might call “Hollywood Preppy”.

Reel Art Press

The topic is examined in a new book, Hollywood and the Ivy Look, more from this story:

In the decade between 1955 and 1965 a coterie of discerning Hollywood hipsters appropriated the incomparable Ivy League clothing of America’s East coast elite. These West Coast actors elevated the Ivy look to the height of cool and defined a quintessentially American male dress code for a new generation of movie audiences.

The new book looks like it would be a wonderful read, certainly ideal on the coffee table, great for kicking off cocktail party conversation.

mptvimages.com via The Sabotage Times

We know someone who might think the photo of Paul Newman is well worth the purchase price for the entire book. More on the new tome from its publishers, Reel Art Press.

From the button-down hip of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Anthony Perkins to the preppy sensibilities of Woody Allen and Dustin Hoffman; the understated but carefully selected components of the Ivy look didn’t shout ‘look at me’ but instead gave off an image of approachable correctness and laid back confidence.

Much as I adore Sidney Poitier, I am struggling with that particular version of pink and green.

The Kobal Collection-Warner Bos(L)/Photofest (R) via The Sabotage Times

Robert Redford and Montgomery Clift.

The Kobal Collection-Paramount (L)/

The book is available in the US via Amazon.


One quick Sales & Saving Opportunity to share, tomorrow flash sale site Gilt.com is featuring Kate Spade throughout the site, here is more from a news release about the event:

“kate spade new york will completely take over the site offering products for women, accessories, beauty, men (Jack Spade), home and stationary, including the Adeline Adeline kate spade Bicycle collaboration and an exclusive first look at the kate spade new york 2012 resort collection. Gilt will be offering the collection to our members before it is available anywhere else!”

The sale begins at noon tomorrow (Thursday), it runs through midnight, Monday, Dec. 5th.  For anyone not yet a Gilt member, we have been asked to suggest this link for you to sign up.


Our Christmas idea for today is from Smathers & Branson.

Smathers & Branson

Needlepoint ornaments are cute as can be, and if you aren’t into making them yourself, the good folks at Smathers & Branson offer a nice selection for your tree, door handle, whatnot.  (My fave is the sailboat.)


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8 responses to “Les Bal de Debutantes & Hollywood Preppy?

  1. Love the needlpoint ornaments, so pretty and that book on the preppy look in Hollywood I bet is awesome.
    Gorgeous highlights form the Crillion cotillion ball…..Andie’s daughter is so pretty, not feeling the plunging neckline on Demi’s daughter at all…that is one place where the less is more does not apply and where a litlte modesty goes a long way. She obviuosly didn’t consult someone on this..tsk tsk.
    Cannot believe the snow!!!!!!! CRAZY…hope its not a sign of things to come!

  2. those willis girls. bless their hearts.

  3. I second pigtown designs. Bless their hearts. I never knew S&B made ornaments! Another item to start collecting. My husband hates you, preppy princess 🙂

  4. I’m mystified that movie stars’ girl children now are debutantes. One would think they had entered society long since, what with paparazzi, and going commando to night clubs and all.

  5. Mom

    Kate Spade tomorrow – oooh – excited! Thanks Princess. Sarah is gorgeous! xoxo

  6. Jen

    We just got the snow last night. I was still hoping we would get by without it.

    I think Rumer might have lost part of her dress. That’s a whole lot of cleavage for a debutante ball.

    On another note, I will let my friend know about this book. It will make a great Christmas gift for her husband.

  7. I remain confused about this Crillon ball. I wasn’t a deb but have a few friends who were, one of whom considered doing debuting there . . . let us say that her crowd is not the same as the Willis crowd. I’m certain there was less cleavage involved in her debut.

    I may have to check out that book after I finish “Take Ivy”; I know a certain someone who might purchase that for the Robert Redford alone.

  8. Lauren

    Sarah looks anorexic, and she wants to start a modeling career. Tallulah looks like Morticia Adams – not flattering At All!

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