Keds Clothing Line, About That Online Shopping At Work

Hello-Hello, we hope everyone is eager to embrace the promise of the holiday.

As one might expect, today’s post is brief.  We have a few new recipes to turn into colossal kitchen failures start on a little later, we imagine almost everyone else is in similar circumstances.  So we’ll jump right in with a look at the new clothing line from Keds.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

The sneaker manufacturer is doing a collaboration with Opening Ceremony, a wonderful retailer.  The line launches this Friday, here is more from Women’s Wear Daily:

The men’s and women’s clothes are pretty much what one would expect from a nearly century-old American brand that specializes in canvas sneakers — basic, understated and faintly preppy.

Prices will run between $48 – $400, and the new collection will be available online. Our favorite thing about the story has nothing to do with the clothing line at all, it is this factoid in the WWD article:

In 1887, the term “sneaker” first appeared in print to describe Boston school children’s tennis shoes. But, it was a 1917 Keds ad that referenced how sneakers allowed wearers to sneak up on unsuspecting friends that helped make the word part of the public’s vernacular.

Today’s fun fact. 🙂


Next, something rather topical, a story about companies cracking down on employees who spend time on shopping sites while at work. The Los Angeles Times technology blog has more:

A recent survey by Robert Half Technology… found that 60% of more than 1,400 chief information officers interviewed said their companies block access to online shopping sites — up from 48% last year.  And an additional 23% of CIOs said that although their companies do allow access to shopping sites, they monitor employees for excessive use.

With websites looking like this…. via WWD

And this….

JC Penney/

The lure may be overwhelming for some employees; a good reason to avoid the temptation is found in that Times’ blog post:

If you work for a company of a fairly substantial size, you should assume that your company is either tracking your every move online, or at least has that capability.

“Rest assured that everything you click on is being watched,” he said.  “So don’t be surprised if you get a note from HR that says we notice you’ve been on a certain site a lot. They can track your every move.



We leave you with a Thanksgiving smile from our girl. (She worries this angle makes her look…. well, rotund.)

Silly Tilly

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and laughter.


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7 responses to “Keds Clothing Line, About That Online Shopping At Work

  1. Keds clothes, brilliant! Just love that tilly–so cute!

  2. ah, and you have me seeing preppie as almost seditious … love the Keds pieces and the history of sneakers.

  3. Silly Tilly is a cutie! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Tilly is a curvy girl! And thanks for putting the fear back into us regarding that nasty online shopping habit while at work.

  5. Tilly is adorable!! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!!

  6. Keds clothing now this should be interesting…..tell Tilly curves become her, she is so cute!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  7. Jen

    Well, I sure am glad that I work from home and I’m the only one to get angry with me. I do need to crack down on myself for excessive web surfing.

    Tilly looks happy. I’m sure she’ll be getting some leftovers. Have a wonderful holiday!

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