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Hello and welcome to a Tuesday here at the Prepatorium.

We begin with a recent story in The Independent, “Ivy League Style: It’s still hip to be square.

“…few modes of dress have remained so insidiously influential over the past 50 years as what people now talk about as the Ivy League look. That is, the squeaky-clean, supremely preppy and indefatigably American style vernacular that supposedly emanated from the US’s top-flight colleges in the 1950s, and was disseminated worldwide by sharply dressed Hollywood stars such as Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier and Cary Grant in the following decades.

While geared primarily at men’s fashion, the story offers truisms applicable to both sexes.

While many might not be familiar with “Ivy” as fashion terminology, everyone should know what we’re dealing with: crisp button-down shirts, sharply ironed chinos, shawl-neck cashmere sweaters, wool blazers, Ralph Lauren polo shirts, penny loafers and flashing white teeth. Basically, exactly the kind of outfit you should whip out for dinner with your girlfriend’s parents.

The fact The Independent is a UK newspaper doesn’t impact the story either, the thrust of the story is universal: classic looks are timeless, appropriate attire is always in style.There are several menswear items shown with the piece, including these.

Via The Independent

Click here to read the story in its entirety.


Our other tidbit today is something of a challenge to write about, for it relates to a delightful list of 10 Fantastic Preppy Style Blogs, and we are ever-so-excited to be on the list.

Preppy Style Blogs are your fashionable gateways to the good life. From blazers to plaid and nautical details to closet items that last generations, these fantastic preppy style blogs are your guides.

The story is on AllWomensTalk, and we are flattered to be among such amazing company, we wanted to share a few of the other blogs on the list. There is no truer prep writer than Muffy at The Daily Prep, here is how her site is described:

As far as preppy blogs go, hers is one of the genuine articles. Not only does she have the real preppy life, she is helpful when it comes to guiding us on how to live (or dress) like she does, too.

Also mentioned, Ivy Style:

Making a list of fantastic preppy blogs without including Ivy Style is a travesty. This gem of a blog focuses more on menswear but anyone who loves all things preppy should bookmark it.

Another site we enjoy, Unabashedly Prep:

The man behind this blog is F.E. Castleberry. He’s had a tailor since his early teens. His is a life of country clubs, summering outside the big city, and rubbing shoulders with high society. And yes, he dresses up nicely, too.

We were tickled to see our friend Lisa’s blog, Privilege, included:

“Beautifully written and real, this is indubitably one of the fantastic preppy style blogs today. From the blog: My ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. No kidding.

There were also a few names new to us, among them A Long(necker) Story Short:

This is the blog of Kristin. She is an adorable lady who loves dancing and good food. And even though she doesn’t say it on her blog, I think she has a fantastic preppy style.

Many readers will recognize others on the list, including the fabulous Nautical by Nature and The College Prepster, to see Meream’s full story, click here. We want to publicly thank All Womens Talk for including us with such an illustrious group.


We leave you with today’s holiday fun shot, the Embroidered Bozeman Cords from Orvis.

Bozeman Holiday Cords at Orvis.com

As much of today’s post focused on apparel for your MOTH (Man Of The House) we show the men’s style above. No, we haven’t talked The Consort into them. Yet.


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3 responses to “Ivy League Style & Preppy Style Blogs

  1. Lovely post 🙂

    I think you would have enjoyed the attire at the Harvard/Yale game this last weekend.

  2. Congrats!! So exciting that both you and Lisa were mentioned!!

  3. Thank you so much for calling this out TPP! I am tickled, as we say, pink:).

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