Happy Birthday & A Guest Post

Hello-Hello and Happy Thursday!

Today’s post is different than most, as we are going to share only two items. The first is a Happy Birthday wish to the one and only Lilly Pulitzer, clearly today’s Pretty in Pink.

The Palm Beach Daily News

Lilly is 80 years old today, and will celebrate the milestone at home, perhaps resting up for Saturday’s big do. That is the “Preppy American Brunch” being held at the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History, tickets are still available for purchase online at the Museum’s website, where you can also learn more about the upcoming party.

Below, a photo of the inimitable designer from 1968.

Slim Aarons/Getty Images via Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

Our other note is simply that we are guest posting over at I Pick Pretty today, it would be fun if you popped in for a visit!



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday & A Guest Post

  1. Wendy

    I just booked a flight and bought a ticket. How about you meet me there??? Let’s be spontaneous together!!!! xoxo, Wendy

  2. I am sooooo dying to go and when Wendy said she is going last minute it was so tempting to do the same…but there is no way, which is such a bummer. How fun it would be. This is one lady whose fabulous style has stood the test of time and she deserves a great big celebation! Happy birthday Lilly!

  3. pink&grn4evr

    To finish My sentence,…

    They would have been extraordinary centerpieces perched on an acrylic platform.
    But I think the security measures necessary in the Louboutin-mad crowd that overflows such openings to the emergency exits would have completely ruined the effect. It’s Louboutin, not Lagerfeld so adding chains and locks to the centerpiece wouldn’t. be a likely corroboration. Case closed. Back to the Costume Institute at the Met where they belong. Me? I’ll be on my way to Delray Beach in the comfort of cotton and still scouring eBay for new Lilly. ballet slippers someone forgot about. Hope your weekend was beautiful–it’s time for your Colleens and Murfrees in Palm Beach.

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