Black Friday Frenzy Grows & Your Manolos

Hello-Hello, happy Tuesday.

We begin today with news about a trend in the retail world that seems to be gaining traction: stores opening earlier and earlier for their Black Friday sales. That means this…

…will be like this at an even earlier hour.

Via Plastic Jungle

Many of the bigger chains have announced they will open at midnight this year (more on that momentarily), but Gap is taking things a step further, announcing they will actually open many stores on Thanksgiving Day. More from this WWD story:

  “Gap Inc. will open 1,000 stores on Thanksgiving Day, including 800 Old Navy units — 80 percent of the fleet — as well as 116 Gaps, 54 Banana Republics, 30 Gap and Banana Republic outlets, and eight Athleta stores.

The story points out that Gap tried the strategy last year, but at only about 100 stores.

Several weeks ago Target announced it will be opening stores at midnight this year, Macy’s has also said it will join the fray at midnight. Add Best Buy to the midnight club, here’s how Best Buy’s CEO’s feels via this story:

“…he’s not happy about the race to unlock retail store doors ever earlier.

“I feel terrible because it impacts,” chief executive officer Brian Dunn said. “It’ll change some Thanksgiving plans for some of our employees.

You have to admire Mr. Dunn’s candor, this WWD story has the Macy’s CEO’s explanation about its change to an earlier opening time.

Terry Lundgren, Macy’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, said the midnight maneuver was “in response to our customers’ eagerness to shop early for great deals.”

Back to the Twin Cities Business story on Best Buy’s switch to the midnight hour.

“We were going to be open at much more civilized hour, like 3 or 4 (a.m.),” Dunn told a Business for Social Responsibility conference. But after Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and other major retailers announced they’d open at midnight, “We made a decision at Best Buy that we need to be where our customers are,” Dunn said.

“I know that the decision has been a bit controversial with some of our folks. But the truth of the matter is, the customers will be out there, lined up, for that midnight opening.”

Kohl’s is also on the Midnight bandwagon, JC Penney has said it is sticking with a 4am opening, we’ve yet to hear from Sears.  So here’s the question: is this all indicative of a time in the not-too-distant future when the majority of retailers will be open on Thanksgiving Day? Having worked in retail, we have seen the impact on families firsthand. It is awful. What do you think…. is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

On a side note, yours truly had no idea how many other Norman Rockwell pieces are titled Thanksgiving, here are just two of them.


Our other tidbit today involves a book many fashionistas would love to see under the tree this Christmas, the new Manolo Blahnik book.

Monacelli Press/Random House

The new release showcases Mr. Blahnik’s work, with a special focus on his sketches, revered by fans.


Manolo’s New Shoes looks like loads of fun, the abundant sketches are so lush and vivid, not to mention the look at his real shoes, it looks like a bargain at $35.

On that vibrant note we say g’bye until next time!



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4 responses to “Black Friday Frenzy Grows & Your Manolos

  1. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

    It’s bad enough that we just skim over Thanksgiving and that Christmas decorations were up before Halloween. Opening at 3:00 or 4:00am is crazy enough, but that should be the limit. If big chains want to entice early shoppers, they should offer gangbuster deals online and let folks shop from home on Thanksgiving.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Black Friday and there is no way on earth you’d ever catch me out there in the dark (or in the daylight, for that matter.) My goal is to be DONE Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, because going into the stores after Thanksgiving just sucks the joy out of the season for me anymore. We’ve lost all perspective, and all sense of the real reason behind the holiday season.

  2. Standing in line for hours to spend money competitively … it should be fun but it’s just so cold out and one can slowly creep in their, preppy of course, jammies to the computer. Oh happy internet sales … bingo.

    I hope for retailers it’s not a savage mark-down kind of season.

    Manolo’s sketches … are very special, as is he.

  3. I for one is way over this whole Black Friday nonsense, you would as soon find me standing outside in the dark and cold as you would find me subsiding on lettuce and yogurt (yes I love great food)! NO THANK YOU. The irony is at the end of the day I am convinced you can still get great deals a few days later somewhere…its gotten to the point of being ridiculous in my book, just not falling for it. Its amazing to me that so many still do. It is also one more notch in the whole
    “losing the real meaning of holidays” belt which again I am not an advocate of so no thanks for me to Black Fridays, Mondays or any day of the week!

  4. Amy

    To be honest, it’s not even entirely the retail store’s fault. I mean yes they are succumbing to the pressure and ignoring the whole point of Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales by making it easier to just run in, trample over people, and get out. And they are ignoring any decent company culture values they might have and making their employees work instead of spend time with their families.

    But who are these crazies that are pushing aside family values for materialistic things? I get that the deals are amazing. But seriously, this has gone too far. The people, the shoppers, have gone too far by demanding more, more, more.

    We used to have a family tradition of all piling in the car at 5am and going Black Friday shopping together. We’d find so many deals and we’d have fun together. But now, all that is lost. I haven’t set foot outside my house on Black Friday in a couple years.

    It’s just turning into another retail holiday. So sad. 😦

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