Brooks Brothers Already on Home Shopping Network, Hunter Boots Collaboration

What a lovely Friday we see out the windows turrets of the Prepatorium today, one can see frost on the grass moat, it’s just beautiful.

We have a few newsy-type tidbits and then a little Friday Fun to enjoy. First on today’s hit parade, news that Needless Markup Neiman Marcus has finally caved on its credit card policy. Almost 60 years ago the company started issuing its own credit cards, adding American Excess Express in the 1980s to the very short list of cards it accepted. But if you wanted to use your MonsterCard Master Card or Visa to buy a little something at the store, you were out of luck.

The Journal has the story, “Hoity-Toity to Hoi Polloi: Neiman Takes More Plastic“:

It used to be that Neiman Marcus’s glossy-page snob appeal didn’t stop at what you bought. It extended to how you paid. Cash or American Express was fine. But it was much preferred that you use your Neiman card, please.

Now, Neiman is getting less picky. Starting Nov. 1, customers at the luxury department store’s 41 locations will be able to pay using Visa and MasterCard, the plastic of the masses.

Does this mean they’ll let anyone in? (The horror.)


The Journal also has news of an upcoming collaboration between Hunter boots and a simply delightful company, MacKenzie-ChildsThe story looks at all of the new products being introduced by the firm, like woven furniture for the outdoors.

MacKenzie-Childs via the Wall Street Journal

Alexandra Cheney’s report also says that distinctive MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check…

'Courtly Check' by MacKenzie-Childs

…will be seen on Hunter wellies next spring.

Hunter 'Original' Tall boots


We have an update to yesterday’s story about Brooks Brothers being sold at home shopping network Shop NBC.  In yesterday’s post we shared words that the preppy retailer would be offering goods on Shop NBC starting November 11. It turns out a very limited range of goods is already available.

Shop NBC

It seems there may be some savings for those purchasing at Shop NBC, the handbag shown above is $313 at ShopNBC while what appears to the same bag is $348 at Brooks.



Our final retail note involves Tory Burch, today Women’s Wear Daily had the news Tory Burch cosmetics and perfume are in the works. From the story:

“For me, beauty was part of the plan since the beginning, especially fragrance,” said Tory Burch, chief executive officer of the brand which bears her name, of the multiyear global beauty license. The first product is expected to be a women’s scent in 2013.

Cosmetics will come later, not unlike the Tom Ford rollout, initially a scent, then lipstick, and now an entire line of color makeup items.

BTW, we are in the middle of the Tory Burch Private Sale.

Tory Burch


And now it’s time for some seasonal Friday Fun, we begin with these cookies from the one and only Pink Martini and Pearls. Are they not gorgeous?

Pink Martinis and Pearls

A big tip of the hat to Miss PM&P, the cookies were featured in Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers!

Also today, Tilly asked me to let you know that if she *was allowed* are you kidding?! to engage in some of the Halloween fun she would not be clad in the Runaway Bride costume seen in yesterday’s post. Tilly says that even though she is constantly occasionally referred to as the devil dog, she won’t be wearing this either.

English Bulldog News

Nor does she want to push the envelope by dressing as the little hellion angel she really is.

English Bulldog News

No, Tilly wants you to know she will dress appropriately. In the only proper ensemble one could expect, her pearls and fur.

Source: unknown

She may not have opposable thumbs, but she does have standards. Honestly.


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11 responses to “Brooks Brothers Already on Home Shopping Network, Hunter Boots Collaboration

  1. complete bulldog love … they look so right dressed up glam, lol

  2. mona

    Stand your ground Tilly. Don’t let them bully you into wearing anything other than your fur, pearls and you’ll need your tiara darling. 😉

  3. OMG that Tilly is tooo cute!! She is so funny, and what a personality! Good for her for staying true to her convictions:)
    No surprise about TB and a fragrance, natural evolution…..interesting about the BB’s bag, not good for biz to have the same bag almost 40.00 cheaper is it?
    And very interesting about NM, I used to shop there a lot (pre building a house)= no budget letf:) and when I did I always forgot I could not use my debit card there which was a royal pain…happy to see they joined the rest of the world in accept Visa and MC!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Princess, this post leaves me with a big smile on my face. thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. Cindi

    I live in Las Vegas and the Neiman Marcus here has taken Visa and Master Card for years, due to the number of tourists in the area. Sure made life a lot easier. Now, it will be easier for all!

  6. Tilly is adorable. And btw my stepmother had a line of cards, consisting of photos of their dog, costumed:).

  7. Dear Princess, speaking of TB, I received an email today with shoes with big jewels on the chunky heals that I swear I saw in the movie Boogie Nights last week. I don’t know what was more disturbing – the shoes or the fact I actually watched the movie. 🙂

    Sending a smile back your way because you put one of my face tonight. xoxo

  8. I had no idea that Neimen Marcus was so exclusive as to not take mastercard or visa! jeesh.

  9. Jen

    Tilly is the best! I’m loving the pearls and fur hat. My pups have yet to find costumes.

  10. Visa and Mastercard?!?… At Neimans?!?…. How disgraceful. 😉

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