A New Retailer to Love, Also, Ralph & Oprah Together Again

It’s another busy Tuesday, so we jump right in with word of a new emporium offering SSP (serious shopping potential).  Behold, the just-opened C. Wonder.

Kyle Ericksen/Women's Wear Daily

Located in Soho, the boutique is the brainchild of venture capitalist and retail whiz Christopher Burch. Sometimes known as the former husband of Tory Burch, he has been one of the primary contributors to that brand’s success.  Below we see Maria Menounos (large photo), Kelly Ripa and Chris Burch, and Kelly Rutherford, all at the store’s grand opening.

Via PopSugar NY

We have been reading about the new shop for some time, it looks simply delightful. One aspect we particularly appreciate? It seems to have a touch of whimsy, much like that found at Kate Spade, an appealing characteristic for a retailer.

Via Design Wire

The boutique carries all manner of merchandise, including apparel and accessories.

Courtesy Photos

C. Wonder also offers homegoods.

Via Racked NYC

A montage of the housewares from HGTV.


Most prices are less than $100, making this a fiscally friendly place to shop, always a bonus. Mr. Burch has aggressive plans for expansion, more from the Journal:

Three additional C. Wonder stores will open this year at the Westchester, Garden State Plaza and Roosevelt Field. Approximately 20 more will open in 2012 across the country.

Ultimately Mr. Burch hopes to have as many as 300 stores. Nor is this the only store being launched by the financier, the recently opened Monika Chiang in Los Angeles is one of his endeavors, he has several other brands in the works as well. The always fabulous Saving the Best for Last blog was on hand this weekend for the grand openin and says we’ll love the place, below we share a few of her photos. (Click here to read her post on the shop.)

Via Saving the Best for Last

We like what we have seen and heard about the store and its merchandise, not to mention the cute pink and green shopping bags!

Via PopSugar NYC

The brand’s strongest online presence right now is its Facebook page, probably the best bet for those of us not within visiting distance at the moment, at least until a more robust website is up and running. You can also follow C. Wonder on Twitter if so inclined.


Our other item today, last night’s big doings at Lincoln Center. The festivities offered something for everyone, with an oh-so-chic dinner, Oprah Winfrey’s live interview with Ralph Lauren and a showing of next spring’s Ralph Lauren line.

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

Above we see the designer and Ms. Winfrey, as well as Dylan Lauren, and newlyweds David Lauren and Lauren Bush Lauren. (yes, it is the first time I have written her full name since the wedding, how fun?!) Here is more from a Women’s Wear Daily story:

In a sequel of sorts to their televised tête-à-tête earlier this year, Lauren coaxed the former talk show host back into the interviewer’s chair for the evening, which dually benefited the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in Harlem and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (to the tune of more than $7 million dollars).

Below, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Steve Eichner/Women's Wear Daily

Also on hand, Barbara Walters, Camilla Belle and Martha Stewart. (Ummm…how are we feeling about Martha’s platforms?)

Steve Eichner/Kristen Somody Whalen

TV types in attendance included Al Roker, Deborah Roberts, Hilary and Bryant Gumbel, along with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz.

Dimitrios Kambouris & Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren Getty Images

Here is a better look at some of the party frocks, from left to right: Camilla Belle, Dylan Lauren, Jessica Alba and Lauren Bush Lauren.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren

Clearly it was the place to be last night, to see and be seen.

With that, goodbye until next time!


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10 responses to “A New Retailer to Love, Also, Ralph & Oprah Together Again

  1. C Wonder sounds amazing! I can’t wait to visit one. Lauren Bush Lauren is one of those names that makes me chuckle. I wonder if she pronounces the last name differently from the first 🙂

  2. MCW

    I was walking with Kelly Ripa, her hubby, parents and kid on Saturday on Crosby. I was going to Bloomies (before C.Wonder) she must have just just. She and her hubby are teeny tiny!

  3. Ralph is the man, he can do no wrong in my book..big fan. BIG.
    I am dying to go to C Wonder, have been hearing so much about it. I would truth be told just to snag one of those snazzy shopping bags, loove the colors! Can’t wait..great post on all kinds of wonderful!

  4. Sandra {Preppy 101}

    I cannot wait to visit C Wonder! Oh my – how fun!! My opine on Martha’s shoes? No, Martha.
    Great post Miss Princess! XOXO

  5. Ooh, adding C. Wonder to my next NYC “must” list! I might fly out there for those tangerine foo dogs alone.

    And love those RL party photos; I’d mortgage something important for just one of those amazing frocks pictured.

  6. I have heard great things about C Wonder – Chris Burch is brilliant!! He is everywhere – first Poppin, now this and of course Monika Chiang (he does well by his girls!). As for the Ralph/Oprah dinner – I have a friend who had a table there last night and said it was just incredible!! What a dynamic duo!!

  7. Love those boots, love those shopping bags…MUST GO THERE!

  8. C. Wonder’s store is just delicious!! I can’t wait for the website!!

  9. Anonymous

    All those beautiful gowns in one place. How divine!!

  10. Wish all new shops good luck .. and the under 100. formula seems very good

    How great does Barbara Walters look? Fabulous lady.

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