9 responses to “A Lack of Logos? Yes, Please!

  1. the price of a discreet bag .. one would think labels would cost more

  2. I love your final little aphorism!! But what I love even more is lack of logos – YAY!! And what’s even more amazing is that you’ve featured two of my favorite bags – that are on my fashion “bucket” list (no pun intended) – that Fendi Peekaboo with the leopard lining and the Hermes Picotin in that exact color!!! Sigh for me as well!

  3. MCW

    I was thinking of you all this weekend! Have you heard of C. Wonder yet??? Wrote about their grand opening on my blog. Think your going to like it. A lot.

  4. Jen

    I think the ultra rich are now too afraid of getting beaten to a pulp with their own Tod’s driving moccasins by the local riff raff. You’ve got to be more careful how you flaunt it these days. With the whole kerfuffle on Wall Street, looking like a walking advertisement for the sins of collateralized debt is not the smartest or safest choice. Shopping at Target doesn’t look so bad.

  5. MCW

    Of course you can use photos…I don’t know your email so had to leave a comment 🙂

  6. Sandra {Preppy 101}

    I love the no-logo trend! Nice post Miss Princess! I’m glad to see you aren’t buried in “entries” for what may be the biggest blog giveaway yet! Have a great week! XOXO

  7. Hallelujah for the no logo movement. I am sooo tired ot everything having a name or logo, its the ultimate sign of serious vanity. Some more offensive than others, the Juicy Couture stuff I find atrocious, even if I dont’ have a daughter! Must have been wonderful to have been in Boston at The Head of the Charles….beautiful weekend they had!

  8. I am glad someone read the memo. No one wants to be a walking billboard. What in the world is Juicy Couture thinking? That is just down right offensive.

  9. You NEEEEEEEEEED one of those pink Bottega Venetas.

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